Friday, 28 June 2013

A Trip to London ... We Visit Brick Lane and Shoreditch

Hello there. I'll start with the usual customary "Thanks" for your comments on my last post. I have had a few computer related problems this week - I have tried to leave comments on some of the blogs that I follow but the computer has for whatever reason said "No". On certain blogs this has not been a problem. That's technology for you!

Anyhow, I'd better do a post about our recent trip to London, not that recent any more - it will be two weeks tomorrow! What with my fall and the computer glitches I have been a bit disillusioned with writing a post. I'm well on the mend now - purple bruises are now a yellow colour!

It was strange going up to London on the train without KP. She was away in Cheshire with the school for the weekend - plenty of fun outdoor activities to celebrate the end of the exams. There were tears when the results came back - she'd done really well in all subject apart from Maths. I was the same, Maths was like an alien language. The OH has bought those revision type books that you can get - as she'll need to hone her skills over the Summer holidays. Poor KP!

We arrived in London and as it was early in the morning we found a cafe to have a crepe and coffee - as you do!

We then walked around Brick Lane and Shoreditch looking for some new street art.

I will let the art do the talking!

Near to the above there is a car park and we have always been allowed to walk in and take photos as there are a lot of work on the car park walls. This time we came across an obnoxious car park attendant and some thuggish looking security guards. The car park attendant told us that we couldn't come in, the OH offered to pay the equivalent of parking a car but the guy said really aggressively "This is private property - Get Out!" The OH asked who we could contact to see if we could get permission. He said, "It's me and you can't come in!" The four or so security guards then started getting closer to us so we decided to leave pretty sharpish! A real jobsworth. It left me quite shaken.

There was a lot of new street art to see which took my mind off the nasty incident in the car park.

Did she or didn't she?

I was just about to take the photo when the pigeon marched into the shot!

Caught in the act!

We wandered slightly further than we normally do and came across this artwork.

Someones bed for the night.

As you can see there was a lot of new stuff so it didn't really matter that we weren't allowed in the car park. The OH did pose the question though that if only those with a car could get into the car park how did the street artists get in? We must have walked about four miles in total - and we were peckish, so had to stop in Brick Lane for a curry!

We then caught a taxi to Trafalgar Square, did a bit of people watching in the sun before heading towards Waterloo Bridge to catch the train home from the station at Waterloo.

That was our day in London - thoroughly enjoyable apart from the nasty car park moment!

Sorry - should have warned at the beginning that there were lots and lots of photos. If you've stayed till the end - I hope you liked what you saw!

Until next time,



  1. The street art is really amazing. I can't even draw on paper so how people can create things like that on walls with spray cans is mind boggling to me!! I just love that one with thomas tanks and the pigeons strolling past!

    Lovely pictures of London. I would really love to properly explore London (I've been once, just to Camden market) but it's a big city, and I'm not good at cities so London makes me feel a tad queasy (what a wimp I am!) - one day I will go though, there is so much I want to see there.

    I don't mind all your photos, you take such great shots of lovely and interesting things.

  2. The street art is incredible ! I didn't realise there was so much street art in such a small area of London.
    Sarah x

  3. Wow, some of these are fantastic. The tanks is my favourite too!
    How nice get a grown up day away.
    Ellie x

  4. I am totally amazed at the street art. We don't have any here. There is a lot of talent out there.

  5. I loved this post. I've never been to London and would love to visit someday. The street art is amazing. Thank you for sharing. I hope KP's summer enrichment isn't too stressful for her; I had to work very hard to get good grades in math, it was my hardest subject.

  6. Wow, amazing! Such talent. What happens to the art? Does it get painted over with something new? xx

  7. There is some amazing art there. I rather like the lonesome white character.

  8. Fantastic, it's amazing how they create these, I'm not artistic at all. Well done to KP on her good grades, you have to focus on the positives and work hard on the things you didn't do so well with, and if that's only Maths then I think that's blooming good.

  9. I really like most of them, such wonderful designs and colours. As Serendipity said, I wonder what happens to it? Does it get painted over? And how can someone paint so high up on the side of buildings? Some of these people are not only artists but must be acrobats too.

  10. Amazing street art! I have ancestors who came from Shoreditch in the 1700's and I'd love to visit.

  11. Thanks for sharing this incredible street art with us. So much talent, just there for all to see! And you had blue skies, too - how lovely. x

  12. Great post June! I love this kind of street art but would get to see very little of it without your fabulous 'Brick Lane' posts :D

  13. Hello June.
    I am back on my old blog again.. I have no idea how this happened.. I started a new blog.. valrosa59.blogspot.. (PLEASE IGNORE IT)... i am on track again. Blogger has given me so many headaches.. i even have one now.. this came back last night at around 10pm..
    i am not sorted with bloglovin.. but will do that later.. i am just happy to be back blogging with my dear friends.
    London. Shorditch. reminds me of Dickens. The graffiti some good some strange..
    I love the photos of the eye..and the thames.
    Dont worry about KP.. i was the same.. and one of my grandaughters too. a little help along the way and she will make it.
    I am still not good at math.
    Happy 1st of july and to blogging again.
    val xxxx

  14. Amazing street art!! You've been soooooo busy, love your photos:~)

  15. Love it or hate it, there is a lot of talent out there with street art! xx

  16. Loved seeing all the new art you shared with us.
    What a rude man you had to deal with, wonder if there was something dodgy going on and he wanted people kept away?!
    How do people draw on such a huge scale? So much talent, it's good they share it with the rest of us!
    Lisa x

  17. Nice blog and article, thanks for sharing.


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