Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Sports Day ...

Hello there! Thank you for all the kind comments on my last posting. Your comments mean a lot to me. I try and reply and view all your posts. If I miss any I apologise.

Well, Sports Day had previously been cancelled due to the bad weather - surely not, I hear you say! Yes, too much rain meant that the Sports Field was waterlogged and therefore a danger to the Health and Safety of the pupils.

On Monday we had the School Leavers Assembly - for those from Year 6 that would be leaving to go to the Senior School or to other schools. It was announced at the Assembly that the Sports Day would take place on Monday afternoon, the field having been declared fit for purpose!

During the School Leavers Assembly many of the children were in floods of tears as they would be leaving the school and their friends behind. Some 13 children are going onto other schools. KP is staying on to go to the Senior School - she is well settled here and although many other schools may achieve better exam results I prefer her to stay where I know she is happy.

Two out of this group of her four friends will be leaving.

KP and some of her Sports House mates and mascots. How did they get that big dog into the car to bring it to the school?

Enjoying Sports Day!

KP borrowed someones' luminous hat! I don't know what the boy on the left is up to!

Whatever it was, it caught on!

There are only three house teams at the school and KP's house came last - as they always do on Sports Day! Her friend's house won - which they always do!
KP partook in 4 races - two relay events, where her house came first and third, the sack race where she was third (out of 6) and a sprint where she was last!
Despite being last she was too quick for my camera!

It did rain on and off but it didn't dampen the day - especially when I won the raffle! A lovely basket containing two bottles of wine, a large box of chocolates and a tin of biscuits!
I normally never win anything but always buy tickets as it is to raise money etc, for the school. When I purchased the tickets I said to the lady selling the tickets "You might as well keep the tickets and just take the money as I never win anything!" After I purchased the tickets I just shoved them into my purse and thought no more of them. When they announced the winning ticket number I didn't pay much heed, as it couldn't possibly be me.

It was only when the parents that I was sat next to said, "Have you checked your tickets as nobody has claimed the prize." I told them, "Well, it won't be me but I'll check anyway." Lo and behold I had won!
Just after I collected the prize, the heavens started to open and it was time for the Sports Day to be brought to a close.

Later that evening a woman came to our door and started ranting that one of our cats was pooing on her drive and what was I going to do about it! I sympathised with her and said I appreciated that it was unpleasant but there wasn't a lot I could do! She kept repeating, "I insist that you keep your cats in the house, especially at night." To be honest I was gobsmacked with it all especially as the woman concerned lives quite some distance from us. She blamed Ruby. Just then Ruby as if on cue appeared and I said "Is this the one you mean, this is Ruby." She said she didn't know! In the end I just said that the conversation was going round in a circle, that if it was one of our cats that I was sorry but that I could hardly put a nappy on them! The woman didn't seem very pleased about that and I decided to close the door.

The OH hadn't been able to attend the School Leavers Assembly nor Sports Day as he was working away from home. When I phoned him later in the evening I told him that I had some good news and some bad news. The good news I had won the raffle and the bad news I had upset a neighbour. I gave him an account of what had happened. He commented - "I want the poo DNA tested!" and "How would keeping the cats in at night stop them from pooing on her drive." He did have a point! 

I apologise if the latter few paragraphs offend anyone and I'm sure non-cat lovers will sympathise with the woman concerned but there really is not a lot I can do in the circumstances.

Until next time,



  1. What fun at Sports day loving the mascots ! You already know my suggestion about the neighbour & cat ( tell her to squirt water at the cat though I'm guessing she doesn't actually SEE a cat pooping )
    I hope it settles...I hate bad feeling with neighbours - open the wine & tell Ruby to stop
    ( if it IS indeed her )

  2. HI June,
    I'm glad your daughter managed to have her Sports Day after all. Congratulations on winning a prize! Poor you having problems with your neighbour it's nice when people don't get on.Cats aren't like dogs and can't be told what to do!
    Sounds like Penny had the right idea of opening the wine!
    Sarah x

  3. Hi, I've just found my way here from Down by the Sea - lovely photos, we managed 2 sports days on the only dry day in the last 4 weeks - can't believe we were so lucky!

  4. It looks like the sports day went well, despite the odd rain shower. Congrats on winning the raffle..enjoy the wine, chocolates and biscuits.
    Magie x

  5. Glad to hear that KP's sports day managed to go ahead. I remember lots of Daniel and Eleanor's being cancelled because of the weather when they were in infant and junior school. Congratulations on winning the raffle, it sounds like you were in need of one, or perhaps both, bottles of wine after the run in with the neighbour. We have cats doing their business in our garden, it isn't pleasant, but I wouldn't dream of complaining to their owners. I've been a cat owner too and know that there isn't much you can do about it, they'll go where they choose. Ignore her.

  6. Well done to KP for taking part and giving her all at Sports day. Glad they managed to have one in the end.
    We are a little terrace of 8 houses and at one point 5 of us had cats. Cat poo isn't pleasant but like you say there really isn't much that can be done, mind you at the vets today I looked at a cat mag which was advertising an indoor cat toilet which they sat in and it could be flushed!
    Lisa x


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