Monday, 3 June 2013

A Stay at Grandads ...

Hello there! Many "Thanks" for your comments on my previous post. It's what I like the most about blogging - the interaction. Well, half term has been and gone - wasn't the weather glorious for most part anyways! Anyhow, I have a number of posts to write up about the things that we got up to.

On the Friday after KP finished school we jumped into the car with the dogs and our luggage and set off for Grandads house in the Cotswolds. The above is a woodpecker from a bird table in the garden.

This is the home of the OH's dad and his wife. They moved in six years ago. The house was originally just the bit with the french doors and the previous owners had tacked on the bit to the right. With planning permission in place the rest of the house was built.

The garden has a swing. By the look on George's face - he didn't like it, but KP loved it!

The new extension.

From the front.

Let's take a peek around the garden.

Archie, Grandads dog. We had a fab time here although our stay was very short, just an overnight visit on our way to Devon. The OH didn't enjoy the stay as much though as he was struck down by a virus - whilst we ate he was upstairs being sick! He's usually never ill but he did look rough.

Grandad helps to look after some chickens and geese for a friend and KP went and assisted.

Only the one egg!

On Saturday morning we took a walk around the village and visited the Church where Grandad is the Church Warden.

We took the dogs with us. It was surprising how well all three dogs got on. I had visions of our two misbehaving and doing some damage to the house but they didn't.

We walked along the River Coln.

The village is small - it only has 40 houses but look at their sheer magnificence.

George and his ball. He loves to play fetch.

One minute she was a cute girl who listened to what her parents had to say now she has her nose glued to her mobile phone.

Grandads house through the trees.

A few of the houses in the village.

After our walk we decided on a trip to Bibury. The OH stayed at home as he really wasn't well.

En route I saw this Church and asked the OH's dad to stop so that I could take a photo. I think that he thought I was a bit mad!

We arrive in Bibury.

And enjoy an ice-cream. KP didn't have two - one of them is mine!

Arlington Row.

We walked around the Church and saw the gargoyles.

We went inside and admired the stained glass windows.

We carried on our walk into this hotel's grounds, even though a sign on the gate told us not to!

We completed a circular route and came back to Arlington Row.

We came back to find the OH asleep on the sun lounger in the garden, still looking out of sorts. I saw that the woodpecker was back and got my long lens out.

After a late lunch we set off for Devon. A great start to Half Term.

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  1. Oh June what a beautiful house your in laws live in and a beautiful part of the world. Love the photo of the woodpecker its stunning.XX

  2. I've never been to the Cotswolds but it looks delightful. What a lovely place to spend a day or two.

  3. Hello June
    What a stunning home, I love visiting the Cotswolds..the photo of the woodpecker is very special. we used to see them in our Cornwall garden..(also have just been watching them on Springwatch) you must have known

    I love the photo of KP sitting among the wild flowers, checking her phone..wildlife tecno style!

    Hope your OH is better now
    Thea x

  4. What a beautiful part of the country and gorgeous houses. It doesn't get much better than the Cotswolds in May! xx

  5. It looks a pleasant part of the world, the village does indeed seem to be full of rather splendid houses!

  6. What a beautiful home your father in law has, the garden looks fabulous, and what I'd give to have woodpeckers visiting, you got some great photos. Sorry to hear your hubby was ill though, I hope he's recovered. Glad you still managed to get out and about, Bibury looks a lovely place to visit.

  7. What a beautiful house with a lovely garden. The whole area looks picture postcard pretty. I love the pale stonework.

    Hope OH was soon better to enjoy half term.

  8. What a most beautiful post June.. Your family home is magnificent.
    It looks such a wonderful place. the gardens so lovely clean and tailored.
    KP is growing fast. She is a lovely girl.
    I have woodpeckers here. I head one the other day. But only ever set my eye upon one.
    The church stained glass is amazing. Your f. in law, must have lots of stories to tell.
    Hope that your hubby is better now.
    best wishes.. val
    vals Alentejo.. I am also on bloglovin June..x

  9. What a beautiful house in such a lovely village it all looks so idyllic. Your photos are gorgeous especially of the woodpecker:)

  10. Your parents in law have a beautiful house and garden in a lovely little village. My grandparents used to live in the Cotswolds, I love the colour of all the buildings.
    Hope your OH recovered. I hate my children having mobile phones while walking in the country they cannot be seperated from them!
    Sarah x

  11. Lovely photos June and the cottage is gorgeous. Very pretty village too.
    Patricia x

  12. Such a gorgeous village your FIL lives in, how lovely is his home and garden, must keep him very busy!
    Sorry to hear about your OH being poorly, that wasn't much fun for him or you.
    Love the photo of KP in the grass, don't get me started on phones though!
    Lisa x


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