Monday, 1 July 2013

Photography Class ...

Hello there! Many "Thanks" for all your comments on my last post. Some of you asked what happens to the art - it is painted over by another street artist! Sometimes the works are there for quite a long time and others a matter of days only. Artists from all over the world participate - artists frequently travelling thousands of miles to paint on the streets of London. We usually therefore try and go up to Brick Lane three or four times a year and there has always been many different artworks.

On to other things - on Tuesday I attended the last Photography Course lecture. The above photo was taken the week before shortly before I fell flat on my face! I have incorporated photos from the two lessons as a memento. Although I would rather forget the session where I flew in the air and crash landed face first!

We were at a place called The Silent Pool near Guildford. It is called The Silent Pool as the story goes that King John on his horse abducted a woodcutter's daughter who was forced into the deep water and drowned. The Pool has also been linked to  the crime writer Agatha Christie who infamously disappeared in December 1926, it was feared that she had drowned in The Silent Pool after her car was discovered at nearby Newlands Corner.

With me around it didn't stay silent for very long.

This photo was the one I took just before the fall - it's not even a good photo. The water has been blurred through the use of a slow shutter speed.

On Tuesday of last week the class was at the home of one of the class members. The plan was to take photos of plants in her garden and then have some lunch - each member having brought something with them to contribute to the meal.

The bee to the right was very aggressive towards other bees. It would lie dormant and then when another bee landed it would get all vicious. I've never seen bees behaving like that before!

This is a moss rose. I'd never even heard of it before.

The classes have been quoting from "Miranda" - "Such fun" - we all agreed that we should meet up after the Summer Holidays to go and shoot together - photographically speaking! A date has been set for September, I do hope that we stick to it!

This weekend was brilliant - we went up to London to a concert. More on that next time.

Here's hoping that the good weather lasts.



  1. Your photos are beautiful! The course sounds really interesting and educational, and I love reading about the history of that body of water.

  2. It sounds like you've really enjoyed your photography course. Will you be looking out for another one now or are you calling it a day? I wish I could find a similar course in my area.

  3. I'm glad you are continuing to get better. Your course does sound interesting especially as you get out and about to photograph such wonderful things. I've not heard of the moss rose before either. I shall be watching for bee behaviour now. Suzy x

  4. The legends surrounding the silent pool are fascinating even though you don't have happy memories of it after your fall. Your flower photos are lovely and how nice that you are all getting together again now the course has finished. I've never seen a moss rose - it does look as if it is covered in moss. I love the bees in the orange geum:)

  5. Do you think the course has been worthwhile? I do - your close-ups of the flowers are really nice. I'm tempted to do one, time and money permitting. x

  6. Lovely photos as always and the bit about the pool is interesting. I didn't even know Agatha Christie disappeared. Did they ever find her?! There's a pub around here called the Moss Rose but I've never seen a real one until now!

  7. ~ Always such beautiful photography, June...The colours of the greens are so lush and beautiful....LOVE the rose picture! stunning! Hugs Maria x

  8. Really enjoyed the photos, the water looked like smoke :) xx

  9. The photography course sounds as if it has not only helped you gain more skills but also friends. Your macro flowers are lovely.

  10. How lovely to get together & enjoy that wonderful garden. Superb photos. So glad you have enjoyed your course.

  11. Hello June was very happy to find your blog. Your photos are beautiful really enjoyed scrolling through. Always lovely to get together and enjoy time in the garden x

  12. I have enjoyed seeing all your pictures created from your photography course, you have produced some stunning photographs. It must have been a great way to finish your course with celebrating it in that lovely garden.
    Sarah x

  13. That is interesting about a short course - I have the attention span of a gnat so not sure if I could focus (excuse the pun!) for more than two minutes. How do you slow the shutter speed down? I could of course read instructions but I never even get that far - though it pays off by the looks of your lovely photographs. Do you have to change lenses - that is the bit that would drive me mad sadly even though I hanker after lovely images
    Best wishes

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