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The Alresford Agricultural Show ...

Hello there! I will start with my customary "Thank You" for the lovely comments that you left on my last post! It was wonderful to have a close encounter with a hedgehog!

We didn't get any more visitors - I think a frog, a mouse and a hedgehog were quite a variety of creatures especially when you add butterflies and bees to the mix. If you don't understand this statement please see the two posts prior to this one and all will be revealed!

On Saturday morning the OH was working. After lunch we discussed where we could go as the weather was glorious. We thought of re-visiting Hinton Ampner, a National Trust property and garden that we had visited on Fathers Day. We bundled into the car but en route we saw signs for the Alresford Agricultural Show. We had been previously many years ago when KP was very young. As we could visit Hinton Ampner another time and the Show is only an annual event it seemed a shame to miss the opportunity.

When we arrived we made our way towards the Main Ring.

Where we watched an amazing display by the heavy horses.

The horses and their drivers worked brilliantly together.

And entertained us for a good twenty minutes.

But a little voice (KP) kept piping up - "I'm sure I saw a sign saying that there was a Dog Show here!"
So off we went in search of the Dog Ring!
KP informs me that this is a Siberian Husky.

KP loves cats and dogs and can name dog breeds which I've never heard of!
I loved this one with its one blue and one brown eye.
KP informs me that this is an Australian Shepherd.

I loved this King Charles Cavaliers long ears.

And who could not think that this ones a character.
KP informs me that this is a Fox Terrier.

Another photo of the King Charles Cavalier!

A beautiful Labrador.

After watching the Dog Show for a while - someone wanted an ice-cream!

We realised that we had missed the Punch and Judy Show and that there would be a fairly lengthy interval before the next show - so we missed out as there were so many other things we wanted to see.

We went and had a look at the vintage tractors.

And some vintage vehicles.

They certainly don't make vehicles like this any more - I wish they did!

A car mascot. I understand why they don't have these on cars anymore - that they're dangerous should you be involved in an accident etc, but they do add personality to a vehicle.

We walked past some tents and my eye was drawn to the sign!

We went to see the cattle. Who's he poking his tongue at!

I love Highland Cattle with their long manes and curved horns.

Next we visited the goats. I love goats - they are such comical characters.

As always with goats they were trying to eat anything and everything!

I took quite a few photos of the goats. Sorry if goats are not your thing!

Another goat!

"I'm watching you!"

"Hey, where do you think you're going. Come back, you can't leave me!"

We asked KP where she would like to go next - "Back to see the dogs!"
KP thinks that this is a Lurcher.

When we arrived we saw the Child Handling Class. KP said "I could have done that if we'd brought Charlie and George!" She could probably have done it with George but not Charlie who has a complete mind of his own and would have been dragging her around the ring to go and sniff other dogs!

We then stayed to watch - The Dog Most Like Its Owner. I loved these two little girls who had their faces painted similar to their dogs and I particularly liked the youngest whose dog had been dressed in a similar outfit!

We stayed and watched a few of the other Novelty Classes before making our way home.
A really pleasant afternoon when we were least expecting it!

Today, it has rained on and off all day - a good day to sew name tags into a new school uniform!Not my favourite job but it has to be done - KP will be back at school in a few days time. There's nothing like leaving things to the last minute!

Until next time,



  1. Hi June
    I've just this minute finished the name tapes. all blooming evening it took - not my favourite form of sewing!!!
    Love the pics but in particular the dog and owner one - never seen anything like that before.

  2. It looks like such a fun event. I would have loved to see the dog show, those dogs are just adorable (The little girl and her dog are just the sweetest!).
    I love goats as well, they have such cheeky personalities. If I had a plot of land, I would defiantly get some pygmy goats for sure :)
    Thanks for letting me know about the crochet magazine in your comment over at my blog, I will have to check that out..
    Magie x

  3. Hey June, what a wonderful outing love the horses, such amazing creatures and all the dog pics are just gorgeous too.....
    Sometimes unexpected events can turn out to be the best, sounds like you all enjoyed it.

    Claire :}

  4. The horses are magnificent ! Goats are so tried to eat our picnic basket once !
    A few years ago they reinstated the dog show in our's a lot of fun & very chaotic !

  5. I love those shows and the horses are amazing. I love the pictures of the dogs and the Husky one is my favourite. Seems that you all had a lovely time at the show. :)

  6. This looks a great day out - the heavy horses are amazing - great photos!
    Such a variety of lovely dogs too, my fav has to be the grey lurcher though!
    Goats have such great faces!
    Gill xx

  7. Wow - those horses look magnificent!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  8. You take some wonderful photos, June. I loved the ones in your last post about the hedgehog and the ones of the show are super too. You have captured some lovely images of the horses, goats and dogs. It looks like a fun day out:)

  9. Wonderful photography and horses, dogs and goat looks eye candy:)

  10. Aren't the horses just beautiful especially the ones on the 2 first photos? Are those shire horses, do you know? I'm glad you had good weather throughout the event, our annual show was cancelled because the ground was waterlogged. And the goats are so cute, I love goats and sheep.

  11. Loved all the animal photos.Ahhs all round!

  12. What a great day out! I love the vintage tractor and the goats are great too - they are comical and so playful. KP seems very knowledgeable about the different dogs, I'm impressed! I haven't made it to a single one of the agricultural / country shows around the peak district this year... the summer has flown by and I don't know what happened to all the weekends!

    I went back to school today *sob* !

  13. How lucky you saw the sign and went to have a look. What a shame you didn't take the dogs I'm sure they would have won a prize. I was like KP as a child, one of my favourie books was a book showing pictures of all the breeds of dogs. Your photos of all the animals is wonderful.
    Sarah x

  14. we didn't get to an Agricultural show this year so your photos are lovely to look at. I love the goats especially the grey and white one!

  15. What a lovely day and one that was a complete bonus too seeing as saw a sign on your way to somewhere else.
    Love all the photos of the dogs, there are some real cuties there.
    Hope all goes well for you all this week at the start of the new school year.
    Lisa x

  16. I love these type of shows, something for everyone. What a shame you didn't take Charlie and George, I bet KP would have loved to have been involved in the dog show, you'll have to mark it on your calendar for next year.

  17. What fun it all looks. I love goats too!

  18. Hi June, love your blog especially all the creatures and crawlies you have on here. Made me smile:~))

  19. I adored this post. All those animals!! Goats are totally my thing, it's true, they are funny.I laughes at the little dog dressed up, so cute. Beautiful, beautiful shots.

  20. Hairy bull - unusual for America. It must have a been a grand dog and car show!

  21. Thank you for sharing your wonderful day with the animals. It looked like a marvelous way to spend the afternoon. Connie :)
    P.S. Thank you for your sweet visit and the lovely comment on my shabby french chair re-do.

  22. The show looks like a wonderful day out, I really enjoyed all the pictures and cute animals.

  23. Looks like you had a great day out. I love the goat pictures, they do have such funny looking expressions. I still need to sew name tags too. xx

  24. Hi June - thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, the technical hitch is fixed via my technical director (my daughter) so watch this space for the journals. Your pictures are wonderful, loved every animal, especially the dogs and goats and the horses everything was so cute. Julie xxx

  25. The pictures are great, I miss the farmers shows so much from back home, they just have rodeo shows here, still fun.

    Looks like a great day out!

    Jan @Door251


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