Friday, 10 May 2013

Bank Holiday Weekend, Part 3 ...

Hello there! After we had come home from our trip to Burrow Farm Gardens - thoughts turned to tidying up our own back garden here in Devon.

I thought I'd show you some of the tidier corners!

I must "Thank" Sarah from Down By The Sea blog as she commented on a recent post of mine about a small nursery in Colyton - this we located and the cockerel was discovered there and well, he just had to come home with us! As did the silvered glass baubles that you can see.

The view from the back garden.

I tried to get this little monster to look at me when I was taking his photo - would he heck!

His head turned every which way but at the person holding the camera!

KP in the back garden doing her homework.

Well, "That All Folks!"

Until next time,


P.S. It's more than a bit depressing that my posts are still not updating on followers reading lists. I think that I'm being forgotten and a lot of the pleasure from blogging has gone. I have sent 9 feedback reports to google to no avail. I really don't know what else I can do!


  1. Your back garden is beautiful, and what an amazing view you have!

    You must be so fed up with your blogger problems. I have been having issues with blogger lately - it just randomly "unfollowed" me from loads of blogs, for no reason. Took me ages to re-follow them again. I'm starting to understand why lots of bloggers move away from blogger to wordpress or typepad. I really hope it gets sorted soon. Enjoy your weekend.

    Gillian x

  2. Hi June! I came here from Gillian's blog where she mentioned the problems you (and she) have been having with Blogger. I really like your blog and I'm now following you on GFC. I am sorry you're having so much trouble but I would love to start reading your blog because your posts and photos are lovely. :)


  3. Hi June, Charlie looks so lovely. We are just trying to strip Morten, lets just say its a work in progress!

  4. Like Jennifer I've nipped over from Gillian's - your post is lovely and don't give up on blog land x

  5. I am also here from Gillian's blog. Love your photos. Am more than a bit jealous of the moustache pencil topper...!
    (not sure if it's related or part of the same story, but I couldn't find your blog on bloglovin either?)

  6. June, in case you haven't tried this.

    In your Blogger dashboard go to Settings: Other: Site Feed ... which should say Full. If it doesn't you can open the drop down to change it to Full. If it does say Full, select None in the drop down, save the settings, and then repeat the process but reset to Full. No promises but this may reboot your blog's feed. Fingers crossed.

  7. Hello I love your blog - I often visit and will 'attempt' to follow! Your garden looks just lovely - I wish mine looked more like it! I do like the cat plant holder. Helen

  8. What a magical garden. KP looks very thoughtful doing her homework - how lovely to be outside.
    I visited Gilbert White's house yesterday & loved it - thank you for giving me the idea.
    Hope you can sort Blogger out. We all get our blogging ups & downs.

  9. This problem with blogger has been going on for such a long time June, it is disgusting that nobody from the google team is bothering to respond to all your emails - I would be so cross if it was me. Sometimes I do publish a post and it doesn't go into my followers readers list - it has happened 4 or 5 times. I have now discovered that if I withdraw it - copy and paste it on to another new post, it usually then publishes properly.
    If the above help from Annie does not help perhaps you should reconsider a new blog - as you mentioned much of the fun is in connecting with other bloggers. I think I mentioned that I tried to put you on bloglovin but it said your blog did not exist!!!!

  10. No wonder Charlie doesn't want to look at the camera when he's got that beautiful view to look at, it's absolutely breathtaking. How lovely that KP managed to get outside to do her homework, it makes such a change to have some decent weather. Sorry to hear that you're still having problems with Blogger, I'm not technically minded at all so can't suggest anything, but I think it's terrible that you're emails aren't getting any attention.

  11. Oh your dog is just like my Jessie - I always wonder if she knows what this camera malarkey is about and is camera shy, or whether she is just being very principled and 'won't be my plaything'! Sorry to hear you have been having problems with google - it must be very frustrating. Nice to meet you x Jane

  12. What a fantastic view from your garden. I love the little frog sculpture! I do hope you are able to sort out your blog problems, it must be so frustrating. Debbie xx

  13. June, I am so jealous of your garden.....ours is really just lawn right now, the previous owners were not into gardening at all so not much to look at- Yet! And I want your dog xxx

  14. hello! Not sure how i found myself here lol, but Ive enjoyed a good read over a cuppa! I love the gargoyles in the next post, fab photos! and i wanted to say your cat planter is fab, bit partial to cats as i am!1
    Leanne x

  15. Hi June, I haven't forgotten you but how frustrating it is that you're posts still aren't showing up. We've been away for the weekend and we had no internet connection so I'm way behind with blog reading again. I'll be catching up with you soon though.

    You garden looks lovely and I love your little garden ornaments, especially the cockerel!

  16. Hi June, I'm sorry I have been missing some of your lovely post. J is recovering from an operation at the moment and I am not getting around to reading blogs as much as usual. I love your purchases from the nursery at Colyton. Your little monster is just like Daisy she hates having her photo taken too and won't co -operate unless I can fox her by zooming in without her realising!
    Sarah x


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