Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Back Home For a Few Days ...

Hello there! After a busy first week of the Easter hols we returned home for a few days of relaxation.
Having been out and about in the sunshine and hoping that Spring was just around the corner we discovered that it was once again turning cold and it even began to snow.

This is Ruby the cat glaring at us through the dining room window - "How can you sit in there eating warm home made soup when I'm sat out here"! There is such a thing as a cat flap in our house or should I say, a cat hole as the flap has been removed by the dogs! This is not to be used by Ruby if she can get a human to attend to her bidding!

"I'll just stare them out, they're bound to let me in eventually!"

"What's wrong with these people, I'll just have to miaow loudly - that should embarrass them to open the door!"

"I'm not impressed with my humans!"

"Right, I'll just have to scratch at the door, as the dogs do!"
Look at all that scratching on our patio door - it's not as bad as it looks in the photo - promise!

Kids and technology - the phone is permanently attached to KP these days - for skyping friends, games, apps and photos. I just use the phone as a phone and send the odd text.

We were only home for a couple of days before we whizzed off down the A303 once again to our base in Devon. More on that in later posts.

Until next time,



  1. ~ Of course I had to comment on Ruby! Isn't she lovely! Mine also tap the window....Usually when the window cleaner has just been....Ooh more snow, that's dreadful, June. We have April showers, but at least it is milder....I tried to follow you again, but alas it didn't seem to want to let me...I will try again today! ~ with kind thoughts....Maria x

  2. Awww, poor Ruby, she really should learn to use the cat flap, especially when it's snowing outside. Daniel and Eleanor have iPods as well as phones, so there's always one or the other in their hands, it drives me mad.

  3. Thanks for your comment earlier :)
    As I've been ill, I've completely forgotten that your posts don't show up at the moment and so didn't think to visit you. I see I've missed lots of great looking posts! I'm off to bed now, an early night as it's back to school tomorrow and I'm still not 100%, but I'll pop back soon and catch up.


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