Thursday, 9 May 2013

Bank Holiday Weekend, Part 2 ...

Hello there! On Sunday we decided that another trip out was in order - it was once again fabulously hot. Having had such a harsh Winter makes you appreciate the suns' warmth. No hats, cats or gloves to worry about - just dogs and their leads!

We headed to Burrow Farm Gardens. We have been here many times before and so there have been previous posts about this wonderful garden, set deep in the Devon countryside.

We were dazzled by the sheer beauty of the tulips.

The gardens are so peaceful - all you hear is birdsong.

This is the view of the coutryside from the bottom of the garden. I like the use of the low wall - it makes it seem as if the formal gardens and the countryside have merged and, of course here, they have in a way.

To wake up to a view such as this every morning.

The camellias were truly spectacular.

An interesting plant at the edge of the pond caught my eye. I haven't a clue what it is - does anyone out there have any idea?

A lone tadpole - I wonder where all the others were ...

A bluebell - one of my favourite flowers. It takes me back to days when I was a Brownie and playing hide and seek in the woods.

The gardens are full of interesting plants and flowers. The real attraction for me though is the amount of wildlife that you can see - in particular, my favourite are the robins (which feature heavily, the further down this post you go - you have been warned!)

The sky really was this blue.

Taking photos was quite tricky as there was a lot of sun and a lot of shade which confused the camera no end but confused me who was trying to get a good shot, even more!

Right, are you ready for some robins!

We went to the small cafe - this is where the robins hang out, waiting for someone to throw them a few morsels.

I have to admit to taking these photos on the Automatic Setting - I was too scared of the robins flying off but I needn't have worried as they seemed content to pose!

They have the most delicious scones at the cafe and so we all had a Devonshire Cream Tea. Well, you can't be in Devon and not have one, can you!

On the way home - we stopped for me to take a photo of a pylon within a pylon! Sad, I know!

The rolling Blackdown Hills.

Another perfect day.

The weather has taken a turn for the worse here today, raining off and on - just as I was wanting to get into the garden - typical!

Until next time, when I'll be back with Part 3!



  1. I enjoyed this post - and the previous one. This always looks like somewhere I'd love to visit when you blog about it. Three photos really stood out for me - the one you took from the bottom of the garden, with the low wall, and the one with the three trees lined up - the picture above KP - those are so beautiful. I also have to say that you're not alone - call me sad too but when I saw the pylon within a pylon, I got a little excited and now really want to take my own pylon in pylon shot! I'll look forward to part three.

  2. Your photos are always a pleasure to see - yes pylon within a pylon interesting concept - I will watch out for one too - you could have started something off here!!!

  3. It looks wonderful, and there's so much colour about already. The robins are so cute, such friendly little birds.

  4. Hello June. I have just caught up with all your bank holiday posts.
    So many wonderful photos of the birds, especially those robins.
    The NT property was lovely and I the gargoyles and all the topiary and that stag made from willow looked magnificent.
    I hope you get these blogging problems resolved, could you start up another one and moved everything over?
    Lisa x


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