Monday, 22 April 2013

A Trip to Gilbert White's in Selborne ...

Hello there! On Sunday morning of last week we awoke to sunshine. The last day before the normality of school days and work days began. We couldn't stay indoors despite the huge pile of washing and tidying that had to be done. You can't waste a day of sunshine.

We set off for Gilbert White's house and garden in Selborne. We had the dogs with us and so only visited the gardens. We had packed a picnic. Our second this year.

There were signs of an Easter Egg Hunt.

Charlie tied up whilst we eat - look at those pleading eyes. "Please give me some!" Of course, KP obliged by throwing tidbits of ham when she thought we weren't looking!

"Don't take a photo of me, I've got my mouth full!"

George hoping that some food gets thrown his way too! As you probably gather, it was!

Whilst I was taking this photo it began to rain but we carried on walking around. We had the whole place to ourselves almost. Just a few hardy souls.

To the right you can see the little temple where we had our picnic.

There were flashes of colour.

I was surprised to see large clumps of snowdrops. I suppose everything has been much later this year.

On the way back home we decided to take a short detour to admire the countryside and to see what photographic opportunities came up. The last time that we drove past this Church it had been snowing and our car got stuck in the verge!

Extra large golf balls!

Well, that's it for now. Blogger still not allowing my posts to be updated on followers reading lists. It's showing I last posted five weeks ago. This problem is ever so annoying - I've had it once previously and that took months to resolve. I've noticed that the number of people dropping by and those that leave a comment has dropped off significantly - all a bit depressing really.

Until next time,



  1. Oh June, I feel for you with your blogging problems, I really do. It must be so dispiriting to press "post" and then...nothing. Half the pleasure in blogging is the conversations between people that start from the comments section. I really hope it gets resolved.

    On a happier not, what a beautiful house. That photo of the house reflected in the convex mirror is fantastic. x

  2. You visit some lovely places.

    I never look at the updated posts thingy I just pop by my fav Blogs to see if there's a new one up !

  3. I remember always being fascinated by those 'extra large gold balls' as a kid. So glad to see they are still there.

    Nina x

  4. I feel fed up for you with the blogger problems as I know that it would annoy me if it was my blog.
    The only way I can see your updates is because I have put you into my Top Sites but I do not know whether everybody else has that facility - I have an Apple Mac.
    I was interested to see Gilbert White's house it is much bigger than I imagined, I always thought it would be a little cottage. I do love that Surrey/Hampshire vernacular architecture.

  5. Somewhere where we have never been which is really not that far away. The house looks beautiful.
    I love the wooden bunnies they used for the Easter hunt.
    Lisa x

  6. It's lovely to get out and about now the better weather is here. It looks a lovely place for a trip with a picnic included, and the house looks really interesting too. I'm sorry that your Blogger problems aren't resolved yet, so annoying. I have all the blogs I like to visit in my favourites so I pop by whether or not I see an update on my sidebar and I don't use Google Reader.

  7. I remember visiting this place at least 20 years ago - where does all that time go? We went in the house as well as the garden but in the garden I seem to remember tortoises in a corner which were kept because of Gilbert White's very long-lived tortoise Timothy - I could be dreaming this up of course:) Your photos are lovely as usual especially your spring flower photos - I love the easter egg hunt bunnies:)

  8. Gorgeous photos as always June. Its a beautiful house and looks like a great place for a picnic. Hope your blogger problems get resolved soon. xx

  9. wow, I had no idea you visit GW's! Super photos as always. I always look out for an old copy of Gilbert's book when I'm in 'proper' bookshops, but haven't found one yet. I'd love to visit this place.


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