Friday, 7 September 2012

A Late Night Visitor and Other Things ...

Hello there! Many "Thanks" for your kind comments on my last posting. The weather we should have had in August seems to have appeared in September! Better late than never!

Last night KP had gone up to bed but came downstairs to get a drink of water. As she was going back upstairs she came back into the lounge and said that one of the cats was miaowing at the front door. Sometimes our cats do this, they just don't want to use the cat flap (I should say the cat hole as the flap has been removed courtesy of Charlie or George!). I asked her to let the cat in and from my vantage point on the sofa I could see the cat coming in with something in its mouth. It then deposited whatever it was carrying on the wooden floor in the hallway and the thing started moving, very quickly. I screamed!

I shouted to the OH that Milhaus had just brought a mouse into the house and could he catch it!
We all three ventured into the hallway and found the mouse running behind the hoover which I had left in the hall - that'll teach me not to put things away. A few minutes later, we outwitted the mouse and it was caught!

You can see it's a bit wet where it had been in the cats mouth!

Although it frightened the living daylights out of me initially, we all came to the conclusion that it was "cute".

It was quite inquisitive and at one point sat on the OH's hand washing itself!

KP went to the kitchen to get it some cheese!

The OH placed it in the garage - to join it's little friend from a few days ago! An inspection of the garage today shows that the cheese that was left there with the mouse has been eaten!

Today in the garden there were literally hundreds of hover flies.

And plenty of these common house flies which I loathe!

All flies together!

We made some ice lollies with our new ice lolly maker - only to discover that they won't fit in the freezer!
KP was upset and then said why don't we just use the old ice lolly mould. I said that I'd searched high and low for it but couldn't find it. She then proceeded to open a cupboard and there right in front of me was the old ice lolly mould! I think I'm going senile!

Yesterday we went to town shopping and I did the fatal thing of walking past the vintage shop in town and saw this lovely blue enamel bin with a wooden handle and it just had to come home with me - a perfect home for dog treats!

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  1. That is such a sweet little mouse! I am glad it survived! :) x

  2. Mrs Black is a very good mouser having been born to a wild Mother, in the wild. Her and her siblings often bring us 'gifts'. We live by an equestrian yard and they value the cats keeping the mouse population down. But I do adore meeces. This one is so cute, what large ears he has. I wonder if it is a wood mouse? Wonderful photos. x

  3. Goodness, you must have quick reflexes if you managed to catch a mouse. He's so cute, glad he didn't get eaten up. What a shame about the new lolly moulds, but glad that KP saved the day. I've often done that, looked for something then found it in the place I'd already looked.

  4. I find wellies are very good for catching mice in - I've had many years of practice! I found a headless mouse in the sitting room this morning and then caught Lily playing with another, dead by then (never sure if that's good or bad!), downstairs but I managed to shoo her outside where I think she has enjoyed it as a tasty snack.......I do love cats but they definitely have their downsides. Love the enamel bucket - great find. Juliex

  5. Our cats used to play with the mice until they died and we would find them on the back of our patio. Pepper used to bring birds inside the house when she could catch one or I would find bits of feathers on the patio.

  6. He's so sweet. Glad he lived to see another day :) You're right about all the flies. I'm fed up trying to keep them out of the kitchen.

  7. Fantastic photos of the mouse, they aren't usually so lucky to survive when they enter our house. What a great idea of Julie's using a wellington boot we will try that next time!
    Love your enamel bucket. Hope you have a great weekend.
    Sarah x

  8. We have lots of mice in the garden and shed, they're very brave and come out when I'm gardening. Love the pail (hope the woodworm isn't active in the handle...).

  9. Oh what a cute little mouse.Marmalade used to bring them in all the time at our last house because she had a magnetic cat flap but she is a house cat now so doesnt get the opportunity to 'mouse'.
    P.S. Love the bucket!

  10. I love mice. I always leave something for them. They are cute, especially these little ones. And they are incredibly smart! I'm glad your kitty didn't kill it.

  11. Awe, that little mouse is just adorable!
    I wouldn't be able to resist that enamel bin either..good buy :)
    Have a great weekend x

  12. Ah little Tommy Tittlemouse does look very cute indeed! The ones we get bought by our cats are the ones we see lying dead outside the back door!
    Glad KP got an ice lolly by one means or another!
    Lisa x

  13. Sweet little mouse, glad it was unharmed. One of our cats used to bring mice in, we could always tell by the sound of her calling when she had one. She never harmed them just placed them in the bath and sat and watched them run around! Our sedum plants are covered with hover flies at the moment:)

  14. Such a sweet little mouse, glad it was ok! Love the enamel bin, what a great find. x

  15. I'm so glad the mouse survived! Our cats don't go out, so they rarely bring us things - just the ocassional moth - but once a shrew got into the house...Pomme didn't know what to do, so we were able to rescue it and let it out unharmed. Huzzah!

  16. Well done KP for finding the ice lolly mould, with this lovely warm weather ice lollies are just the thing. Cute mouse although I don't think I'd like to have it anywhere near me, I'm a bit of a scaredy cat.

  17. That bin is gorgeous! And the mouse is just the cutest thing. You do seem to be enjoying a lot of wildlife adventures lately!!

  18. Fantastic pics of the mouse. We had one indoors once and it took two of us plus 2 cats nearly 2 hours to catch it and then I think it was only because it was exhausted and came out waving a white flag. We let it go outside and all four of us flopped with exhaustion not sure what the mouse felt! That enamel bucket is great.

  19. I love those little cute mouse shots - such a pointed nose! It looks like something out of a Beatrix Potter book!


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