Monday, 25 March 2013

Street Art in Brick Lane ...

This is the view from our hotel room over the weekend! I wondered if it was the same room where Sally Bercow, draped herself in a sheet and tried to look seductive ... I didn't try to copy the look, it was too bloody cold and I'm not such a twit!

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We were in London to see Quartermain's Terms with Rowan Atkinson playing the lead. It was fabulous!
Rowan Atkinson was brilliant in the starring role but so were the rest of the cast.
Rowan Atkinson is St. John Quartermain, a teacher who teaches English to foreign students. He is rather a hopeless teacher spending most of his time in the staff room, sat on the same chair. He cuts as rather a sad, lonely figure - he listens to everyone's gripes and sympathises but has no life of his own.
Throughout the course of the play he spends less and less time in the classroom and more and more time in the staffroom. In the end he loses his job - the last thing you see is St. John by himself in the staffroom, sitting in his chair and uttering the words "Oh, Lord".

We saw the play on the Friday night and on Saturday after a breakfast full of calories we grabbed a taxi to Brick Lane to see whether there was any new street art. The first thing I saw was this stencil. There were quite a few dotted about the place.

I knew that there were a few new artworks by C215 - a french street artist. KP spotted this one.

KP spotted this one as well.

As well as this one.

This one we had spotted last time. Some works don't last long - works are forever being painted over.

We spotted this new work.

And next to it was this one.

This is a photo of the reflection of the one above in a nearby cars window. I remembered this from my Photography Course - which ended on Friday. I have however booked to go on another course in April with many of the people from the previous course and with the same tutor.

Can you see the two skulls?

As we walked around the area, it was very, very cold. It was desperately trying to snow.

In some of the shots you can see the snowflakes.

We happened along a fashion shoot!  I bet she was cold!

This was painted on a nearby hoarding and quite accurately reflected the weather.

I liked the pink boots.

I will let you admire the art rather than rambling on!

Another C215. I just love his work.

Another C215. We only spotted two cats. I think that there were some more which we sadly couldn't find.

The sheer size of some of these artworks is impressive.

Another C215.

Just to show that there was some snow in London - just not a lot.

After all our walking we popped into a local Indian Restaurant for a late lunch before heading to the National Gallery and looking at the work of artists such as Van Gough's "Sunflowers" as well as some of the works of Thomas Gainsborough and John Constable amongst so many others.

In the evening we had another theatre assignation - this time to see "Mama Mia" - a shoe tapping extravaganza. Everyone in the auditorium were on their feet dancing to "Waterloo" at the end.
Another fabulous theatre experience.

After breakfast on Sunday we visited the National Portrait Gallery to see the Man Ray Photography Exhibition - which had been recommended to me by our Photography tutor. Some stunning black and white photographs - only in my dreams could I create some of the stunning portraits.

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  1. The street art is fabulous, my favourites are the cats, but the butterfly/skulls one is very clever. I love the photo of the reflection which you took. I would love to see Mama Mia, such a feel good show. I bet KP enjoyed it, I know Eleanor would.

  2. The artwork is spectacular.

    You have been nominated for the Irish Liebster Award from Go to my blog to see the rules.

  3. Amazing pictures June, so much great street art there to see and so much colour on such a cold and snowy day. I would love to go and see it all myself, I might try and do that sometime! Glad to hear you have signed up for another photography class too. xx

  4. I love this street art, and down one of my favourite streets in London. Many happy evenings in Brick Lane with the restaurants and Bagel Shop! Great shots and I bet those models were frozen! Chel

  5. You've inspired me to visit when we are in London in May !

  6. What a wonderful trip, the Rowan Atkinson play sounds fabulous & I love the street art, you photograph them so well.

  7. What a wonderful weekend you had, I'm quite envious! And that street art ... wow!!!

  8. How talented are the artists that do this street art!. It's quite amazing. Not sure why but your last post is still showing as 2 weeks ago on my blog like it did before. I'll try to remember to check now and again :) Debbie.

  9. Love it or hate it, you have to admit there is some great art by these street artists. Suzy x

  10. Hello June....Ooh I love trips to our capital...soo much to see and admire!~And talent...I can only imagine the sheer size of the art work and the marvellous expression displayed....London looked blooming freeing like the rest of the country...Smiled at your wonderful hotel view of BIG BEN and the likes....Ahhh doesn't seem that long since we were there watching those fabulous Paralympics! Happy days...Belated chocolate Easter hugs...Maria x Thank you for your kind wishes too *****

  11. What an amazing collection of street art also so colourful!
    Sarah x

  12. Sounds like a great weekend. That street art is amazing! So much and so colourful. It's very effective photo you took with the raindrops and reflection on the car window. You might enjoy the 365 project as there is a lot of support and advice on the site and lots of themes and challenges set each week/month to help people develop their skills! You don't HAVE to take a photo every day and you can pick and choose which challenges you want to have a go at, if any. Just a thought!

  13. What a great view from your hotel room and the street art is great as are your photos. It took me a while to see the 2 skulls in the butterfly but I got.

    I just checked my bloglist and your last post listed there dates from 3 weeks ago, I hope this problem gets sorted soon as I always enjoy reading your posts.


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