Saturday, 15 June 2013

A Visit to Monkey World and a Walk in the Devon Countryside ...

Hello there! Many, many "Thanks" for your comments on my previous post. I could regale many stories about my education and school teachers. Some stories are quite hilarious and probably you wouldn't believe that they were true! I may well feature some more in later posts - once I'm up to date with the things that we got up to at Half Term! Seems such a long time ago now - so I'd better get a wiggle on.

KP had her last few exams today - French, Chemistry and Geography. She's off on a school trip tomorrow - she'll be away the whole weekend - the place will be quiet without her for sure.

Anyhow, moveing swiftly back to Half Term - we visited Monkey World and KP's cousins, their mum and the OH's aunt came too.

The chimpanzee about is not eating an ostrich egg - it's actually some ice as the weather was so hot. It's hard to remember now that it was only a few weeks ago. The weather has been pretty nasty the last few days - lots of rain. I think it promises better weather over the weekend, let's hope so.

This chimpanzee had its arm amputated - after she had been attacked by her own mother. They were both working in a circus somewhere abroad and the baby chimp was rescued and brought back to this country. It was amazing to see how agile she was the one arm.

KP and her cousins.

As it was a warm day most of the inhabitants were asleep and in reality I think the kids preferred the play areas. We had a grand old picnic and ice creams all round.

The kids did a video using KP's phone and set it to music - using various apps. Kids and technology - what they did was quite impressive.

Little W told to do Gangnam Style, which he was happy to oblige.

This is all part of their video. I followed behind taking a few shots with my camera.

Cousins H and E - the eldest two came back home with us in our car and their mum took W back home as he had sleepover planned. We took the dogs for a walk before heading to the pub with H and E's mum and dad.

A great day out.

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  1. Looks great, my youngest grandson and granddaughter are monkey mad so they would love it.

  2. The chimps at monkey world are lovely.....
    I used to take my daughter quite often...
    HeHe! They always made me take her home though!

    Well worth a day out down there....And, never go
    with out a camera!!! Great fun...

    Am sending you some more chimp pics...

  3. It looks like a great day out. Definitely somewhere I'd like to visit. Such a shame about the chimpanzee with one arm, glad she manages ok.

  4. A lovely day out, it looks like the children had a great time and the land looked lovely in that sunshine. Glad you enjoyed seeing the hare on my recent post! I've seen lots recently and it's always a treat if you spot a couple of boxing hares.

  5. Monkey World is a fabulous place - we've been a couple of times. The kids look so happy together - lovely when cousins get on.
    I wonder if any more ice will be needed this summer... or blankets ?

  6. Looks like a lovely place for a day out and KP and her cousins look as if they had a great time. How sad about the chimpanzee losing an arm - it looks very happy now though - I love your photo of the other monkey with the spikey hair:)

  7. It's such a great place for a day out isn't it.
    The play equipment is pretty impressive.
    Lisa x

  8. Hello June..
    This is a lovely post.. what lovely children. All enjoying their day out at the zoo.
    KP is growing into a beautiful young lady June.
    My grandchildren have also finished their exams.. they cant wait for the holidays.
    I am having such difficulty in understanding and putting together all this blogging..
    I hope that you get this.. now I see i am commenting as Valerie Tilston.. as many people are using google + and i clicked it yesterday.
    my blog is val's alentejo.. i am also on bloglovin..
    happy Sunday val xx

  9. Oh wow, one of those monkeys looked like he had a mohican! How lovely to see the cousins having such a great time together :) xx

  10. Looks like a good time was had by all, I hope KP had a great weekend away and that you coped without her!

  11. Love KP's top! And that shot of George in the river in your last post :D

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