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A Walk Along the River in Colyton ...

Hello there! Many big "Thank Yous" for your kind comments on my last post. Forde Abbey is indeed a very special place for us and if you are in the area, do go and visit, you will not be disappointed. I should have mentioned that they also have a cafeteria and a small nursery that sells some of the wonderful plants that you see in the garden. On our way home from Forde Abbey we decided to stop and have a walk along the river in Colyton. This had been recommended to be by Sarah from Do visit her blog - it is well worth the visit.

We were amazed as to how many other dog owners we saw en route. This is clearly a popular place for dog walking.

We took a slight detour out of the field along this little path - the smell of wild garlic was heavenly and there was plenty of cow parsley.

KP went too close to the river and got herself a soggy foot.

George went for a swim.

We saw some fabulous horses on the bank opposite the river.

As we were walking back we noticed that some of the cows had started to follow us! Not wanting the dogs to start barking at to set off a stampede we headed back for the road.

As we got to the car, we turned around to see that the cows were at the fence, looking at us and so we looked at them!

Then this one got us laughing - he was swilling his tongue from side to side and even into his nostrils!

We set off for home and had a "Stop the Car!" moment when I espied this bridge.

I have a few more posts to do about Half Term - I'm so way behind. Not much activity here this week - KP is in the middle of her first year at Secondary School exams. Poor thing she has German and Physics today.
My worst ever subject at school was Physics. It didn't help with the fact that the teacher was slightly bonkers. He used to preach outside Woolworths on a soap box on a Saturday! None of his experiments worked. They all failed. I remember one about the elasticity of string. We were told that if a certain amount of weight was placed on the string it would eventually snap. We kept placing weight after weight on the string. Eventually the amount of weights had reached the floor and so we couldn't put any more on - the string still hadn't snapped!

Another experiment was to do with mercury and how heavy it was. The experiment was for someone to blow down a U shaped tube to try and move the mercury. The teacher choose a boy called Huw. We all said "Not Huw, Sir, he has bad asthma." "Blow Huw, blow!" said the teacher. So he did and he huffed and puffed and then fainted!

We did have some funny old teachers. We had another called "Jet" as he used to fly down the corridors - he was always late. We had odd windows to some classrooms - they were the type that opened inwards as well as outwards. "Jet" taught us RE and if we all rushed to the classroom - we would open the window by the door inwards and so "Jet" couldn't get in!

I remember him telling us that Jesus Christ was as sound as the classroom desk, which he banged with his fist, the desk collapsed - mirth and laughter all around and one very embarrassed teacher!

The guy who taught us Welsh Language and Welsh Literature used to always have his briefcase in front of him as he sat at his desk. He would pick his nose during the lesson and thought that we couldn't see him doing it.

One of our English teachers was an alcoholic and was forever in the storeroom topping himself up!

It's amazing that I had an education at all!

I have rambled on long enough.

Until next time,



  1. This post made me laugh, the things we remember from our school days. I too hated Physics at school, I don't know how Daniel's got to the point where he wants to study it at uni, it certainly hasn't come from me. It's like Revision Central here at the moment with Daniel in the middle of his A levels and Eleanor taking some Science module exams towards her GCSE's. They've both got a Physics exam tomorrow and Daniel's also got a Maths exam. Hope KP's Physics and German exams have gone well today. You visited some lovely places during half term, it's so nice to get out and about.

  2. I love how cows line up at the fence - makes for some good photos!
    My degree is in Physics, so I must have liked it at some point, I'm less interested now though I have to say! I enjoyed your teacher stories, hope KP's exams went well.

  3. Some stunningly beautiful scenes - would love to visit there. Love your funny stories of school teachers and can relate to them - will never forget the teachers and their nicknames from my own schooldays and wonder what they are like now.

  4. Looks like a lovely walk along the river, I love the cows all watching you. I hope all KP's exams go well. I did smile at your stories about your teachers. We had nicknames for most of our teachers, Mr Nutthall was Minto, Mr Grinter was Piggy and Mrs Presley was Elvis - you get the picture:)

  5. I enjoyed reading about your teachers, that gave me a good giggle!
    Lovely photos of the cows, I wonder what they were thinking as they were watching you?
    Fingers crossed the exams go well.
    Lisa x

  6. And they wonder about our education!! I remember our science teacher who would mumble what we were to do in class that day, then go to the staff room and drink tea for the rest of the lesson. One day the 'big boys' at the back of the class bundled him in the cupboard and locked it, then went back to their desks and we all quietly got on with the lesson. At the end, they got him out and we all got detention for a month, BUT we had at least had one lesson with him in the room. Apparently it is still a legend in the school after nearly 30 years! Great post, and fantastic scenery! George certainly looks as though he had a great time! Chel x

  7. I love those cows. They look so serious and intelligent. I didn't like physics either, but my teacher wasn't so bad. I'm just glad I didn't have to be educated by nuns like my mother was; they were violent and most of them were drunks too! Yikes.

  8. Lovely walk. Gorgeous photos.Fab reminiscences about your teachers!

  9. I'm glad you enjoyed your walk along the river the photos are so good. George looks as if he loved it! Thank you for mentioning me too! The images of the cows are fantastic! I laughed at your school stories, we only had one male teacher. At college one of our lecturers visited the store room next the classroom frequently. He didn't realise that we could see his shadow on the door and saw him drinking too!
    Sarah x

  10. What beautiful country; especially those paths under the trees. It's balm for my eyes and I only wish I didn't live on the other side of the world in Southern California where such very green and lush scenes are not so easily found. Those cows look very curious about you!

  11. Lovely photos; I especially like George in the water. I think he enjoyed himself. The last photo of the bridge was worth stopping for a picture - it's a keeper.

  12. June your memories of your teachers are hilarious! Quite a few characters there. Lovely lush, green photos. x

  13. A lovely walk - I'm loving all the cow parsley at the moment and I enjoyed your cow photos :). Your school days sounded like fun - interesting teachers you had!

  14. I love the cow photos, especially the nostril licking ones.....such fun! x

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