Saturday, 8 September 2012

We Visit Hinton Ampner Again ... and See Many Butterflies!

Hello there! Many "Thanks" for your, as always, lovely comments on my previous post.
For those of you who follow this blog, you may re-call that last Saturday we had intended on visiting Hinton Ampner but a road sign informed us that the Alresford Agricultural Show was on and we diverted there.

On Friday afternoon with KP still at home - her school doesn't go back till Monday, we thought we would visit Hinton Ampner. It is not too far from our base here in Hampshire.

When we arrived I was surprised to see so many butterflies on these flowers - I think they're dahlias, near to the entrance to the property. Hinton Ampner is owned by the National Trust.

I hadn't seen any Red Admirals all Summer. They must have been hiding at Hinton Ampner because there were many here!

Attracted to the same dahlia were many of these butterflies - a large white? but it was definitely green! A look on the internet for British butterflies leads me to think that this might be a Brimstone!

Also, in abundance on the same flowers, were tortoiseshell butterflies.

I snapped away like a woman possessed. I was in my element. Three different types of butterfly and all posing! What were the chances of that happening and a moth to boot!

Another Red Admiral!

When we had last visited, on Father's Day, the vegetable and flower garden didn't have much colour in it. This time around it had many colourful plants, mainly Autumnal colours, yellows and oranges - but very vivid and wonderful to behold!

I love Nasturtiums and have vowed to myself to try and grow some next year.

We came across the greenhouse and I would have loved a closer inspection of those two vintage watering cans that you can see.

The chrysanthemums were out in all their glory. For years my Dad grew them and would give a bunch to my Grandma (Mums' Mum) every week whilst they lasted. He didn't have to give any to his own Mum as Grandad (Dads' Dad)  was such a fantastic gardener.  His garden was always overflowing with fruit, vegetables and flowers. Grandad would always garden wearing his flat cap, with a shirt and waistcoat with his pocket watch attached. He would start off with his jacket too but as he got hotter toiling the soil the jacket would be removed and draped over the garden wall!

We saw many flowers. This looks a bit like a Hibiscus but I'm not too sure if that's what it is!

There were many Buddleias dotted around the garden and they were smothered with Red Admirals!

KP poses by the Sphinx!

In the long pond we saw Koi carp.

We admired the Topiary Garden.

The side view - taking in the long pond.

The Church which is situated within the grounds.

It was so swelteringly hot that we nipped into the cafe for some shade and were once again bullied into buying KP an ice-cream!

This is KP doing her impersonation of Hercule Poirot! She is a bit addicted to Agatha Christie at the moment! When she speaks she says things like "Is it not so, n'est pas!"

Having visited the gardens a few times previously we had not been inside the house. As a respite from the heat we decided that it would be a good idea to see the inside. The rooms' Georgian proportions were fabulous. This was a house you could envisage yourself living in - well, I could win the Lottery!

This was above one of the doors. I thought it was enchanting and I loved the green paint.

There were magnificent fireplaces and fabulous oil paintings.

There was even a painted ceiling!

The main Living Room or should I say Drawing Room! There was even a letter from The Queen on display saying how she had enjoyed visiting and how wonderful the gardens were and that it made "ones own garden look like a jungle!" No doubt some poetic licence being exercised there!

Another Red Admiral!

I was flummoxed on the identity of this butterfly too. I again looked it up on the internet - where would we be without it! I think this one is a Comma!

Another photo of the Comma!

And as we were leaving I snapped at another tortoiseshell!

On Friday evening we went to the pub for food. I don't know about you but I don't seem to want to be in a hot kitchen when the weather outside is so balmy. So we sat in the pub garden eating our meal and enjoying some wine and pear cider.

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  1. what a lovely place and all those butterflies! The photos are great too.

  2. Gorgeous photos as usual. The comma butterfly looked fantastic, I've never seen one, probably never gets warm enough up here - we're certainly not experiencing the heat you mention at the moment!
    Another great record of what looks a lovely day out.

  3. More amazing photos. Reading about your father and grandparents I can see where your love of nature comes from now!
    Gorgeous gardens and the Sphinx's friend looks lovely too.
    Lisa x

  4. Good morning June,
    This is simply a stunning post. How beautifully you have taken these wonderful photos of the flowers and the butterflies. I love them all.
    I have never seen a butterly with hair! the Tortoiseshell..what an amazing butterly.
    Only a while back, i was thinking, haven't seen many butterflies at all this year. I used to get a red Admiral or two in my garden. None this year. It seems to be getting hotter and hotter each summer, it could be due to that.
    Wordless at the photos of Hinton Ampner..what a beautiful place. Does anyone live there?
    enjoyed very much this post June.
    happy sunday

  5. Such a grand house and stunning gardens..what a lovely selection of flowers (and butterflies!).
    Nasturtiums are great to grow..they are really easy to do (though sometimes black fly can be attracted to them).
    I love KP's impression of Poirot..too funny :P
    Enjoy the sunshine :)
    Magie x

  6. I've hardly seen any butterflies around this year, now I know why, they're all down there. It looks like a lovely place, and I enjoyed seeing inside the house too.

  7. I too haven't seen many butterflies either this summer what a selection you have shown us! Is the flower possibly a lavatera?
    Sarah x

  8. What a beautiful place to visit. And so many butterflies too. Juliex

  9. Beautiful photos and commentary of a happy weekend! Good luck to KP on her first day at high school tomorrow xx

  10. Beautiful pix and lovely to see the butterflies at last as they seem to have been scarce earlier in the year. Could that pink flower be a lavateria (oh I see Down by the sea has also suggested that - should read the other comments first. You have had a beautiful sunny day out and it looks a wonderful place to visit.

  11. What a fascinating place, and you take such beautiful photos. x

  12. Glory be June you do take some superb photos! This has gone from colour to colour to more colour what gorgeous flowers and butterflies....and great views of the Stately home too.

    Fantastic post! Well done

    Amanda xx

  13. You're so lucky butterflies pose for you, everytime I try they always fly away :-)

    Your photos are beautiful, I loved the ones showing the inside of the house I need to make a note of it for when we plan a weekend away in that part of the country. I'm a great fan of Agatha Christie too, my favourite character is Miss Marple especially the one played by Joan Hickson.

  14. Gorgeous butterfly and flower shots! That chrysanthemum is impressive and such a beautiful colour! I love the way that the month of September gives us such perfect lighting to illuminate nature and our days!

  15. Hello June,
    Such a lovely post here!
    I do find butterflies magical and you captured them wonderfully!
    I loved the post on Mrs town mouse (how sweet) we would have done just the same, with the cheese and all...
    Thank you also June for the kindest of comments over on mine, they mean alot!
    Love Maria x

  16. Hi June - found your blog via Lisa at Jumble & Jelly, and have enjoyed looking through the lovely photos in this post. I live in South Devon, so was interested to see that you spend a lot of time down here. Nice to 'meet' you - now I've found you I shall be back! Caroline x

  17. What an absolutely gorgeous place! I loved looking at all the grounds and inside too.

  18. Hi June. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such kind comments. It's great to have found yours. These butterfly photos are stunning.
    Gillian x


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