Wednesday, 22 May 2013

A Walk in Shalden ...

Hello there! Woo Hoo - the Blogger problem seems to have been resolved! Thank you to all of you who commented to let me know! Although the weekend wasn't a scorcher, it didn't rain which was a bonus from last weekend when we twice got caught in it. On Saturday morning we went to the local garden centre and purchased a few plants for the garden. Having been unwell for most of last year the garden had been looking a bit neglected - both front and back gardens have been tidied up, the weeds have almost gone (until next week when they'll be back, no doubt with a vengeance), a few plants had died and so needed replacing. The dandelion from above is not from our garden but from a walk we had on late Saturday afternoon!

The OH's father arrived with his dog late afternoon and so we all went for a walk along some local footpaths.

George enjoyed running around, chasing his new ball and bringing it back for us to throw again and again! He is quite expensive to maintain on the ball front as something always happens to his balls - the either get lost or when we're not looking he chews them to bits!

KP and Grandad. George refused to move and so is in the photo too!

Archie, Grandad's dog with his stick.

After our walk we left the dogs at home and went for a pub meal.

I am so happy to be back to normal on this my little blog where I record a bit of what we get up to.

Until next time,



  1. What a delicious set of photographs - who knew that a dandelion could be so welcomed!

    Best wishes

  2. Wonderful photographs. Thanks for sharing your walks. Glad Blogger is working for you again.

  3. What fabby photo's love the dandelions .... Glad your blogger problems are sorted. Sarah x

  4. Some lovely photos June.

  5. So please google has started working again Hurrah! Wonderful pictures in the dandelion field especially the one of the family and dogs.
    Sarah x

  6. What wonderful news - now the mystery remains why did it happen? and how did it resolve itself?
    Granddad's dog looks a little cutie, is that his tongue sticking out in the last two photos?

  7. Another lovely day out. I love the second photo down with the dandelion field and trees. This one showed up on my list too :)

  8. Hello June
    So glad you are back, love the dandelion meadow
    Happy Week
    Thea x

  9. Fab news that all is well with your blog again.
    I think Grandad's dog is a very handsome chap!
    Lisa x


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