Thursday, 4 April 2013

A Visit to Lyme Regis ...

Hello there! Hopefully some of you out there will get to read this post. I am having the same old problem that I had with Blogger about a year or so ago - I do a post but it doesn't show up on reading list so unless you happen to drop by you won't know that a post has been written. I hope that this issue is resolved soon - last time it happened it took about six months!

Anyhow, I will carry on posting and will leave an FYI when I leave a comment on your blogs to let you know about the problemo!

After a few hectic days in London we returned to Hampshire but only for a few days before we took ourselves off to our base in Devon.

The above is a postcard that I spotted in a vintage shop window in Bridport. The original dog is in the shop.
We visited Bridport on a very cold day and unusually for us saw nothing that took our fancy in neither the vintage nor charity shops. We came away completely empty handed!

A few days later saw a complete turnaround in the weather. The skies were blue and it even felt warm enough to be outside without a coat but only when the sun was out, as soon as it was behind a cloud it was cold. Where to go on such a fabulous day - decisions, decisions. There was only one real contender, Lyme Regis - sun, sea, wonderful beach huts and ice cream. What more could a girl want!

I spotted the daffs in the hedgerow on the way there and made the OH pull over for the photo. I have him very well trained - he puts up with a lot! "Stop the car ... Can you reverse back a bit!"

When we got to Lyme we discovered that the car parks that we normally use were full with huge queues. You can tell when it's a Bank Holiday in Lyme!

We headed for a car park at the other side of town and were pleasantly surprised to discover that there were spaces left. We walked past the beach huts on the cobbled beach and I took many photos - surely not, I hear you shout!

KP had insisted on doing her own hair - "I want to try out pigtails, you always say that you'll do it and then you don't."

I would love to take a peek inside this house on the seafront.

Of course we were persuaded to part with money for an ice cream - a double one! "It is Easter. Can I have chocolate and mint choc chip!"

When I saw this I thought of Captain Haddock in Tin Tin - "Blistering barnacles!"

Not much writing but a lot of photos in this post.
We also visited Forde Abbey and Burrow Farm Gardens. Unfortunately, those posts will also be heavy on the photo front.

Until next time,



  1. Thanks for letting me know abut the issues you are having, hope they get sorted, it must be so annoying.
    I love this post, it's full of so many different textures and colours.
    Love KP's scarf!
    Lisa x

  2. I really enjoyed your photos, I've never been to Lyme Regis but it's one of many places I'd like to visit. Look at those daffodils against the blue sky! The daffodils here and just starting to open. Until this week, we've had all bitterly cold winds and snow. It's not very springlike here yet.

  3. I've never been to Dorset, it's somewhere I'd like to visit as I've heard so many good reviews of different places there. I have to say, Lyme Regis looks lovely. Eleanor's an ice cream fiend just like KP. Hope you've got the heating fixed.

  4. I like the pigtails on KP :-)

    Again your photos are lovely June. I love the name on that boat "Dream catcher" and the photo just above KP with the double scoop ice cream, it seems you captured the moment when the sun just broke through the clouds and lighted the hill behind the row of houses.


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