Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Half Term - Part One ...

Hello there fellow Bloggers! It's been an age since I last did a posting. We went to Devon for Half-Term. I had my lap-top with me and did see some of your posts - the computer was very slow uploading and I was only able to leave comments on a few blogs before the lap-top said "no more" and crashed - frequently! This was all rather annoying, to say the least!  I also still seem to have a problem with my photos on Picasa. These photos although stored under Half-Term - Oct. 2012 appeared under "3". This morning I found that "3" had disappeared and that the photos from Half-Term were now stored under "George - 2011". I haven't got the patience of a saint so you can probably feel a little earth tremor from Hampshire - it's just me shouting at the blasted computer!

Anyhow, before I ramble on about what we got up to at Half-Term I'd like to "Thank" all of you who kindly left a comment on my previous post.

So without further ado - this is what we got up to. On the Monday, we arranged to meet up with KP's cousins, H, E and W and go to Crealey's Adventure Park. The children had great fun and even the OH went on the log flume with W. who's only six but had more guts than me. I'm not into roller coasters and fun fairs - I just about manage The Waltzers.

On Tuesday we made our way to Forde Abbey on the outskirts of Chard in Somerset. We are annual ticket holders and those of you who have visited this blog before will have seen a number of photos from our previous visits. The ticket allows entrance to the house and gardens and although we have visited this attraction on a number of occasions we have never ventured into the house probably because we take the dogs with us. We must leave them at home and do a proper visit soon!

At this time of year we always head first for the Arboretum part of the garden.

We came across this amazing mound of fungi.

We took a closer look and found that it was also home to a few fallen leaves.

The colours were spectacular.

Does anyone know what this tree with the little flowers is?

The Drive.

I just love fir cones - they remind me so much of my days at my junior school which was surrounded by fir trees. We would collect the cones and make Christmas gifts. I particularly remember having a Dairylea box painted green and then cones somehow attached which were coated in glitter and balls of cotton wool were then glued on to make a snowman.

I do love Autumn colours. Since the clocks have gone back though there has been a dip in the temperature and it is certainly gloves and scarf weather.

A lone leaf.

More of those pink and red flowers.

More fungi.

At this time of year, there is very little vivid colour in the garden. So when I espied some colour I snapped away happily!

In fact there was more colour in the garden than I had anticipated.

Oranges and yellows.

And even pinks.

Most of the roses were just rose hips.

A sycamore leaf.

Interesting flower heads.

The domed structure at the head of the long pond.

Looking at the sky through the structures roof.

Another view.

The long pond.

Another pond situated nearby.

We headed to the Bog Garden and came across stunning flower heads.

And brilliantly coloured stems.

A flowering lily.

Trying to be artistic!

Trying again!

The Beech bird hide.

Another photo where I tried to be arty and follow the photographer's one third rule! 

The sluice gate.

Once again going for that arty look using the one third rule!

The fountain.

Charlie looks on!



KP. Growing up fast.

And almost at the end we came across some roses still looking as if it were Summer.

The unexpectedness of nature.

After leaving Forde Abbey we got home ready to dress up to go out again! We had been invited back for dinner at H, E and W's home. KP was well thrilled to have seen her cousins two days in a row and was even more excited when she was invited back for a Halloween treat the following night.

Well, that's part of our Half-Term documented for posterity. I think that there will be another two posts as we went to Burrow Farm Gardens and to Axe Valley Wildlife Park before attending Lyme Regis to see the Fireworks. A very busy week!

Well, must go - domestic chores await. The ironing however will have to wait as I dropped the iron again yesterday and all the water that I pour in comes straight out!

Until next time,



  1. That's a great excuse for leaving the ironing, I shall have to remember that one. Love the post, it looks like KP has really enjoyed meeting up with her cousins during half term. I don't know where they get the courage to go on all these rides, I don't even venture on the Waltzers. Thank you for the lovely comments you left on my posts about Archie. I hope Charlie's ok now after his course of antibiotics, they do get themselves in to some scrapes.

  2. That sounds like a fun filled half term. Lovely photos as usual, I particularly like the ones of the dome structure's roof.

  3. I love the photos too...those following the one third rule do have an extra "something" about them, don't they?

  4. Dear June - your photos are fabulous, really enjoyed looking at them. What is the photographer's one third rule? Does it mean you feature the main item in one third of the photo?
    The plant you wanted the name of is Euonymus atropurpureus - common name - eastern burning bush or eastern wahoo, it is lovely at this time of year, such a wonderful shade of shocking pink.

  5. So many beautiful photos there. It looks like a fabulous place - I especially like the shot of the Drive. I have a huge pile of ironing that i've avoided all day. Maybe i should "accidentally" drop the iron and have a cup of tea!

  6. I agree with the other commenters - fabulous photos and once again, I think this looks a lovely place to visit. I look forward to hearing about the rest of your half term week.

  7. Sounds like you had a lovely half term. Beautiful autumnal photos. Juliex

  8. Spectacular photos again.I always look forward to seeing them. I especially love your arty ones.
    O Glad you had such a good half term our children liked going to Crealey too.
    Sarah x

  9. I had to do a double take on that fir cone - I thought it had snow on it at first...phew!

    Great pictures - practice is all it takes.

    Nina x

  10. I always enjoy your photos..they are stunning! It sounds like a fun filled half term.
    Magie x

  11. All looks like a great way to spend half term, and practise your new found photography skills!

  12. Stunning photos, you really are getting the knack of this photography lark, but you have a natural eye and talent anyway which the classes are obviously nurturing even more. The pinecone picture is lovely and I love the two mushrooms as well.
    Lisa x

  13. Lovely, Lovely photos, June. Love the view of the house on the long pond and your photos of the rose hips and the sluice gate and dome. So many super ones to chose from. I hope you get your picasa problem sorted out soon, it often plays around with my photos too. Sometimes it throws my photos into 2005 (which is when I started blogging) even though I've only had my present laptop since the end of 2010 and all my photos before that are on a separate hard drive - I don't understand that:)

  14. Beautiful pictures June and like Nina at Tabiboo, I thought the fire cone one was dusted with snow ,just magical....
    Love Maria x


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