Thursday, 12 July 2012

A Walk in the Countryside ...

Hello there fellow Bloggers! Thanks for your comments on my last post! When I had collected KP and her friend from school a few days ago we had spotted some very young foals in one of the fields nearby. They had been in a big field but they were all standing near the gate to the field which is how we came to see them. Yesterday, I went back there with my camera - they were still there but nowhere near the gate, they were right slap bang in the middle of the field. I stayed admiring them for a long time, hoping that they would come nearer but they didn't. Most of the time the foals were lying down in the grass - their legs not quite steady to hold them upright for long periods of time but, I did manage to get this photo when four out of the five foals stood up all at once.

When we were admiring the foals the dogs were safely away in the car, so as not to frighten them. After admiring the foals we drove a short distance away to some fields where we take the dogs for their walk or should I say, for their run in long grass!

From the fields we could see this wonderful home.

We came across many thistles - many with their flowers unopened but also many that were.

There were a great many butterflies too but they were too busy fluttering about to stop and let a photo be taken.

So I looked around instead for something that was far more likely to stay still and, I didn't have to look for long. There were literally hundreds and hundreds of snails. They were attached to stinging nettles!

And even to blades of grass!

And flowerheads!

These snails had better looking shells than the tens which seem to be munching their way through some of the plants in our garden at the moment.

I do love to be in the countryside. So many footpaths - we didn't come across a single soul. We had this magical place to ourselves.

A little voice called over "Mum, I think there's some butterflies here having sexual relations!"
KP has just had Sex Education lessons at school.

We crept over to where KP was and the butterflies flew up and perched on the OH's thumb and carried on with their sexual activity!

Male butterflies find females by sight, and use chemicals called pheromones at close range. If the female accepts the male, they couple end to end and may go on a short courtship flight. They may remain coupled for an hour or more, sometimes overnight. The male passes a sperm packet called a spermatorphore to the female. The sperm then fertilize each egg as it passes down the female's egg-laying tube.

We sat a while on some logs and watched the tens of butterflies that were flying around - some ever so pretty but they wouldn't stay still!

We walked back to the car passing this stunning home.

When we got home Charlie, our dachshund, had to have a bath as he had once more found some fox poo to roll in! No matter how hard you try to keep your eye on him, he still manages to give us the slip and engage in this disgusting habit!

It was so sunny yesterday and today we have seen nothing but rain from just before lunch-time. It is all rather depressing as due to my being ill we hadn't booked a holiday as we normally would earlier in the year and I am loathe to spend a lot of money on a last minute cottage when all its going to do is rain!
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  1. Is'nt nature wonderful and you display it so perfectly with your photos. That first house to me looked like a mansion.

  2. Wonderful photos of the foals and the beautiful countryside near you.
    I bet your daughter was thrilled to see actual "evidence" of her lessons at school, and no doubt will enthrall her teacher and friends with the story!
    We feel the same about hols this year - with hubby contracting at the moment, we havent booked anything yet but feel reluctant to book two weeks in a cottage if its going to be wet - one week will suffice, and there are actually some decent late bargains around this year!

  3. What sweet little foals and mares in the field. I enjoyed the butterfly pictures and had to laugh at getting some information on the butterflys' procreation rituals. So that's what they're doing when they're turned end to end! I love the stile, they remind me of walks in the country when I was a child in England.

  4. Beautiful photos and what a lovely walk. Like you I love living in the countryside and walking along the public footpaths there's always so much to see.

  5. Hi June,
    I love your pictures of natures particularly the butterflies. I haven't seen many this year. Naughty Charlie, they move so fast when they have found somewhere to roll don't they!
    Sarah x

  6. Lots of really lovely photos in this post. Thank you for the interesting facts on butterflies and their sexual relations too!
    I like the look of the second house you posted, very country cottage.
    Lisa x

  7. Wonderful photos and thank you for the nature lesson!! we had the sun today and I actually saw two butterflies in the garden. Thank you for your lovely words
    Thea x

  8. I love a good walk without meeting other people too. And I definitely don't like the smell of dog having rolled in fox poo - it does linger doesn't it?! Juliex

  9. Looks like a lovely area to go for a must be in the air for sure with those butterflies!
    Dogs sure do love being stinky...I bet Charlie was disappointed he had to have a bath :P
    Magie x

  10. Wonderful photos of your walk. We have loads of snails and huge slugs in the garden this year. I love both houses you saw espeically the second one:)

  11. Hi June,
    I enjoyed this post, as soo interesting!
    You learn some thing on here every day.
    loved the beautiful foal picture and what an enchanting walk!
    I have just caught up with earlier posts and I must say, What a bonny Puss, Archie is!!
    And Charlie, hope he is smelling sweeter!
    Have a Friday of Loveliness.
    Maria x

  12. Wonderful photos, those foals are just so gorgeous. I haven't seen many butterflies this year, I suppose it's another thing that's down to the weather. Plenty of snails about though, and slugs too, munching through my veggies. I don't think you're ever going to cure Charlie of his love of fox poo.


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