Thursday, 6 September 2012

We Visit "The Vyne" near Basingstoke ...

Hello there! Many "Thanks" for your, as ever, wonderful comments on my last post. We did have a great time at the Agricultural Show.

There is still a few days left before KP goes to school. Yesterday, she went out with Grandma (the OH's mum) and visited five of her cousins. She came back shattered!

I had a visit to the hospital which I won't bore you with the details of but, since that long  illness of mine earlier this year, which was eventually diagnosed as Glandular Fever with various secondary infections and allergic reactions things are still not back to normal. I think that all the Consultants now agree that I am suffering from the after effects of the antibiotics - which should not have been given to me in the first place! I said that I wouldn't bore you with the details and I just have so, I'll stop!

 Having had no holiday this year apart from days out here and there - the OH decided that on Tuesday he would take the day off so that we could spend some time as a family before KP goes back to school.

We looked at the internet for places that we could visit locally and "The Vyne" at Basingstoke seemed like a good choice. It is a National Trust property. We last visited when KP was in a push-chair!

The house was built in the 16th century for Lord Sandys, Henry VIII's Lord Chamberlain. It then became a home to the Chute family of politicians and lawyers for more than 300 years and was bequeathed to the NT in the 1950's.

It is said that Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn visited the property as did Elizabeth I.

We initially went and saw the walled garden and the greenhouse with its stacks of clay pots.

We saw some interesting flowers.

And flowers with bees.

We came across "The Summerhouse".

It is now empty. I'm sure it was a grand affair in days gone by but the first floor has been removed, and so, as you enter all you see is the roof. The views from the first floor windows would, I'm sure, have been spectacular.

We saw many ducks.

And there were many tree sculptures.

We went and had a quick bite to eat at the cafe. Someone asked whether she could have an ice-cream if she ate all her dinner! Sounds like blackmail to me!

Normally when we visit NT properties we hardly ever venture into the house itself but take our time in the gardens and on woodland walks. This time we decided to visit the house too.

Just outside the entrance was a large row of sedum and the OH spotted this tortoiseshell butterfly - who co-operated to have its photo taken!

We entered the house and were told that we could take photographs as long as no flash was used.

There were many marble busts.

The house was very ornately decorated. Many of the rooms were very dark with oak panelled walls.

I think that this is the oil painting of a girl betrothed at six years old although she didn't marry until she was sixteen!

Stating the obvious - The Library! I love the little miniature chair under the writing table!

A beautiful stained glass window.
The house was really too dark to take any good quality photographs so I restricted the amount that I took to what you see here.

After our little tour of the house which lasted about an hour as KP was completing the "Young Explorer's Activity Sheet" we once again were outside.

We were surprised to see that the tortoiseshell butterfly was still happily poised on the sedum!

We ventured into the woods and followed a trail to the Bird Hide.

We came across another sculpture - this time of a swan.
KP doesn't look too happy - she'd just brushed against some stinging nettles and is holding a dock leaf to her leg!

These tall plants were swaying in the gentle breeze.

Sluice gate!

We approached the wetland area.

We spotted a heron but it was too far away for a decent photograph.

I liked the swans reflection in the water.

"The Vyne" from the opposite side of the lake.

And a last photo of the summerhouse.

On the way home we saw a sign for a vintage shop and went to investigate.
KP saw these lolly makers. I had a lolly maker for years but don't know what's happened to it. I've searched high and low in all the kitchen cupboards to no avail. So although not a vintage item - it came home with us!

And finally, a photo of KP with George after his trip to the dog groomers last week! He's now half the size he was before!

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  1. June, This looks a wonderful place! Your photos are lovely. Another friend of mine recently visited, we must get our act together and go there too. Beautiful gardens! x

  2. Oh dear, antibiotics ruined my life. I was already allergic to many things but after I took antibiotics I became highly allergic. It's a torture, I know.

    What a beautiful place this is...I love your country more and more everyday.
    George is si cute!!

  3. Looks a great place for a visit.Isnt the weather wonderful at the moment? We have had the perfect weeks weather for our week away.

  4. I hope you feel better soon. A long lasting illness and it's after effects are just so draining. Sending you my best wishes. (I love that tree with specs!) x

  5. Fantastic place to visit, I love the sculptures and the tree with the glasses! Hope you are continuing to get better and it's not too much longer.

  6. Such an amazing place to visit and your pictures are stunnning as always. I do enjoy looking at them all. Sorry you are still suffering from the illness you had earlier in the year. Take care.
    Sarah x

  7. It all looks very grand, I love the history attached to these places and how people used to live.
    Sounds like you have been through the mill, hope you are on the mend soon
    Thea x

  8. Lovely photos June and it looks like you had great weather for your day out......
    Those old homes are wonderful....can't imagine what it would be like to live in one.
    Great butterfly pics, it does seem very contented resting on the Sedum an the swan's reflection in the water is beautiful. THey are such graceful and elegant creatures.......
    Hope you are feeling back to your usual self ASAP and all the best to KP on her return to school.....

    Claire :}

  9. What a lovely National Trust property you visited! I love the tree-trunk face and those beautiful butterfly shots!

  10. I love these outings you take us on ! Sounds like you've had a bad time of it health wise - perhaps the September sun will last a while so you can have more days out.
    Jess & I sat on the beach in the sun with cool lemon & lime ice lollies the other day. We've both had colds so they tasted fantastic !
    We used to fill plastic cups with fruit juice & put a teaspoon in then freeze to make our own ice lollies when we were young.

  11. Lovely, lovely photos! I last visited the Vyne before we were married - over 27 years ago but your photos reminded me of it. Thank you

  12. I went to The Vyne many years ago, but I don't remember much about it!
    It's nice you could take photos inside, shame it was so dark though.
    It's good that organisations like the NT make visits more interesting for children these days.
    Gorgeous gardens.
    Lisa x


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