Thursday, 25 October 2012

We Visit Clandon Park ...

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It had promised not to rain on Sunday but rain it did just as we were half way to our destination - Clandon Park. We did think of not going and thought of diverting to the Garden Centre but we would only have spent money which we could ill afford to - October, November and December are months where money seems to disappear quicker than we can earn it. At least my car passed its MOT with no problems last week but I still need to pay for the insurance and just paid for my car tax on line. There are many Birthdays to look out for and of course there's Christmas. There I've just gone and used that dreaded word!

We continued to Clandon Park on the outskirts of Guildford in Surrey. We listened to the wipers going swish, swish, swish and wondered whether this was a good idea particularly when fog appeared too!
We had wrapped up warm so we weren't too daunted by the inclement weather!

We thought that we would walk around the gardens first before making our way to the restaurant for tea and cake!

I began taking photos on the manual setting but thought better of it as the camera was getting wet so I switched back to auto.

A side view of Clandon Park and the Parterre designed and planted in 1976 by the garden designer Graham Stuart Thomas.

You can see how wet it was by these flowers.

And this mushroom!

Another view of Clandon Park.

KP found something to take her mind off the rain!

Fungi on a tree trunk.

We stayed hidden in this little wooded area waiting for the rain to stop. The rain got to us anyway!

Through the leaves.

We had visited Clandon Park years and years ago when KP was only a toddler and I remembered the Maori hut in the garden which was the reason I'd wanted to visit again.

Hinemihi or Maori Meeting House was purchased and brought to Clandon Park in 1892 by the 4th Earl when he finished his term as Governor of New Zealand. Before it was brought to Clandon it saved the lives of many people after a volcano erupted on the 10th June, 1886. There are photos of the Meeting House in situ in the house. It shows the land surrounding the Meeting House completely flattened by the natural disaster. How such a humble dwelling could survive is nothing short of miraculous.

We found this creepy crawly on the door! I think he's lost one of his legs!

A closer look at the carving above the door.

And to the side of the door.

Intricate carvings on the porch.

The Surrey Infantry Museum is housed here which probably explains the lone drummer in the grounds.

The main entrance to the house. Once through the main door you enter a vast marbled hall. This is the only room where photographs could be taken.

Inside there are vast collections of porcelain figures as well as a lock of George III's hair!

Back into the garden - more Autumnal colour and more rain!

There were many leaves on the ground.

There was also an exhibition of Maori masks on the top floor!
KP declared them to be "creepy."

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  1. I agree with KP, creepy!
    I need to keep away from the shops too, it's funny how this time of year seems to sap money. I need 2 front tyres on Bertha (my fiat) :( xx

  2. You did the wise thing to keep going and got some lovely photos.
    What is it about October and birthdays - have about half a dozen which have to be 'marked". Maybe I should ask what is it about February instead!!!

  3. I love reading about all of your adventures and the way that your photographs bring us the best of the places that you visit! What scay masks, but I do love the meeting house. x

  4. I enjoy the interesting things you show us on your trips out to NT buildings.
    Those flowers look like they've turned rusty in all the rain!
    Lisa x

  5. I'm afraid I agree with KP, creepy. What a fascinating story about the Maori hut, the carvings on it are wonderful.

  6. Yes deffinately creepy masks! Well done for going anyway despite the rain, it looks like an interesting place. Love the autumn leaves. x

  7. This looks like another really interesting place to visit and again your photos are super!

  8. Absolutely lovely.

  9. Gosh it does look wet! those flower look full of water - as if you could wring them out. What a lovely house and garden to visit, agree with KP that last mask is very creepy:)

  10. Fabulous photos there! Wet and wonderful though. x

  11. Another lovely place you share with us through your wonderful photos. I love the history of the little hut !

  12. That looks like a great place to visit, the colours on the leaves are beautiful and I love that photo of the fungi on the fallen tree, it creates a very interesting texture.

  13. Hi June!
    Lovely pictures and what a great place to visit...
    I also agree with KP,, the mask is a little scary!
    Wishing you a enchanting week.
    love Maria x

  14. That Maori building is amazing!

    It did rain rather didn't it but it looks like you had a good time anywhere.

    Lovely pictures in this post and your last, which I sadly somehow missed. And the last set all taken on manual? ... you go gal!

  15. wow, what an autumnal delight. I was taught 'satire' at University by one of the ancestors of Clandon. She was eccentric but we enjoyed hearing insider info about the place and their life. Love Helen, Mr Darcy and Mr Bingley xxx

  16. What a nice visit to this house and gardens, despite the rain. I love the lone drummer!

  17. What gorgeous photos even in the rain. Lovely place, we have so many beautiful places to visit in this country. And this is one of them. Xxx


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