Monday, 30 July 2012

We Visit Burrow Farm Gardens Again ...

Hello there, fellow Bloggers!  Thank you ever so much for your comments on my last post. They are truly appreciated. Well, it seems like a really, really long time since I last did a posting. We went to Devon for the week and so I have been minus my trusty computer. Although, I did have a laptop with me, I found it incredibly hard to leave comments on some blogs as the screen just kept freezing. I told the OH that I found it extremely frustrating. He just said "Well, we are at the end of the line here, you know!"

So with laptops having brain freezes and humans getting frustrated there was little point in staying in and just cussing the damn machinery. It was time to venture outdoors and enjoy the sunshine. The sun finally put its hat on! Hip hip, hip hip, hooray!

A week last Saturday we ventured once again to Burrow Farm Gardens which is only a short distance from our base in Devon.

Having only visited just over a month ago I thought that I would be taking virtually identical photos but the gardens had changed so, so much. Gone were the abundance of foxgloves and in their place were hundreds of hydrangea heads.

I will take you for a gentle tour of the gardens - starting with this wonderful old blue wheelbarrow.

The owners dog who seems to always be at the entrance to the gardens waiting to greet the visitors.

The gardens are the work of a husband and wife team who have lived here for fifty years. I love these sort of places, not fantastically well known - a well kept secret.

All the plants were looking at their best despite the weeks of heavy rainfall.

There were many buddleias but not many butterflies. The last time we visited there were many. I wondered where they were. Hiding from the mad woman with the camera that's for sure!

We walked along paths and tunnelled walkways.

We saw trees with fabulously coloured leaves.

And sat for a while in the wonderful summerhouse just soaking up the atmosphere - such peacefulness, the only sound the trilling of the birds in the trees and the sound of a tractor in a distant field.

We came across an old water pump.

We saw a brilliant blue hydrangea.

We espied a dragonfly!

Some glorious flowers.

And more hydrangeas.

And some more.

We came across this plant - I don't know its name but the deep red of the berries and the sunshine yellow of the flowers against the lime green leaves was spectacular.

We came across nasturtiums.

And poppy seed heads.

And an old tractor.

These gardens are wonderful. The entry fee for an adult is £6 and for a child £1. It is well worth it. There is a small cafe on site and the food is delicious - KP who has previously turned her nose up at scones begged to try one and loved it! The owners also have two elderly cats and one sat with us throughout our lunch which made KP very happy.  The cat was happy too being fed lumps of cheese from her sandwich!

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  1. Beautiful pictures here June.
    I loved those gardens, especially the ornamental statue too...
    It is wonderful to see the sun shining here in the north west too!
    I loved those hydrangea's and the dragon fly!!
    Wishing you a week of loveliness...
    Maria x

  2. That's a great looking garden, one I would enjoy walking around. Loved all your photos, truly magnificent.

  3. That little wheelbarrow is so lovely! It looks great against the cobbles
    Nick x

  4. Absolutely gorgeous flower shots. Thanks for sharing this unique and fun visit to your part of the world.

  5. Love the colour of that old wheelbarrow. As usual your nature photos are absolutely stunning. Having tried to photograph a beautiful blue dragonfly this afternoon I'm very envious. You have beauty, I have a blur (and it was still)!

  6. What a beautiful garden - your photos are wonderful. I love the dragon fly and poppy seed heads. The plant you don't know the name of is a Hypericum - Orange Flare I think - it is the same family of plant as St John's Wort. We have one in our garden it just appeared a few years ago:)

  7. Your photos are stunning...I feel I'm looking in a glossy magazine when I pop over here. Yes, a type of Hypericum - I have two - self seeded ! Poppy seed heads pic... Stunning x

  8. What a lovely garden and beautiful photos, that dragonfly is amazing. x

  9. I'm so glad you visisted and blogged about these gardens. We used to live near and yet never managed to go there. It looks wonderful! x

  10. Your pictures from Burrow Farm Gardens are so wonderful. It is certainly a very special place and there are always different things to see and many winding paths. Thank you for reminding me that a visit there is long overdue.
    Sarah x

  11. Stunning photos of a truly beautiful garden. The entrance fee looks well worth the money. The owners must spend hours and hours outside. What a spectacular place to find, I can see why you would want to return.
    Lisa x
    and their dog is adorable!

  12. Your photos are beautiful June and what a great place to visit.


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