Thursday, 19 July 2012

We Get Closer to the Ponies ...

Hello there fellow Bloggers! Many thanks for your comments on my previous post. It's been a funny sort of week. Lots of rain, of course! But today we at last had some sunshine which meant that I could mow the lawn which had grown at a tremendous pace following the amount of rainfall we've had.

On Tuesday, the OH was at work and so KP and I went to our local town and went shopping. KP got some books to read during the holiday and I purchased an old enamel basin - which I will take a photo of once I have found some plants to put in it! We lunched at Costa and then visited the sweet shop!

When we got home it rained and I popped outside to take the above photo before rushing quickly back indoors where we remained closeted for the rest of the day.

Yesterday we took KP and her friend bowling. I was pretty hopeless!

Today, KP was invited to a friends house and as it was near to where we had seen the ponies a week or so ago, I thought on the off chance, after KP was dropped off at her friends, that I would go and see if the ponies were closer to the gate this time. They weren't where I had seen them the first time but discovered that there was another entrance to the field and that the ponies were close to this.

This foal was very near and didn't seem at all perturbed by me standing there with my camera.

Some of the other ponies were further away but still much closer than when we'd spotted them previously.

There are a total of five foals. Only three were seen standing up, the other two were lying completely flat on the grass. This one had been asleep too but lifted its head for a short while!

The first foal that I saw was more of a poser than the rest.

One of the two foals that remained horizontal for the 15 minutes that I stood and admired them.

I do love foals.

This little one had been busy watching me and hadn't seen that mum had moved away.
"Wait for me!"

Watching me, watching you!

After taking the above photos I turned around and saw this - which I thought was interesting.
I wondered how long it had been in that position with the convulvulous growing all over it!

Well, that seems to be it for now.

Until next time,


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  1. Oh they are so beautiful! They look so gentle. Great photos :)

  2. Oh what beautiful photos,such gentle animals.Love Jill xx

  3. The foals are just beautiful June and I could imagine you didn't want to leave them.......
    How peaceful and relaxing to stand and watch them.
    Glad it wasn't raining.......enjoy your weekend, I hope it's sunny.

    Claire :}

  4. What beautiful ponies and photographs! And do love that truck covered in ivy, so funny. x

  5. I'm so glad you went back to visit the ponies and their foals, so lovely.
    Sarah x

  6. They're so gorgeous. You take amazing photos, so clear. Do you use an SLR?

  7. The foals are adorable and I love your first picture of the flower with the rain drops, so beautiful. Warmer weather seems to be on the way, weyhey :-)

  8. Stupendous photos of the horses and ponies. I love them. The truck has to have been there for the elements to grow all over it.

  9. I wonder what type of horse / pony they are ? They gave huge hooves & lots of shaggy hair. Gorgeous. I love seeing the New Forest Ponies when we drive through - lots of foals at the moment.

  10. Nature is such a wonderful thing - in both respects....foal and growth.

    Have a fabulous weekend,

    Nina x

  11. Aren't they beautiful. Sounds like you have been very busy already this school holiday.
    Lisa x

  12. You take such beautiful photographs, gorgeous ponies and foals. The enamel basin sounds like a great find, look forward to seeing pic. xx

  13. Hello there!
    What a treat for us too, seeing these beautiful animals.
    Aren't the fouls soo bonny
    I liked the photo of the truck with nature doing her thing around it.
    The school holidays have started nice and busy for you, June.
    Wishing you more lovely times with those ponies!!
    Love Maria x

  14. What wonderful pictures of the sweet foals and their mothers! It's amazing that these young animals already have the 'feathers' at the back of their legs, just like their mothers!
    That convulvulous plant had a really good idea of hiding that old truck out of sight!
    Have a lovely weekend! Sandra

  15. gosh they are so gorgeous, their fur looks so thick!
    thank you for your lovely comments on my blog too!

  16. I just happened upon your blog and wanted to say how much I enjoyed seeing the foals and their moms. You take gorgeous photos. The shots of the flowers are really nice. Since you are a pet owner and admirer of beautiful animals, I want to invite you to visit my blog on each Friday for Paws and Claws Pet Day. I feature a guest who shares photos and tells about their particular pet. I think you would enjoy it. Have a nice day!---------- Shannon


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