Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A Walk By The Canal ...

Hi there, fellow Bloggers! I must start by thanking everyone for their comments on my previous posting. It always amazes me how many like minded people there are out there. There is warmth and friendship in this little community of ours. It seems such a long time ago now when I first heard of the word Blog and investigated a few. I can't believe that initially all I did was view blogs. I was too scared to leave a comment - can you believe it!

Then I started following a few blogs and some followed me and it all took off from there. Whenever I now see someone out and about with a camera I think - are they a Blogger too!

Anyhow, I digress as this post is going to be about our visit on Monday to Odiham in Hampshire - where we dined at an Italian Restaurant and then went for a walk along the canal towpath. I wish now that I had taken a photo of the Italian Restaurant. We had not been before and it was stylishly decorated and the food was delicious and reasonably priced. We will be returning there.

Well, after such a delicious meal there was a need to walk off the calories! We headed towards the Canal where you can hire a boat or canoe and even a barge. I loved the reflections of the boats in the water.

I liked the reflection of these Indian type canoes in the water - the reflection of the yellow canoe makes it look almost as if it were a giant banana or is it me who's bananas!

As we were walking past - the OH said, "There's a labrador on that shed roof."
KP and I said at the same time, "It's a cuddly toy snow leopard!"
I think he needs to go to Specsavers!

Colourful canoes!

I do like these kind of places. Peaceful and quiet. A time to reflect. A time to contemplate!

We set off down the towpath - we walked past the "John Pinkerton" and the OH informed us of the Pinkerton Detective Agency.

Another view of the "John Pinkerton!"

We walked along the path admiring the flora and fauna.

I liked the bright yellow flower. No idea what it is. Does anyone out there have any clue?

A bee!

We saw many groupings of this pink flower whose name I should know but now can't remember - I always seem to have brain fuzz when it comes to identifying flowers!

We came across a colourful snail.

And took a closer look.

We were intending on walking to Odiham Castle - which is just a ruin.
We were told that it was a five minutes walk, a twenty minute walk or a half hour walk depending on who we asked!
Although we walked some distance we didn't get to see the Castle and as it looked as if it was going to rain and we weren't suitably attired we decided that the best thing to do would be to get back to the car before we got a good soaking!

As soon as we got to the car the heavens opened and it was back home for us - once again this Summer we were mesmerised by the sound of the wipers on the windscreen and the weatherman doesn't seem to anticipate any change on the horizon.

Well, the Olympics are over - the closing ceremony has been and gone. If you had asked me three weeks ago whether I would have been watching any of it on TV I would have said that I would probably only see the snippets on the news bulletin but like so much of the country I was almost glued to the TV set.
It all ran smoothly despite the early fiasco concerning G4S.
One of the lasting impressions for me though (other than the fab achievements of the athletes) was Boris Johnson stuck on the zip wire for five minutes and his dancing to the Spice Girls - like an embarrassing Uncle at a wedding at the closing ceremony. You can't help but like him - he's far more fun than Red Ken!

Finally, I have some new followers that I need to say "Hello!" to. They are Connie at www.crafty-home-cottage.com/, Lesley at Riddlers Cottage Flowers, Julie at www.auntjanes-attic.blogspot.com/ and Tracy at If I Knew You Were Coming I'd Baked A Cake. Sorry don't seem to be able to get a link for Lesley or Tracy.
Until next time,



  1. Looks lovely June! I really like that first picture with my favourite shade of blue boats. Canals always seem so calming but sadly none down in Dorset.

  2. Nice post June,
    How i can imagine that you must have had an excellent day..eating Italian by the canal, with all those lovely boats.
    At least you had a small walk. It looks a very isolated area. Maybe next time you can get to see the castle.
    Yes olympics over. I agree. the best part were the athletes.. phenomenal.. it was all so good.
    wishing you a good tuesday eve.

  3. Great pics, what camera are you using June?

    The rain is still holding off here but we're told it's coming. Maybe our sun will come your way :D

  4. Totally agree with you about the blogging! I'm so glad I started! Lovely pictures of the boats xx

  5. Hi June,

    I enjoyed "walking" along the canal with you and your family.

    Your photos are beautiful, my favourite is the second from the top I just love those blues, greens and browns together.

  6. Lovely photos. I used to go there often with my Dad years ago when the canal was being restored. It is a beautiful place. xx

  7. Hello June, I love your photos in this post...that flower looks like a firework exploding!
    I would of thought with all the excitment of the Olympics those boats and canoes would of been snapped up by hopeful atheletes of the future?!

  8. During my research for places to go walking I've come across Odiham but I don't think it's easily reachable by public transport so I don't think we'll get there so thank you for sharing this canal path walk with us, it looks lovely. Great photos as always. I did laugh at the 'labrador'!
    Completely agree about the blogging.
    Lisa x

  9. As always, June such lovely photos. I love the boats and their reflections. I started blogging much the same way as you - just a few tentative steps at a time, it is very rewarding isn't it? The yellow flower in the photo (above the one with the bee) looks like Yellow Loosestrife:)

  10. I've always had a secret yearning for a canal boat! They're so beautiful and I love canals. I also love the names canal boats have.

    Your pictures are just gorgeous.

    Claire x

  11. Super photos especially the faded blue boats. Blogging becomes part of your life & you form a small community of friends. Some times you meet in person. I organised a Bloggers' trip to Highgate cemetery last year which had to be postponed...will try again in October & perhaps you could join us ?

  12. I love all the boat shots and the names: Madam Butterfly and John Pinkerton! I like the second shot of the pale blue boats and their reflection.
    Blogging, yes, such a strange thing... I was the same as you and spent ages just looking, but now I say hello too!

  13. I'm so glad I am not the only one who used to read blogs and never commented! How far we have come. Love your photos, nothing like being near to water and boats to lift spirits. I don't know what the yellow daisy like flowers are, but they are really charming. That is not a Bee though, it is a hover fly, one of my favourite little creatures. They are magical little guys. x

  14. I enjoyed seeing your tour of the boats and plants. There were some very unusual looking plants too. I am in California with my family and watching my little little 18-month-old Naomi rock on a Winnie the Pooh rocker.

  15. Stunning photos of the boats, I love all those colours! Your plants and wildlife ones are fantastic as always. I'm glad you avoided the rain!
    Sarah x

  16. A lovely place for a walk surrounded by all those vibrant colours, the boats and the flowers. The John Pinkerton reminds me of The Ragdoll, Rosie and Jim's boat.

  17. that was a most splendid tour and we concur with all your initial sentiments as the world of blogging is an amazing place (well it is when people like you make it up). Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

  18. Blogging is indeed a wonderful place to meet like minded people and make new friends.
    In fact I hope you dont mind me stopping by and saying hello. I came across your blog via Annie at Knitsofacto and will be following from now on. I love Cats, love dogs and love eiderdowns. I couldn't be more easy to please ;-)
    I spent a lovely half hour reading back over your posts and particularly loved the photo of George with Ozzy. Couldn't quite see where George started and Ozzy ends.:-)

  19. I love all those multi coloured boats - so tranquil.

    Nina x

  20. Hello! Just found you via Scraps of Us. Lovely photos - we have a canal near us too and I love taking the kids for a walk along the tow path. So peaceful and it always reminds me of Wind in the Willows!. x


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