Thursday, 16 August 2012

Our Very Own Herb Garden ...

Hi there, Bloggers! On a day where the weatherman gave us a forecast of rain - it shone all day!

On Sunday we had visited a local Garden Centre and had seen a wooden container to grow herbs in. We had thought of buying it then and there but thought that it might not fit the area where we thought it would look best. 

After we came back from the Garden Centre the OH measured the area and it was a perfect fit.
On Monday we had decided to go out for the day as it had been promising rain for the rest of the week.
We did however contact the Garden Centre and discovered that the herb garden planter came flat packed.
On Tuesday the OH drove to the Garden Centre to purchase a container and when he got home he assembled it all together.

We couldn't leave it plain - oh, no - we had to paint it, to brighten the area in the garden where it was to be sited. The OH had thought of this and purchased a tin of Cuprinol - Forget Me Not.

It was a glorious afternoon and all three of us sat down to do some painting - apart from when the mad woman went to get her camera to take some photographs of the work in progress!

Hard at work!

There were a few breaks in between when of course the dogs had to be pampered.

KP and Charlie. Where was George - glued to the rabbit run watching Jaffa. The OH has fixed the run so that the door is no longer easy to open.

Plenty of herbs had been purchased. We have mint, rosemary, sage, thyme and a few others!

KP wanted to take a photo of George but he wouldn't sit still. So, she improvised and went into the house to get his lead! This photo is curtesy of KP using my camera!

She also took one of Jaffa in his run!

Having finished the painting and placed soil, compost and herbs in the container there was nothing more to do other than the watering.

And George has to get in on the action too!

In between all this we played tennis on the private road outside the house - Archie, our cat decided that he too wanted to get involved and lay sprawled out on the road. KP suggested we use him as a marker for where the net should be and so, we did just that!

Before I go, a warm "Hello!" to a new follower - Sophie - sorry can't get a link! I'm not very good at linking! Can anybody out there help as to how it's done?

Until next time,



  1. Nice job on the herb garden. I made the mistake of planting herbs next to my house and did they ever spread to the north country and back again. Lesson learned!

  2. Great colour choice for the herb planter.
    Love the photo of Jaffa, what a cutie he is!
    Lisa x

  3. We have had sun all day here today, despite the forecast! Doggy pictures are gorgeous. And Jaffa!
    Nick x

  4. Love that Jaffa!
    The herb box looks great, I've not seen one before.

  5. I love the colour you chose to paint the container. It will be even more lovely once the herbs get growing properly. And Jaffa is incredibly cute. Juliex

  6. I love your new herb planter the colour is wonderful. It looks fun sharing the task of making it. Try following this to add a link. I can't add an automatic link.
    If you have problems copying this link just go into google and in the search bar type in - blogspot how to add a link
    If you have any problems let me know.
    Sarah x

  7. Hi June, love your herb planter too. Your post definitely has the ahh factor this time with all the cute and cuddlies!!

  8. You have painted your herb planter in such a lovely colour. Jaffa is very, very cute:)

  9. Forget me not is a perfect colour for your planter. I sing " Parsley, Sage Rosemary & Thyme " when picking herbs !

    Highlight the Blog url with your mouse. Click copy. On your blog post go to link ( next to add a licture icon )& write their name or what ever you want in the top box & click & paste in the bottom box then add. The word should show up highlighted & lead to their blog when clicked.

    Hope that helps !

  10. Great herb planter - I'm into all things blue at the moment as you will see by my shed makeover back in June.
    Jaffa is the cutest rabbit I have ever seen!
    Have a lovely weekend.

  11. I've started growing more herbs in the garden this year too, though mine are all in terracotta pots. I love the colour you chose to paint the planter, it will look lovely in the garden. Lovely doggy and bunny pictures, I think you have a budding photographer there.

  12. Hello June
    I Love the colour, your herbs will do very well in such a lovely planter, I adore your wicker toadstools in the background too, Jaffer is so sweet!!
    Thea x

  13. The herb garden looks great, I like the colour you painted the planter :)
    Your pets are just adorable! Jaffa is just a little sweetheart...
    Enjoy the herbs!
    Magie x

  14. As others have said, the photos of the animals are lovely! I love Jaffa's perky pose in particular.
    There's a photo of my kitten enjoying your blog over at my blog. If you see what I mean!!

  15. As always great photos June. Just love these displays you give us and also the insights into what you and your family get up to.
    George looks unhappy about missing the action being tied to the bench! LOL

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  16. That herb container is going to look glorious once all those herbs are in full growth :D

    I think I'm in love with Jaffa, what a cutey !

  17. I love that herb garden, the blue you chose is really beautiful. Little Miss and I love Jaffa too! x


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