Saturday, 20 April 2013

Some Gardening and a Play Performed ...

Hello there! Well, after all that rain when we visited Teignmouth there was a day without rain when we found time to do some tidying of the small back garden. Underneath all the dead growth new shoots were starting to appear.

The pottery cat looked far better with a new pansy.

The new gargoyle purchased on a trip to the local garden centre. KP was sat with it in the back of the car - unbeknown to us she had taken a photo of it with her phone and used it as her new skype message - "Look what they've got me sitting next to!"

Pansies to brighten up a step.

And I couldn't resist this bee!

After tidying the garden it was time to go and visit some members of the OH's family.

To pick up, E - KP's cousin to come for a sleepover.

During the evening we went for a meal at an Indian Restaurant.

And the following morning - great plans were afoot, with both girls busy writing a play! The performance of which was to be in the afternoon.

The play was about two young girls who had been kidnapped and were living with nasty carers who kept them locked up all day and they kept having nightmares!

KP as the nasty man kidnapper who appears as a nightmare - the brolly was improvised as a stick to beat the children with!

I didn't quite get to understand the significance of the blue hat but it was a discovered in the old dressing up box and therefore had to be utilised!

The stars of the show posed for the audience!

Before I was asked to take a photo of them both using KP's mobile so that this could be her new skype pic!

All too soon it was time for cousin E to be picked up. Her mum arrived with her two brothers and a friend and they quickly ate their way through our entire chocloate stash - Kit Kats, Bounty's, Caramels - the whole lot just went!

That's it for now.

Until next time,



  1. hello June, I found you!! what a nuisance that blogger is playing up,, hope it sorts itself out soon. what a pretty garden , I have a gargoyle out the front called george, have had him for years and his ears have got concrete rot :-(
    I love the pic of your daughter in the the eidy...will keep poppin back to check you are still here! have a lovly weekend xx

  2. p.s \i tried unfollowing then following you again,,,but that didn't work have you tried blogger help? xx

  3. According to my blogroll you hadn't posted in weeks ... I got to wondering was it trustworthy ... and here you are, posting away.

    I wonder if I'm the only one whose blog roll isn't updating, Blogger is so annoying sometimes!

    Off to have a good read of the posts I've missed :)

  4. I love all the little knick knacks you've got around the garden, I can never resist things to prettify the borders. It sounds like KP as got a truly vivid imagination, I should think she'll do very well in her English lessons.

  5. Hello June
    I'll echo what Annie has mentioned to you here.....I have the same on my blogroll. According to my blogroll you haven't posted for a month and here you are glad I popped in.

    Love the look of your garden and all its ornaments,particularly the frog. It reminds me of my mother's garden she always had something tucked away under a bush,behind a rock or under the garden bench.It was an adventure to walk around and discover new bits. Gorgeous photos of the youngsters and you can see they are having a fantastic time preparing their play.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)


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