Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Half-Term - Part Two ...

Hello there! Many "Thanks" for your comments on my previous posting. I now unfortunately am the proud  owner of a new iron so will have to get going with all the ironing that has piled up whilst we were away not to mention the laundry basket full that existed before we went away.

On Wednesday of last week - it rained rather heavily which put paid to going out and doing anything interesting. So we donned our hats, coats and scarves and headed for Honiton where we traipsed around the antique and second hand book shops. I found some more Dennis Wheatley books and so was well happy. I think I've read about 20 now. He tells a tale very well. I also purchased a sweet salt and pepper set which I will need to photograph and show you!

On Wednesday night we again returned to see KP's cousins and en route to the Town Hall where there was a Halloween Party the children played trick or treat. I have done this post a bit upside down as the photos relate to what we did on Thursday but there are some photos of the trick and treaters before they set off below!

On Thursday morning we set off for Burrow Farm Gardens - not realising that they close on the 31st October! We were kindly allowed to wander around the garden but the cafe where we had hoped to grab some lunch was shut. Whilst walking around the garden we discussed whether to go back home for some lunch or to travel further afield. Driving back from a few of our jaunts when in this neck of the woods we have gone past  Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's "River Cottage" in Axminster and as it wasn't too far away we thought that we would go and try it out! We were so glad that we did as the food was amazing and I purchased the River Cottage Handbook No.8 which is about delicious cakes to make!

Anyhow, back to Burrow Farm Gardens - because of my mistake in not realising that the gardens were actually shut we had the place completely to ourselves!

It was a bit wet at times. The weather man had promised sunshine and showers and that was precisely what we had. Luckily there are many trees where you can take shade from all that the elements can throw at you. We had no umbrellas as we had forgotten them at H, E and W's house the previous evening.

It was one of those days where the weather really was too bright one minute and very dull the next, making the taking of photographs quite challenging!

The views from the gardens.

There wasn't as much to see here as during the Summer months in the way of flowers but plenty of great trees.

The hydrangeas were still going strong though.

Trying to get to grips with the manual settings on the camera!

I love the dotty background effect.

There were plenty of berries to see.

I particularly liked these yellow ones.

A lone geranium fighting for attention.

Goodbye "Burrow Farm" - we will be back when you next open in April.

E and KP all kitted out to go trick or treating!

The Halloween Party!

Afterwards we all went back to H, E and W's home for a Chinese take away. A great day and I didn't have to cook!

Well, that's the end of Part Two - one more instalment to go. If you like animals then Part Three will be a treat!

Until next time,



  1. I'd be interesting to hear about your Dennis Wheatley reads - I read one or two when I was a teenager and I think I liked them but I'd completely forgotten about that author until you mentioned him. The title 'to the devil a daughter' comes to mind as one I read but I have no idea if that was it or if I am remembering something else!

    The dotty effect in the background of that photo is called bokeh - I learned about it through my 365 project this year and everyone is doing it it seems, it's very popular. You can google the word to find out more about it, I'm not 100% sure how we're supposed to pronounce it!

    Your photos are fantastic as always. The children look great in their costumes and look like they had a lot of fun that night!

  2. I love the dotty effect !
    Just catching up with your half term posts and wonderful photos - you really are vert talented.
    Was lucky you could sti;ll enjoy the gardens and lunch at Hugh FW how exciting !

  3. I love how the leaves and berries glow at this time of year.

    That looks like a great Halloween party

    Nina x

  4. Lunch at Hugh's place, how fab!
    I just love photos of berries and yours are great as always.
    It was kind of the owners to let you into the garden!
    Lisa x

  5. You were lucky to be able to see the gardens, even though closed.. what a lovely place.
    The view from the gardens over to the fields is stunning.. England truly is beautiful.
    Nice photos Patricia.
    Those red berries, would make a fine arrangement for christmas.
    happy wed eve.

  6. How lucky you had Burrow Farm Gardens all to yourself the photographs are lovely, it must have been a bonus to end up at River Cottage at Axminster. I haven't eaten there although have used the shop in the past. There seems to be lots more tables in there now.
    Sarah x

  7. Lovely family days that shall be remembered through your wonderful photos
    Thea x

  8. What fun costumes! I love the flower with the dew drops. Your photos are wonderful. I never iron - I make sure that clothes that I buy do not require ironing and I hand them up right as they come out of the dryer. I used to iron but not anymore.

  9. Sounds like you made the most of mid-term regardless of the showers. I miss the fun & excitement of Halloween now that our lad is too old for it.

  10. I absolutely love the top photo! :)

  11. The children look as if they are having great fun and how super to go to the River Cottage restaurant. It's years since I read a Dennis Wheatly novel. I love the seed head and berry photos:)

  12. What a surprise to have the gardens to yourselves, a real treat, and then lunch at River Cottage. The kids look great all togged up for Halloween, I'm sure they had a great time.

  13. Let's all bless the inventor of take aways. Now, that was a grand idea!! Ironing? Not so much. Love the kids' costumes, they had a lot of fun I bet.


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