Thursday, 23 May 2013

Five Go To Itchen Abbas ...

Hello there! Many "Thanks" for your comments on my last post. It has been a busy week here - KP has been busy revising for a French Exam. It's an oral exam and I've been trying to help her with what little French that I remember from my schooldays. Remarkably I remember more than I thought! The human brain is an amazing thing. The last time I had anything to do with learning French was over 30 years ago! Where does the time go. It really does seem to fly.

On Sunday we went for a walk and a picnic along the River Itchen.

Having had to duck in and out of the rain last weekend, it was great just to walk casually along without fretting about the ominous looking rain clouds overhead.

George spent most of the time in the water chasing his ball. At one point on the walk, he just without a moments hesitation dived in - to retrieve what he thought was a ball but in actual fact was a feather! An easy mistake to make, not! He had jumped in at an area where the river was fast flowing and we thought that the OH may have had to wade in after him as he was struggling against the current. With a lot of coaxing of "Come on, George!" he finally managed to get back to the bank.

Despite this escapade a few minutes later in an area where the current wasn't so bad he jumped in again. They say that spaniels are stupid - there's the proof!

 And then completely out of character Charlie jumped into the water too. The look on his face was priceless! "Get me out of here, like NOW!"

The walk took us along the River Itchen but also into some villages.

With fab-u-lous cottages. Oh, to win the Lottery.

"Hey, Mum that branch looks like a swing!"

We sat and had our picnic just a short distance from this super house - only a field away from the river.

After his jump into the river Charlie was once again as stubborn as ever refusing point blank to look at the camera. There was nothing in particular for him to look at in the direction he is looking but I've learnt that this look is par for the course! Absolutely anything is better to look at than that black thing in front of your face!

Just after I took this photo I saw in the distance something that caused the water to splash. I couldn't make out what it was and then a few seconds later - no more than 10 feet from where I was standing on the bridge two red deer jumped into the river. I called out for KP to come and look as she had already crossed the bridge and had her back to the deer. She quickly turned around and saw the deer - they stood startled at seeing us and then legged it as fast as they could. If only I had the forethought of calling KP and to take a photo at the same time!

Look at this gorgeous house which we espied through the hedge. I would love to take a peek inside this one.

We came across two donkeys in a field. They are Poitou donkeys from France. The one on the right was very skinny. We came across a lady who was walking along the lane with a beautiful white horse and she told us that they were rescue donkeys being looked after before they could be transferred to the Donkey Sanctuary in Devon.

Despite the look of neglect the donkey came up to the gate to say hello and be stroked.

And then we saw the pub and went and had a pint of cider in the late afternoon sun. KP collected some daisies and as we supped our cider and KP her water (she doesn't like fizzy drinks) as KP and I made daisy chains.

A perfect end to a perfect day.

Until next time,



  1. What a wonderful day. Those cottages are gorgeous, I could spend hours daydreaming about living somewhere like that. Glad the donkeys are being looked after now, I hope they go on to have a good life. Just caught up with your last post, the photo of KP and Grandad is lovely, one for the album I think.

  2. June, all your "lost" posts have just shown up in my blog reading list!!! Hurrah, maybe your problem is finally fixed? x

  3. June, I've been following along with all of your recent posts and like Gillian said, they all showed up at once in my reading list. Your trip looks like a wonderful time and you got to see a lot of great places. I love the photos of your daughter; she looks like a serious girl but also very photogenic.

  4. What a wonderful trip out and those buildings are so so nice! I do like that church though. x

  5. Your walk along the River Itchen looks wonderful. We had spaniels when I was a child, how they love the water! Poor donkeys maybe you might see them again at the Donkey sanctuary.
    Sarah x

  6. Gorgeous photos as always! I want to live in one of those cottages, arent they fab!

  7. I enjoyed this walk very much. Such lovely scenery and great photos as always. Those donkeys are in a sorry state, I'm pleased they're being looked after now and on their way to a sanctuary.

  8. We visit Donkey sanctuaries when we can as adore Donkeys. Glad these were rescued & will have a happy life ahead.

    Superb photos of another lovely place.

  9. I love the look of this walk by the river. Poor donkeys, how can be people be mean to them, glad they are going to a good home.
    Hope KP's exam went well.
    Lisa x

  10. What a lovely walk, I've really enjoyed looking at your photos. I'm glad the donkeys have been rescued and will go to a good home:)

  11. What a lovely walk June. Aren't those thatched cottages just beautiful? Like you I'd love to have a look inside. Have you tried bribing Charlie with a treat in exchange for a pose? Maybe a little dog biscuit on top of the camera to make him look at you :-)

  12. Oh what a lovely walk,beautiful views and I love that little church and the thatch cottages are wonderful.What a pretty daughter you have. Love Jill xx

  13. Gorgeous pictures June, some lovely ones of KP. It looks like a wonderful walk, those thatched cottages are so pretty and how amazing to see the deer like that. xx

  14. What a beautiful walk, I feel refreshed just looking at these images :)

  15. What a lovely walk through such pretty places, and isn't KP looking very grown up? I hope the exams have gone well, we're coming to the end of AS level exams with number 1 son, it's not been easy!

  16. Just the sort of walk we love! I want to live in a cottage like one of those...heaven!

    Bellaboo X


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