Saturday, 11 May 2013

Bank Holiday Weekend, Part 4 ...

Hello there! "Hello" too, to new followers who found me through Gillian from Many "Thanks" also for your well wishes concerning my issues with Blogger. It's been over two months now. I will try out what Annie from suggested and see how I get along. Hopefully, there will be no need for me to update you as Blogger will be doing its job!

On Bank Holiday Monday we visited Knightshayes, a National Trust property and then went and had a walk along the canal at Tiverton.

The topiary at Knightshayes is stunning - all dogs and foxes.

The only downside for me was that as it was such a fabulous day weather wise and a Bank Holiday the world and his brother and some, had also decided to visit too. I prefer going around these places when they aren't as busy so we will have to come back another day. It may be however that it's just very, very popular. The car park could accommodate many cars.

You may think what on earth was she wittering on about above there doesn't seem to be many people there but, there were and they were all on the terrace behind me and amongst the camellias and rhododendrons.

There were three deers made from willow. Taking a photo was a nightmare as every one else had the same idea!

I managed to take one photo quickly of Knightshayes without too many people.

As well as the interesting topiary - you need to cast your eyes upwards for the gargoyles! There are several!

Not a gargoyle but KP in a tree. Can you spot the nail varnish - I was pestered to buy it after she saw it advertised in one of the magazines at the hairdressers. A quick trip to Superdrug and the glittery blue varnish was purchased. I've never been a nail varnish person and was quite gobsmacked at the price -  nearly £5!

All the flowers of Spring were here in abundance.

KP had brought her phone with her and was busy listening to music - it's far more interesting than listening to us oldies rabbiting on!

I saw a plane flying by and thought that it would add interest to the photo!

There we have it - some snaps of our visit to Knightshayes. As this post is a bit photo heavy I will include photos etc of our walk along the canal in another post.

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  1. Another lovely place you visited there. I love all the gargoyles, you really do have to look up otherwise you end up missing these things.

  2. I do love gargoyles, some make me laugh, others make me shudder, but on these old buildings I think they are the best thing! Great photos. Chel x

  3. Super gargoyles and topiary, the pink of the flowers in your photos is gorgeous. Knightshayes looks a very interesting place:)

  4. What a fabulous building! I'd love to visit there and have a good look around.

  5. Beautiful pictures from Knightshayes, I really should visit here it looks wonderful!
    Sarah x


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