Monday, 10 June 2013

Five Go To Forde Abbey ...

Hello there! A huge "Thank You" to all those who kindly left a comment on my previous post. Although I did delete two comments as they were re-directing me onto a site to loose weight! I had left a comment on a blog about as a youngster not really understanding the term middle aged spread until I arrive in my 40's and now know only too well what it means! At the same time it was disclosed in the press that sites are storing information about us and sharing them with others. As Boris Johnson commented today in The Daily Telegraph nothing on the world wide web is private!

Anyhow, I digress as I always seem to! "Hello" to new followers too!

I am very, very behind with my posting. I have a few more posts about Half Term to catch up with. Luckily, this weekend we didn't get up to much as KP had to be at home revising for her school exams. We did manage to go out on Saturday morning to the shops as KP wanted some Converse type pumps. We also got roped into buying her two T-shirts and a badge with "I'm not listening!" on it. We apparently always tell her that she's not!

You see, I have waffled on yet again. I will now keep to the point (I hope). During Half Term we ventured once more to Forde Abbey. It is without doubt one of our favourite haunts when we're in Devon. Forde Abbey is just across the border into Somerset.

KP saw Twiglet, the shetland pony - who is 47 years old!

Wonderful, wonderful Forde Abbey.

I will let the photos do the talking.

KP had me on my belly to take these photos. She had taken one with her phone and immediately posted it onto Instagram. I think that's what she said anyhow. I'm a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to technology whereas she is a bit of a wizard with it all!

The dogs enjoy it here too. Poor old Charlie, I think he'll have to be off to the vets tomorrow. He keeps getting a rash on his tummy. He looked to be suffering this evening but seemed a bit better when the OH gave him a bath with the antiseptic shampoo that the vet had given us previously. I suspect he'll be on antibiotics again.

KP amongst the buttercups - with her phone! She's never far away from it!

I wondered who Marcia was.

The fountain is turned on twice a day - usually at 1.00 p.m. and 3.00 p.m.

We always seem to stay here longer than anyone else!

KP with George - who is off to the groomers later this week. It will be a costly affair with the pets this week then but, we wouldn't be without them.

There we have it - a whizz of a trip around Forde Abbey.

Until next time,



  1. Such a beautiful place! Wow. I love everything about it. The Shetland pony is so sweet. I've never seen one in real life, I think your pictures make him look smaller than I imagined them to be. I love that photo of your husband and daughter on the bench.

  2. Hi June,

    The title of your post reminded me of the Famous Five adventures :-)

    What a beautiful house and gardens, I love the photos you took of the house behind a "sea" of wild flowers and following KP's advice, they're gorgeous.

  3. This is a stunning post June.
    How fantastic are your photos! The Abbey looks such a splendid place. Who wouldn't want to take trips there its so lovley.
    KP is growing fast.. like all the young children today.. mobile in hand, she looks so pretty amongst the flowers.
    I enjoyed so much going around with you in this magical place.
    wishing you a great Tuesday. I am off to the Algarve today.
    hope to get my site up to standard.. but at least we have bloglovin.
    kind regards val x

  4. Beautiful photograph! Especially love the little pony!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. Dear June
    What a gorgeous place and what beautiful photos you have taken. Thank you for sharing your visit. I'm not surprised that you are the last people to leave - why would you want to go?!
    Best wishes

  6. I must visit Forde Abbey - why haven't I been? I love the meconopsis and have tried to grow them so many times without success. I have a block on my blog which stops people from tracking me. It has a little chart that tells me how many have been stopped from tracking me and at the moment it stands at 139,000 and I have only had the blocker on since February.

  7. We love Forde Abbey ... I hope you had a little treat in the tea rooms too! M x

  8. I can see why it's a favourite haunt, it looks beautiful there. Love the photo of Charlie, you've managed to capture him looking right at you. Hope a trip to the vets will help with his rash, it can't be very pleasant for him.

  9. It looks a lovely place to visit and you have taken some beautiful photos. Twiglet is looking great for her age, wish I was, haha!

  10. that was thoroughly enjoyable... lovely photos and of great interest. Can't get over the 47 year old pony! Forde Abbey looks beautiful. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

  11. Forde Abbey looks wonderful in your photos no wonder you love visiting. Had to smile at the 'I'm not listening' t-shirt. I have a friend called Marcia who would love to see that inscription:)

  12. wonderful photos as always, this does look like somewhere I'd enjoy visiting, it rather reminds me of Chatsworth. I'm amazed that Twiglet is 47! I didn't realise Shetlands could live to that sort of age!

  13. Such a beautiful place, your love for it comes through on the photographs. Lovely allium's at the top of the page and Twiglet is so cute :) x

  14. Such a magnificent building and beautiful gardens. No wonder it's one of your favourite places to revisit.
    Twiglet is amazing too !

    Yes girls & their phones - I thought I'd leave a text on Jess's phone for her to see when she woke up. It was eight am here. Later, she text back, " you text me at three in the morning ! " I text " Why was your phone on ? " answer " It's my alarm clock ! " oops !

  15. We must get to Forde Abbey soon, my husband suggested it last weekend but I felt it was still a bit far for a journey out for him as he is still recovering from his operation. In the meantime we have enjoyed looking at your photos.
    Sarah x

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