Thursday, 18 April 2013

Bug Fest at Montacute ... Warning Many Deadly Beasties!

Hello there! If you don't like creepy crawlies you might just want to skip over the first 13 photos of this post! It was the OH's birthday and having looked up "Things To Do" on the National Trust website for Montacute we saw that it had a Bug Fest on. The OH said, "You're not trying to kill me off, are you?" I replied that he was probably worth more dead but that I wasn't!

When we arrived the first show of the day had just started. KP loves all animals - creepy crawlies or otherwise. She loves David Attenborough and shows like Deadly 60.

After the show people were allowed to get a closer look at the anilmals and to handle them. Some like stick insects the children could handle but the more nasty bugs could only be handled by the adults.

This is the OH with Sally, the tarantula.

Sally tried to crawl up his arm!

Back in the arms of her owner.

A cockroach - Yuck!

Stick insect.

A scorpion.

Boa constrictor.

KP and the Boa.

We grabbed a quick and particularly delicious lunch in the cafe before venturing into the gardens and then into the house - by then the sun had disappeared and it was raining.

In the house you were allowed to take photos as long as the flash was off.

We came across a vibrant stained glass window.

And many wonderful paintings.

There was an Exhibition - with paintings from the National Portrait Gallery of Kings and Queens.

In the evening we went out with friends to celebrate the OH's birthday and they even paid for the meal which was very generous. There was even a Birthday cake.
In the rush to be ready I forgot to take the camera with me - so no photos of the delicious cake!

Quite a few more posts to do. It feels so good to feel healthy once again - being able to go out and about, to do things.

Many thanks for your comments on my previous post!

Until next time,



  1. Fantastic birthday, he was very brave letting all those creepy crawlies all over his hand... shudder! Sally is such a pretty name for such a hairy (and big) spider... I'm not a spider fan :) Beautiful photos as always, it looks such a lovely place, and what a treat to finish off the day with. Glad you're feeling better :) xx

  2. Glad you're feeling better these days June. Looked a great day out but I'm glad you warned us - the first load I couldnt bear to look at!
    What a brave hubby!
    Hope he had a great birthday!
    Gill xx

  3. I always smile when I read your posts as KP and Eleanor are so alike in their interests, hobbies and things they like. Eleanor loves animals, even creepy crawlies. They have a farm at school and she used to help out on a lunchtime and after school. They have all sorts of animals including Hissing Cockroaches which she handled, urghh. She used to ask if she could have one as a pet. NO was the answer, can you imagine? It looks like a good day out, and followed up with a lovely meal out too. Glad you're feeling much better. I had a long illness too so I know what a relief it is to get back to normal.


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