Friday, 5 April 2013

The Church at Colyton ...

Hello! Is there anyone out there! I have sent two feedback messages to Google regarding the problem with my blog updating on your reading list. When I had this problem before I sent about 30 before the issue was resolved. I suspect it will take a long time again. Fingers crossed that you will check in every now and again.

On Easter Sunday having had a picnic on the beach at Beer and then visited the beach at Branscombe we were all for heading home for a realxed evening in front of the fire but as we drove through Colyton, a name we had only previously seen on road signs, we were tempted to stop and explore the Church.

We thought that the three crosses were very poignant.

After our tour of the Church we got back into the car but had a few "Stop the car" moments before we finally got back home!

We spotted another pylon - for those who haven't read my previous posts - this was all part of my Photography Course homework to photograph lines.

I will leave it there as I have a few more posts to do about our trip to Forde Abbey and to Burrow Farm Gardens.

On Wednesday KP had a School Reunion with some of her former classmates who had moved on to different Secondary Schools. On Thursday, Grandma - the OH's mum, came round to deliver KP her Easter egg and we all went to a local cafe for lunch before KP disappeared once again with a friend to the local cinema.

The gas man came and repaired the central heating system. Hot radiators and hot water - Bliss!
We take such things for granted.

Until next time,



  1. I have a lot of those "stop the car" moments too, fortunately the husband is already used to them :-)

    That looks like a lovely church, love the stained glass and what a beautiful blue sky.

  2. My favourite photos are actually of the stained's so atmospheric and beautiful. What a great way to describe those "stop the car" moments! Brilliant:~))

  3. What a beautiful church, the stained glass is fabulous. It sounds like KP is having a busy holiday. Glad you got the heating sorted, it's one thing to be cold, but another entirely to have no hot water.

  4. What an interesting church! I usually manage to see a good shot where it's impossible to stop the car, sometimes it works though! Your posts are still not showing on my reading list, hope google sort the problem out for you:)

  5. Hi June - gorgeous pictures!

    Nina x

  6. We discovered Colyton a few years ago too. It is such a pretty village and the shops are still supported by the villagers. I love the weather vane on the church. Did you discover the small garden centre and the river?
    Sarah x

  7. What a lovely day and I'm glad you have heat and hot water again.
    I hadn't forgotten you, I've been away from home and was struggling to keep up to date with only a little netbook, so gave up after Saturday! I'm catching up now.

  8. Dear June - I am sorry you have been having problems with blogger, I am over thanks to Sarah who highlighted your problem. I have had two posts that haven't gone into the reading list, and I know how frustrating it is, especially when you have put plenty of time and effort into writing and illustrating it with your photos. Hopefully blogger is listening to your complaints and will resolve the problems quickly.
    I just love your photos on this post of the stained glass windows - you have photographed them beautifully, they are not the easiest things to get right.

  9. ~ Hi June...I am one of those blogs that wasn't getting your up dates! But thanks to Sarah, I am here..Lovely pictures as always...I always visit churches were ever we travel....My favourite thing to do, on my holidays...Thanks for sharing...Love Maria x

  10. I have unfollowed myself from Val's blog and then joined again and I think it has worked. I will do the same with your blog and see how it goes.

  11. Dear June - even though I have unfollowed myself from your blog and rejoined it has made not difference.
    I have just joined Bloglovin because blogger reading list is disappearing on the 1st July. Your blog did not transfer with the rest of the blogs I follow and when I tried to enter it separately I was told your blog did not exist!!! Something very strange is going on with your blog and I do not know what!!!
    Hope that you can soon find the answer - it is very frustrating and annoying for you. Sorry I could not help more.

  12. Hi June, sorry to say your recent posts arent showing up on my blog list so sorry or not visiting for a while! Maybe I should follow you on Bloglovin to be sure of our updates as whenever i check you on my list it shows that you hvaent posted for 4 weeks!
    Looks like you had a great day, the church at Colyton looks well worth a visit, lovely stained glass windows.And blue skies!!!! A rare thing!
    Gill xx

  13. Such beautiful stained glass! Thank you so much for sharing these images June :)


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