Monday, 15 April 2013

We Go To Forde Abbey ...

Hello there! I have many posts to write up about the things that we got up to and so whenever I have a free moment I will be busy! As I'm writing this, the washing machine is on the go as is the tumble dryer. It's nice to go away but not so nice coming back! There's piles and piles of laundry to shift through.

Anyhow, this post is about our trip to Forde Abbey. We have taken out another annual subscription as it is a place that we come back to time and time again - the dogs are allowed in the gardens and in the large refectory.

Sorry that this post again is photo heavy. My only defence is that I have the photographers bug - I want to take more photos to try and improve!

I find it difficult to use the manual setting as it takes too long when you're out and about fussing and faffing so what I've been doing is using the semi-automatic options which are far easier. In this post I used the Aperture Setting and I think I'm beginning to get the hang of it all! A small Aperture number for close up shots and a bigger Aperture number when you want a bigger depth of field when you want everything to look clear with no background fuzziness.

The highlight of this trip to me was seeing this little robin, who chirruped away, not minding that the dogs were so close by.

You can see his open beak in this shot.

George amongst the daffodils!

Forde Abbey taken from the long pond.

Our tutor on the Photography Course told us that to get good skin glow you should use a golden background.

"Look at me, I'm in prison!" said KP - hopefully not a sign of things to come!

Until next time,



  1. I love your photos of KP, she looks so beautiful and the last one behind the bars has an ethereal quality to it. It looks a lovely place and always good when we can bring our 4 legged friends with us :) xx

  2. Just wanted to add that I've just tried adding your blog to my bloglovin feed, but it won't recognise it, so tried subscribing by email from your link at the bottom of the page, but it won't work either. Wonder what's going on! xx

  3. Wonderful photos! I am learning to use my new camera as well... you definitely have the hang of it! Your model is beautiful too; the one with her and the bars is awesome. And I love George; so distinguished looking - even amongst the daffodils!

  4. I love the pussy willows and the green hellebores touched with a wine rim - beautiful photos.
    I have added you on to my computer history page and luck of luck your posts are finally being recognised there.

  5. I love the picture of George in the daffodils and seeing Forde Abbey in the spring. We must get there soon!
    Sarah x

  6. ~ My favourite too is George among the daffodils. looking very majestic indeed!~ Your photography is amazing,June! capturing nature at it's best....Washing and jobs on return are the down side of going away......but your break away looks super....I have followed you again, the hopes that I will be up dated with future posts....with kind thoughts...Maria x

  7. I don't mind your post having lots of photos, I enjoy it! You do take some great photos, be it on manual or auto settings! This looks like another place I'd like to visit :)

  8. I'll try to remember that tip about using a golden background for a good skin tone. You're lucky that KP doesn't seem to be camera shy, my son just won't let us take any photos of him.

  9. Lovely photos, you're really getting to grips with your camera. I don't understand photography at all so it's a good job I don't have a flash camera, I wouldn't have a clue how to work it.


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