Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Week the Weather Blew Hot and Cold ... No Change There Then!

Hello there! I still have that unresolved issue with Blogger not updating my posts on followers Reading Lists. I have sent seven e-mails to Google - no response! I am getting a bit despondent with it all.

Anyhow, whilst at home mid-week I heard a commotion coming from the direction of the dining room. A quick look out of the window revealed this bird, is it a finch, chirrupping away. There are two of them - definitely Mr. and Mrs. and they're building a nest in our roof space! They're very brave venturing into a garden with five cats in it. At least they're high up and fingers crossed that they'll be safe.

Look at the colour of the sky in the first photo in comparison with this one - taken only about 15 minutes apart. It got dark very quickly and started to rain. On the plus side, we have had one day of sunshine when I could be out gardening or, to be more precise - getting rid of weeds! It's so good to be outside in shirtsleeves.

Meanwhile, Milhaus was on the back of the sofa in the lounge and hadn't come to investigate.

And Charlie, well - he just couldn't be bothered to move!

On Saturday, a local fair was in town. KP had a friend over.

KP refused to go on this ride and I don't blame her. So, the OH and her friend went! It made me feel sick just looking at the thing spinning. Apparently, it was OK until they were upside down - no, not for me, thankyou. I am not a thrill seeker. I like my feet terra firma.

When a youngster, a fair used to come to a nearby town - in fact, it was either a relative of my Grandma's or a friend of hers called, Rosie who owned the fair. So, my cousins and I were invited and we could go on as many rides as possible, for free. Well, of course, I overindulged and went round and around on the dodgems and up and down on the swings and round and round on the Waltzers!

End result, after getting home and going to bed, I woke up in the middle of the night and went to my parents bedroom where I threw up everywhere! Ever since, I've pretty much avoided rides on fairgrounds apart from carousels.

Shortly, after the ride finished it began to pitter patter with rain. It had been promising to rain ever since we arrived, there was a distinct chill in the air and I was glad that I had once again donned my coat and scarf! Of course, KP and her friend were just in sweatshirts - kids they don't feel the cold.

When we got home I took a few photos as part of my Photography Course homework which was to take creative images. I was in too much of a rush and although the idea is OK the photo is blurred and the rest were fit only for the delete button!

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  1. You do keep very busy - so many days out! Your birdy photos are great. The bird pictured is a male house sparrow (the females look different - mainly brown) - we have loads of them living in the hedges around our garden.

  2. Great idea for the creative image. I hate fairground rides, my stomach's in my mouth just watching them never mind going on them. Hope the birds don't keep you awake with all the chirruping once they've built their nest.

  3. You wouldn't catch me on those kind of rides either - way too scary!

    I hope all go well with the finches. Our cat has been told that if he even thinks about touching our robin he will be swung by the tale and thrown very far in the opposite direction. I think he understands.

    Nina x

  4. we have been out of the circuit (my fault) but delighted to have the chance to visit again. sorry to hear you have issues with Blogger. Maddening. I wish I could help. Lovely pictures. I remember being with a friend in our bathing costumes outside in rain.. cold but we didn't care... dancing in the rain! Love Mr Darcy, Mr Bingley and Helen xxx

  5. That last photo is just brilliant!
    Lisa x


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