Friday, 19 April 2013

A Trip to Teignmouth ...

Hello there! Well, it was too good to last - the weather turned nasty but we weren't daunted. A bit of rain never hurt anyone. Off we went to Teignmouth. The last time that we visited there was a ride at the end of the pier in the shape of an alligator as well as a rocking ship. They had disappeared! Too old and rickety and costly to repair or a Health and Safety issue maybe?

The seagulls were very greedy - we witnessed one making several attempts to steal a bag of chips off a young lad. It looked pretty vicious.

I liked the pier's shadows.

These wheels reminded me of my bicycle's wheels - when a youngster I decorated my wheels with the tops of Smarties containers between the spokes

The weather had put off many holidaymakers - the car park was virtually empty apart from this gorgeous VW camper van.

Seagulls - waiting and watching, ready to pounce.

The view of the road on our way home! Treacherous driving conditions.

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  1. Oh lovely! I've so many happy memories of childhood holidays in Teignmouth. We stayed with the same people every year and had a small hut on the far beach opposite Shaldon near where the ferry goes from. I returned a couple of years ago to see how it had all changed! Your photos are wonderful, as usual. It does look a bit grim on your drive home:)

  2. I always think end of the pier fun fairs look scary ! Superb photos - bad seagulls they can be quite dangerous but you still see people feeding them chips & bread !

  3. Great pictures I like the one of the old boots!

  4. Excellent photos. I especially like the one with the string of bird feeders. It does look damp a rather on the cool side though, not to mention grey!

  5. Great pictures....I love those boots! X

  6. Hey June, it does look rather cold and gloomy but that just adds great atmosphere to your photos and the coloured boats really stand out. I love them and really like the seagulls, so snowy white, despite their greedy chip eating habits.
    Good of you to brave the weather and not let it stop you venturing out.

    Claire :}


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