Wednesday, 13 March 2013

A Bit of This and a Bit of That ...

Hello there! I'll start off with the customary thanks for your comments and in particular to your well wishes! I have been taking the tablets prescribed by the doctor now for five days with so far, touch wood, no adverse side effects. I hope that it continues this way!

Well, the weather has been something this week - we've had rain, sleet and snow and a lot of wind with a bit of sunshine thrown into the mix, for good measure. It has been bitterly cold.

Following on from my last post on Friday - we did go to the cinema. we went to see "Argo" which was very watchable. KP came home on Saturday morning from her sleepover, looking very tired!

Saturday was spent doing the usual chores including the weekly food shop. Sunday was spent indoors, too wet and cold to venture outdoors - plus the OH was working! Not fair bearing in mind it was Mothers Day. We did have a lovely Sunday lunch though before he had to be off.

Evidence of the snow - by the time I thought of taking a photo, it had all but disappeared. Strange seeing people in Haselmere in West Sussex which is not too far from here with a colossal amount. What is the weather up to?

George looking very pensive. One of you asked on my last post if he is a springer - he certainly springs a lot, a real live wire, but he is a cocker spaniel. I think that he looks quite handsome having been groomed but the OH prefers him with his quiff looking like Elvis!

I have given up trying to keep the dogs off the sofas. They are now allowed onto one, I've placed an old eiderdown over the back of it and George loves sitting on top of it gazing out of the window, watching the world go by. I wonder what's on his mind - probably how can I get them to give me more treats!

In the rare moments of sunshine - Charlie sits on the pouffe and is looking as if he's been dipped in bleach!

Although there has been some sunshine it has been very cold. Ruby puffed herself up whilst sat on the garden table. I'm indoors wrapped up warm - this photo was taken through the window!

Charlie. His eyebrows are actually a bit white - must be living with us in this madhouse!

Spotted by KP on our neighbours roof yesterday - a heron. I wonder if one of our neighbours has a pond otherwise it's quite some distance off course!

I quickly managed to snap these shots before it flew off.

As I've shown you some of my other dogs on previous posts I thought that I would go the whole hog and show you some more - not many left now. Unless, I buy some more!

This one is a little cutie and his head rotates.

On the bed in the spare bedroom my boudoir doll.

With the weather being so miserable it has meant more time spent reading. I spotted the first book by Evelyn Waugh in the local second hand bookshop and thought I'd give it a whirl. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and decided to buy Brideshead Revisited as it brought back memories of the TV Drama starring Anthony Andrews as Sebastian. Was it Jeremy Irons who played Charles Ryder?

"A Contest of Ladies" came from the second hand bookshop in Honiton and contains a number of short stories.

"The Memory Keepers Daughter" was very thought provoking - it tells the story of twins separated at birth. The story starts of in the 1960's. The children's father is a doctor and realising that his daughter has Downs Syndrome, decides to tell his wife that she has died at birth. We then hear about their separate lives and how they are eventually reconciled following their fathers' death.

I liked the cover - albeit it may be perceived as sexist.

KP is one of three in her year who have been chosen to be a part of the Junior Chamber choir. She is very pleased.

Finally, a photo of the orchid I purchased some time ago now, thinking that it would never live but it has, against all the odds!

Writing this post has been very difficult as a certain ginger tom has been trying to help by nudging my arm to give him some attention. I'd better see that he gets some!

Until next time,



  1. It certainly was JI who was in the TV series. I fell in love with him way back then!
    Love the photos of your cats and dogs, they are all so handsome.
    Well done to KP for getting in the choir.
    Lisa x

  2. Glad to hear that you're not getting any side effects from the tablets, hope they're working. The weather's been awful again here too. Sleet, hail and icy winds as well as sunshine today, I don't think it can make up it's mind what to do. Charlie and George look so handsome sporting their new haircuts, I must book Archie in at the groomer's soon. Congratulations to KP on getting in the choir.

  3. Pleased that you are feeling ok June,
    Your photos of George and charlie are superb..
    What a great shot of the Heron. It was probably resting and looking for water.
    ' brideshead revisited' i loved that tv programme.. we get it back now and again.
    good luck to KP.
    Your cat is beautiful
    a lovely post June.. with the orchids also in full bloom.
    Happy week. val x

  4. Good news about the side effects, or lack of! Your dogs are gorgeous and I love your ball of fluff/cat :) xx

  5. Lovely photos as always..June I have just read your last post, I have a similar problem with my Thyroid tablets, handfuls of my hair fell out and a burning scalp..Doctor had no answers so I reduced my dosage a little and it is slowly growing back..I have also read that additives in tablets can cause hair loss too..there's no hope!
    Happy Days from a Slightly thinning
    Thea x

  6. Great photos. I love all your animal ones but being at cat person I adore the one of a fluffed up Ruby. You did well to capture the heron before it flew away. Yes it was Jeremy Irons in Bridehead. Glad to hear your medication is working well this time:)

  7. Brilliant photos of the heron on the roof top. And well done to KP for being chosen for the choir.

    Gillian x

  8. another lovely set of photos. Missed your last post and have just caught up - I'm glad the medication is working for you this time, without any nasty side effects.

  9. Gorgeous piccies and the animals are such cuties.I know what you mean about puss cats trying to get in on the act when you are typing.

  10. Just catching up on your last two posts and loving all the cat and dog pics :)

    So sorry to hear that you've not been well again, but great news that you seem to escaping the side effects. Long may it continue.

    I read Decline and Fall at school by the way (6th form) ... it had quite an impact on me!

  11. I thought my cat Babe had long hair but your cat wins the prize for the longest.

  12. Lovely post June - Ruby looks gorgeous ! I've read The Memory Keeper's daughter twice & have just finished another book by the same author. My mum was a teacher in special education & there were some very sad stories but the school was a happy place.

    Well done KP !

  13. We used to get heron's in our back garden in Cambridge...gawd knows where they came from!

    Have a fabulous weekend,

    Nina x

  14. Oh now Charlie looks just like my Jessie dog - we think she is a Bedlington whippet (strange cross) but to us she's just an 'ogs dog'! The picture of the heron is amazing - at first I though it must be a weather vane - has it moved at all??! Lovely blog x Jane

  15. George, Charlie and Ruby are marvelous ! We have our pets in a post this week too, seems they always steel the show :) I really enjoy your doggie collection ...they look so life like. The heron silhouetted on the roof ... another treat. I enjoyed the post quite a bit. Glad I found you by way of
    Jo's blog


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