Thursday, 4 April 2013

We Visit Beer and Branscombe ...

Hello there! I still have this unresolved problem with Blogger not updating my posts but hey ho no time to dwell on it. Better to post and see who leaves a comment!

On Easter Sunday the weather was glorious. We thought what better than to have a picnic on the beach. We headed for the beach at Beer and from there we drove onto Branscombe.

En route though I asked the OH to stop the car so that I could take some photos of the primroses in the hedgerows - literally thousands of them and a sure sign of Spring. Looking out of the study window as I type this I'm not so sure - it's desperately trying to snow!

The fields were full of sheep.

Is this "The Sheep Kindergarten".

Glorious Devon views and not far from our base here.

I suddenly spotted this pylon and one of our Photography Course home works, which I hadn't attempted was - Lines. So the OH was asked once again to "Stop the car!" He is very tolerant of me and my hobby!

There is beauty in everyday objects.

Another "Stop the car" moment.

I thought that he had been patient enough when I saw this tree which looked like some form of alien monster, so I took this photo from the car - you can see the heaters reflected in the car window which makes it look surreal.

The OH agreed that this tree looked too good a photo opportunity to miss and so the car was stopped once more.

And once again before we arrived at our destination.

Finally, a glimpse of the beach at Beer.

Moving to Branscombe ...

And then on the way home, you guessed it - "Stop the car!"

I like experimenting with black and white photography.

We took the back roads or aka the scenic route on the way home and came across a village called Colyton. The Church looked impressive and so the car was stopped once again for us to visit the Church - it was Easter Sunday after all. The photos will feature on my next post.

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  1. I haven't seen one of your posts for a while, glad to see you're still here and thanks for the heads up. Looks like it was a lovely day out and love the photos, especially the tree ones. Going to read back through your posts now :) xx

  2. I adore Beer, it's always been one of my favourite places, especially in winter!

    Lovely photographs :D

  3. Beautiful photos. Thank you so much for this amazing tour!

  4. Lovely photos. It's great to have some decent weather at last for days out to the beach, even though it's still very chilly.

  5. I love all your 'stop the car' photos and how wonderful to see the beach and the sea! You are the third of the blogs I follow which doesn't always show on my reading list - I saw your comment on Louise's blog about your problem with blogger. I wonder if it happens to all of us once in a while? I hope it gets sorted soon:)

  6. Brilliant photos. I can almost smell the sea air! xx

  7. What beautiful photos June, I absolutely love the 4th one down from the top such a beautiful view of the Devon countryside and the one with the 3 boats and the one where the horse seems to be peeking out at us made me smile.

  8. Lovely photos, I particularly like the tall trees standing in a row. How nice to get on to the beach too.

  9. Your husband is very patient stopping the car so many times, but it was well worth doing so! We were hoping to stop at Beer on the way down to Topsham but it was so cold we ended up not doing so. It was lovely to see your photos to remind me how lovely it is there.
    Sarah x

  10. What a super day out, I love all those tree photos and the last photo is beautiful too, a great view.

    I'm terrible for car-stopping for photos - it takes me twice as long to get to places as I seem to addicted to photographing everything!

  11. Lovely photos, as ever. Shame about the blogger update issues, I did think it'd been a while, will remember to check every so often now.


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