Wednesday, 3 April 2013

London ...

Hello there! Not many of you may read this as I've just discovered that once again my posts are not updating on other peoples blogs so unless you visit me at random you won't know about this or some of my other posts. This is all so frustrating I thought that I had got rid of the problem - last time it took yonks to sort itself out and I don't know how, whether it corrected itself or whether I pushed the right button when experimenting! It may be that when I was trying to get word verification sorted that I pressed something by mistake but I think not, I'm probably just jinxed!

Anyhow, many "THANKS" to those that did manage to drop by!

Without further ado - a short post of our time in London which seems like ages ago now. The last post was photo heavy with street art - this post is much lighter!

The above was taken after our tube exit at Westminster from the way back from seeing Quartermain's Terms. It was impossible to locate a free taxi and so into the underground we had to go. My God was it heaving - Friday night revellers pushing and jockeying for position on the platforms!

And as we almost arrived at our destination - all the taxis seemed to be free! The following night we went to see Mama Mia and managed to make a quick exit from the theatre and got a taxi. It surprised me that the taxi was actually cheaper than the underground - even though both journeys was equal distance!

On both Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning we were here - glorious Trafalgar Square to visit the National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery and of course, my favourite shop in this part of town - Waterstones. The shop is huge and has a ma-hoo-sive selection! I came away with three books as did KP.

A fox for a sporran!

Meet Lucy - a bird of prey who stops those pesky pigeons from returning to Trafalgar Square!

Those nasty pigeons weren't too far away though - it was quite literally a game of cat and mouse!

Looking at that beak  - you can tell, despite the pigeons numbers who would win should there be a fight!

We have been to Devon for a few days - more on that in another post.

Must dash back to the washing and ironing and all other boring household chores. We have no heating and no hot water - the gas man is expected tomorrow morning and so at least by doing the housework I'm keeping warm!

Until next time,



  1. Thank you so much for sharing your photos of my home town! I miss the place so much and can't wait to get down there again. I can remember when you could stand in Trafalgar Square and buy a bag of bird seed and wait for the pigeons to literally cover you (in you know what too!). I heard that the birds of prey were set off at certain times to control this problem. Thanks for sharing once again and for visiting my blog. Take care. Chel

  2. I like to sit at trafalgar Square & people watch but it would be great to see Lucy in action !
    I'm not sure if I like the fox & will not be getting husband one to wear with his kilt !
    London is so exciting all lit up at night.

  3. Hi June, I suddenly realised I hadn't seen any recent posts from you and wondered if you had issues again with your posts not appearing! What a shame it is such a nuisance and your posts are always so interesting, and your photos fantastic. I love the one of the London Eye lit up! It looks as if you had a wonderful trip in London too.
    Sarah x

  4. What great photos. I haven't been to London, except for a day trip to Camden once, there are so many places I'd love to visit there... one day!

  5. I lived in London years and years ago and used to go to the National Portrait Gallery quite often, also loved browsing in all the second hand bookshops.


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