Thursday, 21 March 2013

A Short Post ...

Hello there! I have never before been apprehensive about writing a blog but on my last post some particularly crude and vile comments were left - which I have since deleted. As a precaution I have had to place word verification on, at least I think I have! Can someone please leave me a comment and tell me if this is so? I don't really get on with technology!

I really don't understand the psyche of certain people - why would you want to waste your time leaving sexually explicit comments and comments  that my paragraphs don't make sense - the comment clearly written by someone whose grammar was appallingly bad! Some people just need to get a life!

Anyway, rant over, for now. Not much has happened over the last week.

A friend came round and brought me two gorgeous bunches of daffodils and we arranged to have a meal out next month. Babysitter already booked. KP had a friend round for tea which was reciprocated a few days later. The house is so quiet when she's not here!

I have been more at work and so there has been less time to blog and to leave comments. I apologise!

Bought this little cheeky chappie many years ago when on a weekend in Brighton. He did have a smart check ribbon which has disappeared. KP used to play with him and I think that the ribbon's disappearance has something to do with that!

Another push along dog!

Another view!

Sorry about the short post! Hopefully, I will have an exciting weekend so that I will have something more interesting to report!

Until next time,



  1. I'm so sorry to hear about the horrible comments, I think it best to just ignore them as they're looking for a reaction. There's some sad people in this world. I know what you mean about the house being quiet when there's just the two of you. I think we're going to notice a difference later this year when Daniel goes off to uni, Eleanor won't have anyone to argue with anymore.

  2. You haven't got moderation on, June.

  3. Sorry, just gone back and seen that it was work verification you'd tried to put on, that isn't on either.

  4. How awful that you had nasty comments left, why would someone bother to do that I really don't understand the mentality.
    It's nice to see the daffodils in full bloom, it still feels so wintery!

    1. No word verification on for the comment by the way

  5. there are some weirdos out there. Delete them, as you have done. Move on. Always lovely to visit you but wish you more and nice visitors in future. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

  6. go into settings and look at who can comment - click only those with google account or add where you can check comments first before publishing.

    these are computer generated comments - horrible and so sorry you got them

  7. Sorry to hear you're getting nasty comments. I have suddenly started getting tons of spam emails, some of which are downright weird, hence I have put word verification back on and also comments moderation. Hope you've managed to sort it out now. M x

  8. What a shame about comments on the previous post. I've only ever had a very occasional spam comment, and never unpleasant, just someone advertising something but it seems so many people are getting rude/offensive comments now, I'm sure my turn will come.

    I'm glad you just told me that the old problem is back, I have missed several posts. I'm tired now after writing up my Monyash/snow walk posts but I will come back tomorrow to catch up here.

    1. P.S. word verification is working here now :)

  9. Trying to catch up with your posts as for some reason I seem to have missed lots of them. I have you on my bloglist but it doesn't seem to be updating correctly.

    Hope you've managed to sort out the comments moderation, I used to get a lot of spam and weird anonymous comments but after making a few changes that stopped even with the word verification off. This is what I did if you'd like to try it, so far it's worked for me:

    On the settings for comments I selected: Who can comment - Registered user, Comment moderation - Always, Show word verification - No.


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