Wednesday, 24 April 2013

A Trip to Marwell Zoo ...

Hello there! Well, Saturday turned out to be a day full of sunshine, it was hot and we all ventured out for the first time this year without our coats. KP had a friend over for the day and so we decided to go to Marwell Zoo. It would have been a shame for the girls to remain indoors on such a fabulous day.

I just adore giraffes.

A zebra in black and white.

We have visited Marwell on a number of occasions over the years but never before have we seen the leopards. It must have been the sun that brought both of them out of their normal hidey holes. The photo is taken through the perpex viewing area and so there is a bit of shine to the photo but it doesn't detract from the majesty of this big cat.

We christened this one, Serge after the famous insurance commercials!

Our very own meerkats.

Another delight was the red panda.

Don't you poke your tongue at me! There were many photographers lining up to take a shot some with huge lenses attached to their cameras. I bet they had good quality photos. I had to crop in on mine. I do have a larger lens but always forget to take it with me. I have had it for two years and never used it! I think it will be a good idea to take it next time we visit especially as having spoken to a member of staff and being told that the female snow leopard is pregnant and due to give birth at the end of the month. The cubs will be introduced to the public during the Summer holidays.

There is a walkthrough aviary which opened at Easter time and which contains the Waldrapp Ibis.

A pensive wallaby - shall I eat it or shan't I?

A Fossa which can only be found on the Island of Madagascar and at Marwell! Look at the claws!

A passing spectator - a crow, there were several dotted here and there. I wondered what the attraction was.

Much time was spent in the play area. We had a picnic lunch and the girls managed to eat their way through two ice creams each as well as eating a large portion of fish and chips later. On the way home we stopped at the Chippy as the OH and I were going out for a meal with friends and I didn't want to cook!

The cheetahs were also roaming around their enclosure - no doubt, like us, rejoicing in the warm weather.

That was our Saturday sorted.

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  1. Wonderful photos, I think my favourite has to be the giraffe eating. I'll have to show this post to Eleanor as she loves giraffes, she has a collection and has quite a few things giraffe related now.

  2. Stunning pics,even through perspex the pictures are so clear. Loving the giraffe here too, and your own meerkats :) xx

  3. Great photos June - never seen a Fossa or heard of one before.

  4. Great photos, I love the zebra in black and white. I've read about the fossa, it's mentioned in a few Gerald Durrell books (my blog name is a play on words of one of his books)- isn't it nicknamed " a pink panther"?

  5. Terrific photos. I love Marwell, we've been there many times and I got some great pictures with my telephoto lens, but it's about the only time I've used it as it's so heavy and I can't be bothered with the tripod! The fossa's a weird looking creature isn't it!

  6. A lovely trip out for you all and some more great shots.
    Lisa x


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