Wednesday, 17 April 2013

We Visit Tintinhull, Ilminster and Go For an Evening Walk ..

Hello there! Following on from my last posting where we had been home for a few days we crammed ourselves back into the car two adults, one child, two dogs and bags of clothing, etc and made our way onto the A303. We got caught in the traffic just outside Stonehenge - this was the view from the car for about 10 - 15 minutes so I grabbed the camera out of its case and took a snap.
I always intend to stop at Stonehenge. I have visited the site many, many years ago. The OH remembers it when you were allowed to wander among the stones.

We had a long thought about where to visit and planned our itinerary. I looked at National Trust properties nearby as being members this is always a good option. I saw that Tintinhull was fairly close - a 45 minute drive away.

The lady who owned the house had intended to leave it to her nephew in her will but he was killed during the Second World War, the property was then bequeathed to the National Trust. Only two rooms in the house are open to the public - the rest is a holiday let.

In the orchard there was a swing.

KP and her reflection.

It was so warm we sat outside and had a light lunch. We were soon joined by a robin.

After our fairly late lunch we got back in the car and made our way to Ilminster. It was the OH's birthday the following day and I had forgotten to get a card. So on the pretext that I wanted to get some provisions I asked him to pop into a convenience store whilst KP and I went hunting for a card shop!

After we were reunited we decided to have a look around the Church.

The sky was still this blue and it was approaching five o'clock.
We returned home for a bit of dinner before venturing out again with the dogs who had been in the house all day.

The lanes were smothered in beautiful primroses.

KP somehow managed to injure her finger and apparently it was much better after being soaked in cold water.

When we take George out for his walk we have to take a ball to keep him amused - he has so much more energy than Charlie, our dachshund who is happy with a gentle stroll. You can tell when George gets tired his tongue gets longer!

And of course, being a spaniel he always finds some running water somewhere to dive into.

Back home, I finally managed to get a photo of Charlie, although he is much slower than George, he is ever so stubborn and so if you call him he just ignores you completely!

Well that was one of our days out. There's plenty more to come!

Until next time,



  1. Charlie is adorable and what beautiful photos you have taken...came over from vanilla Sqirrel to have a peep at you....
    daisy j

  2. Oh, Tintinhull looks beautiful, like something out of a Jane Austen film. I would love to wander around those gardens, it looks like a lovely place.

    Gillian x

  3. I hope to visit Tintinhull this year and after seeing your photos it is a must.
    Charlie is lovely, you can see that he has a mind of his own.
    Once again your stained glass windows are perfection.

  4. Hello June
    Just catching up, beautiful photos, I love the mistletoe growing in the tree, KP is growing up fast, bless her, she looks quite a young lady now, Tintinhill looks a splendid place to visit..Fin and I have started making a list of all the NT places we would like to visit this year!
    Happy Week
    Thea x

  5. Tintinhull looks fabulous, the house is beautiful. Glad you managed to get a photo of Charlie, he does look quite a character. We've just had a Dachshund move in to the house next door but one, such a cute little doggy.

  6. Beautiful pictures, I'm not sure I'd have let Sally the tarantula that close to me though!


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