Friday, 26 April 2013

Five Go To Twyford Lock ...

Hello there. It was such fine weather over the weekend and although KP had a lot of homework to do we thought that some fresh air was more in order than staying indoors.

With that decision made - where to go. We fancied a picnic and the OH came up with the idea of going to Twyford Lock, not far from where he grew up.

Of course, the dogs came too. George, will follow you anywhere as long as you have his ball in your hand. He absolutely loves chasing the ball and bringing it back, although sometimes he doesn't want to give it back and a tug of war goes on!

The ball was thrown into the river for George to chase.

But another dog had seen it and decided it was his! We did get it back.

George begging for his ball back. We have taught him many tricks - he sits, goes down, rolls over and will lift his right or left paw on demand. He will also not touch his food until we tell him that he can. Not yet up to the standard of the Britain's Got Talent dog but far better than Charlie - who is too stubborn to be taught any tricks at all!

Our photography homework was to take photos using different shutter speeds and I think that you can really tell the difference with these two shots - above and below. The top one is taken with a fast shutter speed and the bottom one with a slow shutter speed 1/15.

There were many splashes of yellow.

And many signs of the changing seasons.

Charlie, too stubborn to look at the camera!

We were entertained by two swans, who weren't at all bothered by the dogs.

I liked the reflections.

Oh yes, he's looking now, we've got his complete attention - we're eating our sandwiches and he wants some!

We were out for about four hours (an hour and a half of which was in the car getting there and back - but oh, so worth it) enjoying the countryside and listening to bird song. This is what weekends should be like. Let us hope that the good weather continues.

Until next time,



  1. Ah I was there with you on that walk and my favourite bit was the photo of the stile, what wonderful countryside. Greetings and happy weekend June:~)

  2. Looked a lovely trip out to blow away the cobwebs,and the dogs looked like they had a great time! Great photos of the dogs as well as your usual wonderful nature shots!
    have a lovely weekend June - been wet and cold here today after days of sunshine, so i'm hoping the sun will come back.
    Gill xx

  3. Great photos June, I especially like the close ups of the iron machinery and chains. Have a great weekend.

  4. I know now where the old song comes from ‟Charlie is my darling″ he is a lovely dog.
    I prefer the low shutter speed photo - it gives the photo a smokey, dreamy quality.

  5. Wonderful photos and a lovely day out. Charlie does make me laugh, he seems so stubborn, doing what he wants to do and not what he's told. I'm glad George got his ball back. We taught Archie to do tricks too, though he doesn't beg. He can play dead though. It's interesting how shutter speeds can create such different photos.

  6. I really enjoyed this - the doggy pictures are brilliant and it looks like a really nice day out.


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