Sunday, 19 May 2013

A Visit to Hinton Ampner in the rain ...

Hello there! Still no joy from Google about my posts not updating but for those of you who still drop by and leave a comment - "Thank you". I am way behind on my posts! Life just sometimes gets in the way. It's been a busy old week here - not seemed to have stopped but not achieved much, if that makes sense!

Last Saturday, it was raining. Never ones to be daunted by a few drops of rain we headed to Hinton Ampner, a National Trust property that is fairly local to us. We have been here many times before but there is always something to see of interest and the gardens are beautiful.

A peek at the Church.

There were many tulips covered in raindrops.

I really liked the colour combination of these tulips growing near to the greenhouse.

As it was raining we took shelter in the nearby Church.

This photo was taken with the flash on and has bleached the lead.

This photo was taken without the flash and shows the stained glass window as seen.

We moved away from the Church - again in the pouring rain. We almost had the gardens to ourselves. There were many visitors, the car park was full - I suspect that they were touring the house or in the cafe.

I wanted to stop and take some more photos but the OH said, "Are you trying to get us to catch pneumonia!" - as he headed for a cup of coffee in the cafe.

In the cafe we were tempted by tea and scones.

KP fed the chaffinch with hers!

Outside once again and we were entertained by this blackbird - who sang heartily for a full five minutes.

A fabulous house seen across the field from Hinton Ampner.

As I was taking this photo a man and his wife (I assume, it was his wife) walked past and stood near to the hedge and said, "We'll just be five minutes - so you'll just have to wait to take your photo!" I thought - how rude.

As we waited patiently he then followed us around and kept trying to get in the way of my photos! Sometimes just waving his brolly into the photo. Some people just need to get a life!

The vegetable garden.

There we have it - a short tour around the gardens at Hinton Ampner. On Sunday we took the dogs with us to Farley Mount. More on that in a later post.

Until next time,


P.S. I've just discovered Flickr and just realised that my photos on there are much crisper in quality than on Blogger - does anyone know why this is?


  1. Gorgeous photos, I love the one of the little chaffinch, they're regular visitors to my garden. What a rude man, trying to spoil your photos. He probably thought it was hilarious, some real saddos about. The gardens look wonderful, I would have been noseying in to the vegetable garden to see what they're growing.

  2. What a lovely place to visit. The tulips are great, super colours combinations! I love a tea and scone stop, I haven't had one for a while. I can't believe how rude that man was, I'd have just started taking pictures with him in shot, pretending I wasn't bothered I think, hoping he'd soon give up and move on.

    I suspect that the photo issue with blogger/Flickr will be something to do with how blogger compresses photos when you upload them here but I'm not really sure. Your photos look great as always anyway though!

  3. What a super place. Lovely photos inspite of the rude man. He just showed himself up as a fool. Like Louise I'd have carried on taking photos and said to him 'don't worry you won't spoil any photos as I can crop you out' - he obviously doesn't realise that digital photography is very adaptable:)

  4. I plan to go here very soon - thank you for the gorgeous preview !

  5. Great photo's - I love Hinton Ampner. Been there several times. Horrid man you saw there. Did you crop him out?

  6. What a lovely property, I'll have to check my NT handbook to see how far from us that is.


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