Thursday, 5 July 2012

Another Week Goes By ...

Hello there! Thanks ever so much for your comments on my last post! Last week was fairly hectic and I was quite glad that the School Sports Day was rained off on Monday of this week! I don't know if they'll be able to re-arrange it as the weather doesn't seem to want to play ball!

 Last Thursday was a fine day followed by a fine evening - so the dogs were put on their leads and we returned to the fields where we had seen many butterflies previously. As soon as we got to the fields though a strong gust of wind blew in our direction and the butterflies went to ground.

I caught sight of this little mite who appeared to be gripping onto a blade of grass for dear life as it was being swayed this way and that! It's wings looked very feathery.

The dogs love running in the long grass. It tires them out pretty quickly especially Charlie, our dachshund, with his tiny little legs. He was very naughty again and found an area of fox poo to roll in, so it was bath-time for him when we got home. Charlie is a good dog whilst at home - it's only when he gets outside that problems occur, whereas with George, our spaniel - he is a good dog outside but naughty indoors - he chews the skirting boards in the kitchen during the night!

He had a trip to the vets last week for his booster vaccinations and the vet said he had good teeth, the OH said, "Yes, he's been using the skirting boards as a toothbrush!"

On Friday evening we heard a commotion outside and being the inquisitive type I went upstairs to do some curtain twitching! We saw a horse and carriage pull away and then another arrived - I said to the OH, "Have you seen what's outside?"
He said quite non-plussed from the lounge - "Oh, I heard in town that three schools were hosting their Prom night and some were going to be travelling to the Prom in style!"
Of course, non of this had been mentioned to me or KP!

These photos were taken from our upstairs bedroom window. I love shire horses and these two looked great!

And they were off! Can you see the pink fire engine in the background this also carried girls going to a Prom - on the side was written "Girls just want to have fun!"

There was nothing like this in my day. I suppose it's all been transported from America as all things usually are.

Saturday night saw us attending the Year 6 School Disco!

KP and friends.

But it was mainly the girls who were dancing - I don't know why most of them removed their footwear!

Sunday was spent quietly at home, watching the heavy rainfall and we're still subject to a hosepipe ban!

Until next time,


P.S. As many of you commented on my last post - it would appear that Blogger is now saying that my last posting was 3 months ago! It's better than a year ago but it's still pretty frustrating.
Please keep me posted if you see any change - for better or worse!

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  1. Woo hoo! It seems to be working, I see you have a new post! Off to read more whiel I'm here...

  2. We've been having plenty of rain here too although today was lovely, sunny most of the time and quite warm but it's back to heavy rain again for the next few days or so they say. Well, at least everything is looking lush and green.

  3. Yes! you were at the top of my list :) Those horses look gorgeous don't they. Our girls both had big limos with all their friends for their proms. Seems like years ago now!

  4. How marvelously dashing - horses with feather plumes, wonderful looking horses and gents with top hats. Nothing like that back in my day! It's easier to dance barefooted and especially at their age - they look like they are having a ball.

  5. Happy to tell you blogger has updated you and your at the top of my followers blog list now and it indicates 1hour ago..............

    Gosh how about that for prom night plush indeed!!! Horses look wonderful and so do the girls of course LOL

    Amanda :-)

  6. Well this appeared on my dashboard so guess things are working!

  7. Thanks for visiting me at Reflections and Nature! Now I can come and visit you here! I had to laugh at your dogs' antics! Those shire horses were beautiful... talk about going to the prom in style. Proms didn't even exist when I was that age! I even looked it up on Wikipedia and it says that it's an American and Canadian thing. The word "prom" apparently comes from "promenade" which means walk! Interesting and unexpected!

  8. The Yr 6 disco looks a lot more fun than the prom ! Joe decided not to go to his & I heard it was disappointing. Jess did go to hers a few years ago & they ran out of food ! I wish we hadn't become so American in these things - it just gets so commercial. Jess & I were talking about this while dog walking earlier !

    Dillon loves rolling in Fox poo too ( and dead seagull & dead fish ! )

  9. Well, it does look like girls were having fun!

  10. I never went to a school prom either and personally I'd like to send that sort of thing back across the pond - perhaps I'm just a misery!

    This post showed up with the other recent posts on my blogger dashboard so at least that side of things seems to be sorted... perhaps it won't be long before the 3 month issue fixes itself too!

  11. Lovely pics of the countryside......wonderful to have easy access to it June. Sounds like the dogs had lots of fun!!
    Looks like the girls had lots of fun at the disco too.....
    Proms, never had them when I was at school, just the annual school dance, which was always a lot of fun.
    Never seen a pink Fire Engine before, that's a first and yes, I love Shire horses too. Such gentle giants.

    Claire :}

  12. Buenos días cariño , pues ya tienes una seguidora más ...
    Las fotos son preciosas .
    Un besazo cielo .

  13. The Year 6 disco looks fun.My daughter teaches Yr 6 and loves it.

  14. Archie rolls in unmentionables too, dirty dog! Daniel never went to his prom, he said it wasn't his thing but Eleanor can't wait until it's time to go to her's, she's another couple of years to wait yet. Looks like KP had fun at her disco. Will she be changing schools this year? All very exciting.

  15. It looks like the dogs wanted to have fun too! A pink engine, we still only have red ones down here that can be hired for the prom.
    My children enjoyed their proms, but it does cost so much especially for the girls!
    Sarah x

  16. Hi June, lol at the dog using the skirting as a toothbrush and rolling around in foxs poo,sounds like my too, lol.
    Gosh what a posh way to travel to a prom. seeing the piccies of the school disco took me back to my sons years ago,it was the same then only the girls dancing.
    have a great weekendxxx

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