Monday, 20 May 2013

Five Go To Farley Mount ...

Hello there! Well, I've still got the old problem with Blogger not updating my posts on followers reading lists and now that I had discovered Flickr and, was quite enjoying it, that has changed too and I seem to have lost access to most of my photos that I spent a week on and off uploading. I was just in the middle of uploading another batch of photos when something happened to the screen and there appeared to be a new layout which was CRAP! So, I think that will be the last of my foray into Flickr. How can a site just change its layout without any warning. I noticed that there were many negative feedbacks already and I added to them. The new site is horrid, horrid, horrid!

Anyhow, having vented my anger I will move on to what we got up to not yesterday, but the Sunday before. The weather wasn't too promising but it wasn't raining when we set off for Farley Mount in Hampshire. The dogs came too.

The view from atop The Mount.

We sat here to have a picnic - it started to drizzle but we didn't mind! A picnic in the rain. It was quite refreshing.

George minus his ball which got lost in some stinging nettles.

After our picnic we ventured further along the footpaths. What a view.

The rain didn't last long and we didn't get too wet.

On the way home I asked the OH to stop so that I could take a photo of this sign - what a great road name. I conjure up thoughts of thatched cottages with wonderful cottages gardens.

And look at what else we spotted.

Not much more to say. We've been busy in the garden and the OH's dad came visiting on Saturday but that will all have to be done in another post.

I think that I am jinxed with computers - the Blogger issue and now the Flickr one. God help me with tomorrow's Photography Course lesson on Photoshop!

Until next time,



  1. I love the cowslips at the start of your post, such wonderful spring flowers, I must get some more for my garden. What a lovely street name, Strawberry Lane, I wonder who lives there and what kind of houses they have. Hope your photography class has gone well today.

  2. Sorry to hear the blogger problems are ongoing. Such lovely country photos, and that first one of KP is gorgeous - she has such beautiful eyes. x

  3. What a delightful place ( and now on my must visit list ! )

  4. I love the views of the countryside at this time of year, and you have captured them beautifully - the verdant hedges and trees, the bright splashes of yellow oil seed rape, and not a pylon or a pylon within a pylon in sight!

  5. Just to say...That 22 of your previous posts,
    have appeared on my Blogger home page....! HeHe!
    Though they were all marked as being posted one
    hour ago...

    That's o.k. Give me something to do later this
    afternoon....Have a jolly old read....! :>).

  6. Me too, as WILLIE's post. I started to follow you a while ago, and now I got all these posts in one go! I shall read them all, but not all at once. I dont do Flickr so cant offer any useful suggestions.
    Joy xx

  7. Hello June
    I'm pleased to tell you that your post has updated on my blog list.

    Beautiful photos. George is a gorgeous!
    Is the white building on top of the mount a chapel?

    Impressive photos as always.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  8. Lovely photos and the ones of KP are just gorgeous ... M x

  9. Looks like a beautiful place to visit. The view from the top is gorgeous. Glad to see your posts have updated at last! Hope it lasts :) xx

  10. Hi June, I got you on my bloglist again Yupee :-) At least this problem seems to have been sorted. I agree with you on the Flickr thing, the new interface is just horrible and it seems the majority of users don't like it either I wonder if the Flickr people will change it back.

    Beautiful photos as always, that looks like a lovely walk and such great views from the top.

  11. Lovely views here. This post did show up in my reading list today, and every post you've made since they stopped showing appeared too, so hopefully the issue is fixed again.


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