Thursday, 6 June 2013

We Visit A La Ronde and the beach at Budleigh Salterton ...

Hello there! Well, by the time Monday came around we were dead on our feet. We decided to stay at home and recuperate! It rained anyways and so was a good day to spend indoors. On Tuesday it really, really rained - the rain fell pall mall and if we had ventured outdoors we would have been soaked to the skin. On Wednesday morning we opened the curtains keeping our fingers crossed that there wouldn't be any more rain - we were all rained out and wanted to get outside. It wasn't raining, it was cloudy and a bit overcast but hey, this is Britain and sometimes that's all we can wish for - no rain, please.

The question was where to go - the dogs hadn't had much of a walk. We decided to head out to A La Ronde a National Trust property. We had been inside before and thought that we would have a gentle stroll around the meadow, have a bite to eat in the little cafe and then move on to the beach at Budleigh Salterton.

The views from here are gorgeous - lush green, the rolling hills and the sea - what more could you want!

This is a quaint National Trust property. It was owned by two sisters - spinsters. The house has 16 sides and the inside is decorated with various bits that they gathered on their travels - shells, feathers, etc. These are used to great effect - there is even a room completely decorated with shells.

As always with me there are a few too many photos but what the heck!

Onto the beach at Budleigh Salterton. It has many beach huts.

My favourites were these pastel painted ones.

This reminded me of The Eagles song of the same name - Take It Easy. The Eagles were one of my favourite groups in the 1980's along with Fleetwood Mac.

Wish I could lay claim to any of these stone sculptures but we just found them here. There were quite a few dotted about the place - there must have been a competition.

I loved all the flowers growing with wild abandon on the cliffs.

We stopped and had an ice-cream. It's almost obligatory when you visit the seaside.

What a picturesque building to house a museum. We were too late to visit as it had already closed but on the list for another day!

Until next time,



  1. Oh! My! Goodness! My Goodness!
    That house...You know sometimes, you see something, even in a photograph...And, you fall in love with it. Fantastic...
    I can certainly see my Rosso, Bianco e Verdi flying at the top of that...! :).

    Love those beach huts to...I'll take the second one on the left....The pink one! What else!

    Oh! Did l mention....I love that house...! :>)
    AND...Goes without saying...Lovely photos...!
    Should have said something about the house...

  2. What a truly delightful & unusual house. I love it. The beach looks lovely too with the pretty beach huts. what a wonderful place to visit.

  3. You always visit such interesting places. I don't think you show too many photos, I like lots of pictures in a blog. Too difficult to pick a favourite photo this time!

    By the way, I remember you mentioning not liking the new flickr. I prefer it. Are you reconsidering whether to use it or not?

  4. We went there last summer, and guess what it rained! We never managed to get to the beach, we drove pass then drove home. A'La Ronde is a wonderful place to visit though. Inside and out.
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  5. What a wonderful house, so unusual. The inside sounds fascinating too. I visited Budleigh Salterton on a holiday to Devon once, it's a lovely area. I love the names of the boats, and those pebble pictures are fabulous.

  6. What an amazing house! Fabulous photographs.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. What an amazing place! I'd love to visit some day.

  8. You can never have too many photos!
    Love the pebble pictures, the starfish are fab.
    Lisa x

  9. Too many photos? Never. Love seeing lots and yours are wonderful. What a lovely visit and I LOVE those beach huts.
    Patricia x

  10. An amazing building and a lovely day. I'd love to visit that place and explore.

  11. I've never been to Budleigh Saltertonn but I've just checked how far away it is and its only just over an hour away so will be visiting soon thanks to your lovely post and fantastic photo's.

  12. You can never have too many photos of such beautiful places. The house looks fascinating and I love your beach and beach hut photos:)

  13. Beautiful photos as usual June.

    A La Ronde sounds like a very interesting property and one I've been wanting to visit for some time. Aren't those views just amazing? And those stone sculptures too.

  14. Beautiful pictures they are never enough! We were hoping to go to La Ronde when we went to Topsham but sadly never made it there, lovely views and fantastic display of tulips. I liked your beach huts and pebble sculptures. We followed your example and bought a season ticket when we went to Abbotsbury Gardens.They seem to have an agreement with Forde Abbey and we you can get in there half price so you might be able to do something similar. I'm sure one day we shall meet!
    Sarah x

  15. That looks like a fascinating NT property, a lovely day, and one of my favourite seaside towns ... colour me green! Great photos June :)

  16. What a fabulous place - so much history....totally amazing.

    I'm sure I watched a documentary about the house and sisters...ages ago.

    Nina x

  17. Looks fantastic. As always, your photos are amazing.

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