Sunday, 14 April 2013

We Visit Burrow Farm Gardens ...

Hello there! My word I am so far behind with this blogging lark many, many posts to write. We have been up to many things - for the first time in a year I actually feel like my old self, that long, long illness which lasted a whole year has finally gone - I can't believe how ill I've been, time is the greatest healer.

I still have the same old problem of my posts not updating on followers reading lists but I'll keep posting as this little blog of mine is also a diary with photos!

It was about 10 days or so ago now that we decided to visit Burrow Farm Gardens. We had visited quite a few times last year and always enjoyed our time there so this year we signed up for the annual membership.

The exposure in this photo is all wrong but I quite like it.

Dogs are allowed into the gardens and so Charlie and George came too!

The owners dog.

The black stringy thing is toad spawn. I don't think I'd ever seen any before. I'd only ever seen frog spawn.
KP who had brought her mobile phone with her - looked it up.

Although the sun was out there was ice on the pond.

I really like this photo - it looks black and white and the green background is confusing.

The wonderful summerhouse. Inside we came across a handbag and handed it to the owners who said that the lady who had lost it had just left to go home as she thought that she had left it there. I hope that she has been reunited with it!

A rare photo of the OH with KP and the dogs.

Although the sun was out it was a cold day. I had my gloves on when stroking the horses. Afterwards I looked at my red gloves and they were covered in cream coloured horse hair - which was difficult to remove from woollen gloves. Lesson learnt, if you want to stroke a horse take your gloves off!

On the way home, we stopped for me to take photos of lines which was a Photography Course homework.

As always, a post laden with photos. The next post will have a similar amount!

I now have another problem with Blogger - when I click on signing out to get to my Reading List - all the English disappears and in its place is French!

Until next time,



  1. Hello - thanks for stopping by. I wonder why your blog is not appearing in my feed?? How odd. I thought you were on holiday or something!

    These photos are wonderful. The close ups of hte flowers and plants in particular are fantastic. x

  2. Bonjour June!
    As always lovely photos. I haven't seen toadspawn in years, how fantastic. Hope you get your bloggy quirks sorted out soon.
    Ellie x

  3. You're having so many problems with Blogger, such a pain. It looks like a lovely day out. I'm always pleased to find places which allow dogs as so many places don't, it can be really annoying. I love that summerhouse.

  4. Just found your blog, most enjoyable, I don't go anywhere without my camera, just a hobby but flowers are my passion and love the photo's you have taken on your garden visits. Will look in again soon. Thank you.

  5. So glad after a long year you now feel back on top form! Lovely to see your return trip to Burrow Farm gardens.
    Sarah x

  6. I've just remember to check in here again! These photos are brilliant - some lovely views, gorgeous flowers and lots of interesting small details too. The 'lines' pictures are great too. This place always looks like somewhere I'd enjoy visiting!

  7. One of the items on my daily To Do list now reads "Check for updates on Cats, Dogs and Eiderdowns" ;-) I wonder why it's taking the people at Blogger so long to sort this out.

    Your photos are beautiful. I usually tend to avoid taking pictures of landscapes when you can see electric cables but I quite like your 4th photo from the bottom up. I don't know what it is but those electric cables just seem to add another dimension to it.


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