Sunday, 21 April 2013

A Trip to Axe Valley Wildlife Park ...

Hello there! Another day with another grey sky.

Although after a while the blue did try to peep through.

So what to do - visit the Axe Valley Wildlife Park.

En route, the car was stopped to enable me to take more photos of pylons! Lines - Photography Course homework, just in case you thought I was going dolally tap!

Upon our arrival we could hear a peacock ruffling its feathers - what a resplendent display.

It posed this way and that! We then heard further rufflings and saw another peacock and a third, this time a white peacock which features further down this post. Spring was definitely in the air. All the males were preening themselves and showing off mainly to a disinterested female audience!

I was facinated to see the lemurs sucking at the orange to get at the juice.

The Japanese black squirrel was busy building itself a nest.

The white peacock - obviously!

Watched by a duck whose expression seems to be "I've seen it all before!"

Having been excited by the peacocks and the squirrel who has always on previous visits been most elusive we didn't think that we would see anything else which would make us smile - but the rheas attempt to steal / poke my camera was fun to watch.

A bit too close for comfort!

There was only one meerkat in its open enclosure the rest were in hiding!

The ducks necks had made a heart shape - you just about see it but they moved slightly as I was taking the photo.

A kookaburra with a chicks leg!

We initially thought that it was a piece of rope!

This male was showing off to the female in the photo above. The look on its face seems to say "Do you mind! This is my courtship ritual!"

That kookaburra just would not let go of that leg!

Even the turkey was after a companion!

On the way home we had a few "Stop the car" moments to admire the sheer beauty of the Devon landscape.

All too soon we were back home getting ready to go out with our neighbours to a nearby pub to sample the new chef's menu. A good night even though the pub ran out of our favourite tipple, pear cider! That doesn't mean to say that we drank a lot, they only had a few bottles!

Saturday was spent cleaning and tidying up before packing the car and setting off back to Hampshire.

All too soon, the Easter hols were alomost at an end.

Until next time,



  1. Love the peacocks,especially the white one.

  2. Those peacocks are beautiful, you've captured them so well.

  3. Gorgeous photos, those peacock photos are brilliant, very effective to fill the whole frame with him. I think you have been here before and blogged it? It seems familiar, I'm sure I've thought before how much it reminds me Blackbrook Zoological Park near here, which has similar animals.


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