Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A Trip to Lyme and An Evening Walk ...

Hello there! Thank you for the comments left on my last post. I have a few posts to write up about our week in Devon - hopefully, I won't bore you with the things that we got up to!

On the Sunday, the sun was really, really shining and there's no place better to go when the sun is this hot than the beach. We headed out to Lyme Regis, just over the border from Devon and into Dorset. We thought that we would have some difficulty in parking the car but we were very lucky and got the last parking bay in the car park.

The beach at Lyme is pebbled but sand is brought in every year and deposited near The Cobb to make it more user friendly for families. This sandy strip is always packed to the rafters on sunny days and I much prefer to sit on the pebbles where there is ample room.

After lunch we went to one of our favourite shops in Lyme, the second hand bookshop. KP found some Dr. Who books and managed to persuade us to part with £2 for both books. The OH also found two books. I didn't find any books but I did locate this cushion (in the book shop) and it had to come home with me! I only hope that Charlie and George don't take a liking to it as both have been known in the past to nibble / destroy cushions!

We then headed for the beach. KP went paddling and played catch with the OH whilst I just relaxed and did a bit of people watching. It was fabulous just to lie back and relax for a few hours.

Before we returned home we had to have an ice-cream! It's compulsory on a hot day!

After a light Sunday dinner - we put the dogs on their leads and went for a walk.

The thistles had flowered and looked magnificent in the fading evening light.

I loved the colour of this snail against the dark green leaf.

We came across tall skinny trees!

KP and George.

The dogs bounded across the fields - the grass was very tall and they would disappear from view every now and again. George always stays pretty close to us and usually comes when called as he loves to please but Charlie often escapes and finds some animal mess to roll in. This evening he behaved himself which has to be a first!

On the Monday we went to the Otter and Butterfly Centre at Buckfast - a great day out and I will do a separate post about it tomorrow.

It is very quiet around here as KP has gone to stay with her Grandad in Gloucester for four days. She has been e-mailing us to say that she is having a great time - she went swimming in a neighbours pool yesterday and played with their two children of a similar age and today she went for a walk with Grandad and his dog, Archie and they caught a glimpse of a hare which she was very excited about. Last night she didn't get to bed till 11.00 p.m. as she had been out watching Grandad in a skittles match! I don't think she'll want to come home as she's having such a fab time!

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  1. Sounds like you had a fab sunny day. Great pictures, such beautiful views and I love your close up photos. x

  2. Your photos are lovely.We went to Lyme regis two years ago and loved it.Got some amazing ammonites from the beach too!!

  3. Lovely photos. Lyme Regis is a special place to visit. We went there a few times and found some great fossils. xx

  4. Love Lyme Regis, used to visit it a lot when we lived in Devon. So much to see and do there, could never resist The Cobb, and the cream teas are pretty fab too! Minerva x

  5. I love old bookshops but the one at Lyme Regis is huge. I'm sorry you weren't able to find anything for you. Glad you enjoyed your day out in Lyme.
    Sarah x

  6. What a fun time KP must have been having with her grandparents, the kind of things they remember as they grow up.
    We have never been to Lyme, I know we aren't that far from it here, but as we are a bit dependant on public transport it makes it harder. We will get there one day though!
    Lisa x


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