Friday, 8 March 2013

Cats and Dogs Amongst Other Things ...

Hello there! Many "Thanks" for your comments on my last post. I was supposed to be attending my Photography Course this morning but the College phoned this morning to cancel as the tutor was unwell. Having not been well myself this week - I will go into details later, I hadn't taken any photos other than the last two of George, returned from the groomers - having lost his Elvis quiff and looking a bit more than sorry for himself.

So, in order to generate a post with some photos of it I went around the house, as you do! I snapped away at various things animal related mainly cats and dogs, of course!

The rabbit above was a present from me to KP and sits on a small wall shelf in her bedroom with her Just William and Michael Morpugo books and have you spotted the book "To Be A Cat". Not that we're all animal mad in this house!

A further photo from KP's room.

In the spare bedroom on the bed - what else, a cat!

A closer inspection.

Again in the spare bedroom a bookshelf - and another cat!

And now, to a new / old dog. A recent purchase from ebay!

Isn't he a grand old fellow! His face is so full of character.

A smaller version! Another ebay purchase.

George - back from the groomers. With a dog treat in hand I can keep him still, he just watches the treat. Charlie, on the other hand, who had also been to the groomers can't be mollified by the thought of a treat, he just jumps up and down like mad trying to steal said treat from my hand, hence no photo!

The expression says it all "What have they done to me!"

Anyhow, as mentioned earlier in the post this week to a certain extent has been a bit of a write off. On Saturday I had been unwell and had to go to bed - I had a frightening pain across my chest, I really thought that I was having a heart attack. On Monday I went to the doctor's, the pain was really bad. They performed an ECG and said that there didn't appear to be any problem there and that my blood pressure and everything else was OK. The doctor diagnosed a duodenal ulcer and suggested some medication.

Readers of this blog will know that last year I was very ill made worse by my bad reaction to medication prescribed by the dentist and subsequently the hospital. What I didn't tell you, I was embarassed to mention at the time but that the medication as well as causing me a rash caused some of my hair to fall out.

It has just started to grow back and people who wouldn't know me wouldn't say that it looked as if I had lost any but I know and what I now dread is the new medication as the side effects could be - wait for it, a rash and hair loss. I have taken two of the tablets, I didn't want to but the pain is immense and so I have to. Only 58 tablets to go! I just hope that I have no bad reaction this time. I just couldn't bear it!

Anyhow, you may think - too much information but, I know that you are a caring and understanding community out there.

Tonight, KP is off for a sleepover at a friends. I fancy a trip to the cinema.

Until next time,



  1. I had to laugh at all the stuffed toys and dogs on wheels. They certainly have personality! Your newly trimmed dog is looking a bit sheepish - or should that read "doggish"?
    I hope you will soon have your health issues sorted and with no unfortunate side effects.
    Have a good weekend. It's raining here!

  2. George looks gorgeous - is he working cocker? His colouring is beautiful - hope you'll soon be feeling much better xxx

  3. I'm animal mad too, so would love your house with it's many dogs and cats. George looks such a handsome boy with his new haircut. Archie really needs a trim but I'm trying to hold out until the end of the month when I'm hoping it will be a bit warmer. I've suffered from hair loss due to illness too. I don't know why it's such an embarassing subject for a woman, but it is. Just keep an eye on things, and if the medication appears to be causing side effects, don't hesitate to go back to the doctor's, I'm sure they'll have something else that they'll be able to prescribe instead. Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Poor you - I do hope you feel better soon and hopefully you won't get a bad reaction to the medication. That must have been awful for you last year. Love the cats and dogs pictures and your George certainly looks a handsome doggie. Have a great weekend and take care.
    Patricia x

  5. Oh dear, sounds as if you are having a rough time with your health, I do hope that you will feel well again soon and that your medication doesn't affect you in the same way as it did last year. I love all your cat and dog soft toys - the look on the spare bedroom cat's face is so funny:)

  6. Dear June,
    Love the Terrier on wheels. I remember as a child, I used to have one amongst my toys. Now they are collectors. Glad that you purchased it.. its in an animal loving home ):
    The cats are sweet.
    Sorry to hear about your ulcer. " you could have an infection also" heliobactopiylory-..its spelt something like that! look it up on google.-- It was discovered by an Australian, and can be mistaken for ulcers. I have had it. It can be cured with anibiotics. Best to get a specialists opinion even a second opinion.
    Dont leave it. The medication oviously didnt agree with you.
    Hope you can get over it. lots of porridge..
    sending big hugs.. enjoy the cinema.. its a distraction.
    val x

  7. Sorry to hear of your health woes. Hope the medication does the job! xx

  8. I understand that urge of needing to take photos. The terrier on wheels is lovely a neighbour had one as a child and I always wanted one.
    Sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling too good.I do hope the medication will work without the side effects. Thinking of you.
    Sarah x

  9. Oh you know I love a good dog on wheels and that is a beauty!
    My mum has to take a drug that caused her hair to fall out and it caused her so much upset so I can completely understand. You will have finished the tablets soon, hope you are ok xx

  10. I enjoyed the little animal tour.
    I hope the medication works and you're feeling better soon - with a full head of hair. I had a little bit of hair loss after having N, a fairly common occurance after pregnancy, but I didn't like it and was glad when it grew back though it's way too grey for my liking, but "better grey hair than nae hair" as they say. Hope yours survives the drugs intact.

  11. Those cats were very cute. A riding dog - my grandkids would love that one. I like the cats the best and you don't have to feed them, clean cat hair off everything and have a litter box.

  12. Oh my goodness, hope you start to feel better soon, it sounds awful! Loving the dogs, stuffed and real :) xx

  13. I hope you'll feel better soon and the medication you were given has no nasty side effects. The other time when you were ill was that the first time you had a bad reaction to medication or has it happened before?

  14. Oh Loved your post but sorry you've been ill. You are right though about bloggers being a caring lot. This was my first month blogging and I have found everyone so sweet and caring. Love your stuffed animals and your real fur baby! Feel better soon.

  15. Sorry to hear you haven't been well this week. I hope everything works out ok with the medication.
    Hope you enjoy the cinema if you do go.
    Lisa x

  16. Oh, how awful, you have my sympathy. i do hope these tablets work without the side effects.

    I find that whenever I open up a little to the blogging community about personal or private things I am always amazed but the warmth and support that is out there. The good outweighs the bad, i think.

    Gillian x

  17. Hi June

    Sorry to hear you've not been well and yes I can well imagine how uncomfortable you would feel due to said side effects. Won't help you much me saying I've been there and had that and it effects you in different ways ...personally I was totally miserable.I felt so unfeminine selfish of me!
    I do hope you will not experience those side effects again....cross fingers!!!
    George looks an absolutely dear and he seems to be waiting so patiently for his treat....he deserves it.
    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  18. The terrier has a wonderful face as does George !
    I do feel for you & hope you can be well without any side effects from the pills ( Jess has been put on a month of strong steroids )
    Hope you feel a lot better soon x

  19. Dear June, Firstly I am sorry also that you have been poorly and with worrying side affects...Please take care! I have suffered with hair loss too and know just how you feel.... I loved so many bits and bobs in this post...The terriers on wheels are absolutely lovely! So is your vintage quilt!! ~ Michael Monpurgo books are just the best...I wonder has KP read Tora Tora and The Butterfly Lion...Olivia and I used to love these two most of all...With kind thoughts...Maria x

  20. The pink bunny and the dog are so cute

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