Sunday, 23 June 2013

Cows, Cows Everywhere and Some Photos from the Garden ...

Hello there! Huge "Thanks" for your kind comments on my last post. This Blogging community is a pretty special place at times. I feel a bit better today. My teeth aren't hurting so much and the swelling in my cheek seems to be getting smaller. The bruises are already turning yellowish, so hopefully in a few days time I will be back to normal! The fall did knock my confidence a bit and I have been a bit apprehensive around the house - I even asked the OH to carry the Hoover upstairs for me, I just got this thought in my head that it could propel me downstairs head first before landing on top of me! 

George, has also been in the wars. He was out in the garden and I heard this terrible whimpering noise. I called out to him and he came hobbling on three legs. A trip to the vets showed that he had soft tissue damage to his paw. I couldn't understand what had happened but the following day I saw that the metal watering can was overturned - I have now moved the can to a safer place.

Do you see the cow / young bull between the pylons in the first photo. Well, it stared at me and I stared at it. It gave out a call and, he and his mates decided to come and see who the daft person with the black box in front of her face was!

The ringleader!

A few more calls and see the photo below!

Thank God there was a hedge between us!

And now a few photos from the back garden of our place in Devon. I can't believe that I am so far behind with my posts. Last weekend we went to London for the day and walked around Brick Lane and Shoreditch admiring the street art before having a fabulous curry. I will post photos of the street art and our trip on my next post.

The clematis - this was hacked back to within an inch of its life by the OH and I thought that it may have perished but it seems to be thriving on the hard prune.

Just before we left Devon there was time for a bonfire - what is it about men and bonfires!

The OH looks as if he's doing an Indian War Dance!

There was plenty of smoke before the fire got going.

Hard to believe that we're almost half way through this year already. Where has the sun gone?

Until next time,



  1. I know just what you mean about men and bonfires! Love the cow photos, though those gentle creatures do look a bit menacing lined up behind that hedge :) xx

  2. I'm glad you're feeling better today. That photo of all the cows lined up made me laugh out loud! They are silly looking things, but I always give them a lot of respect as they are 'big and heavy' xx

  3. The cows look gorgeous against the hedge- what lovely faces they have.
    Ha the bonfire / smoke dance looks fun.
    Hope you are on the mend x

  4. Glad you are feeling a bit better after your fall, June, something like that certainly does knock your confidence and makes you wary of things you would normally just take in your stride. Like Suzy I had to laugh at the cows or bullocks too! I bet you were glad there was a hedge between you and them as they have a menacing look in their eyes, I remember as a child my sister, Mum and I being chased by some bullocks across a field which had a footpath across the middle, into the woods - we just made it over the stile, I've been nervous of them ever since:)

  5. Well done June - another pylon within a plylon!!! and what is your secret with cows that they all coming running to you. Glad that you are feeling better - take care.

  6. Glad you're feeling better, but I can understand how the fall has knocked your confidence, quite scary. Hope George is better soon, though it could take some time. Archie had a limp for the most part of last year after he was chased in to a rock pool by a dalmation. I don't think he realised how deep it was and he must have twisted his leg. It took months, and a few expensive trips to the vets, to heal. Love the cow photos, and all your little garden ornaments. I like to see quirky things in a garden.

  7. June, those cow photos are so funny! They are just staring at you. I would've been glad of the hedge too, the cows do look a bit ominous. And big. Glad to hear you are on the mend - just take it one day at the time and your confidence will return, I'm sure. x

  8. Sending you some of our sun June.
    What great photos of the cows. All standing in a row.
    I am sorry to hear that you had a fall.. as you know , i have not been blogging.. i do hope i can get backinto the rythm
    of it all.. had such hic ups.
    Take care i hope that you get well soon..
    best wishes
    val. val's alentejo.

  9. Your photos of the cows are wonderful. Did you have the dogs with you too? We always find the cows show such interest if they see Daisy walking by. Your Devon garden looks so pretty and I love the photo of the bonfire and your husband! I hope you getting better quickly.
    Sarah x

  10. All those cows, lined up in a row...did make me giggle.

    Nina x

  11. Those cows don't look very friendly, quite a hard stare going on there!
    Lisa x

  12. I found out the other day that cows can move surprisingly fast, thanks goodness you had that hedge between you and them.

  13. So glad your feeling a better June. Love all those cows lined up - brilliant! Look forward to seeing your pictures from Brick Lane. xx

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